Renewing of Vows

ImageLast night I was having a kinda of interesting dream. It was of Chuck and I renewing our vows. I honestly don’t think that it is something Chuck would do since he isn’t a person that would want to be center of attention.

When Chuck and I got married on October 30th, 1980 it was far from the kind of wedding I would want. And it wasn’t on the day we had planned. I always have deep down regretted not having a church wedding. Chuck jokes that we got married on October 30th, so I could ride my broom on Halloween. But that is far from the truth. I actually very much dislike that day because of when it falls. I have had countless people think we got married then because Halloween is our favorite holiday. It just ended up to be on that day because of circumstances. I didn’t have a fancy wedding planned, but it would have been nice.  I always and still think church weddings are the best. And to be married in a place where I worship God and feel closer to Him, makes a world of difference. It’s like He is the guest of honor and the glue that holds a marriage together.

Chuck and I originally was goImageing to get married on December 14th. But we had to push it ahead because I was extremely sick. He was in the Army at the time and we were living together. It was far from what many would think is how a Christian should be living. I was also pregnant at the time and 17 yrs old. We both knew we were living in sin.

Chuck was stationed at Fort Hood Texas and we planned on going to Willcox, AZ and have my pastor at the time marry us on December 14th. And that way too family and friends could come. But that didn’t happen the way we wanted it to. Instead we got married at the Justice of the Peace and Chuck had to wheel me in because I was completely paralyzed. Bell County Courthouse was located in Belton Texas. He had to help me hold the pencil to sign the papers. Thankfully at the time I weighed only 97 pounds soaking wet. Chuck was put on alert and we could only go 15 miles from the base, so this ended up being where we got married.

I was wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt and so was he. After that we went to Sonic for an ice cream and I got sick off of that just after eating it. It was not even close to what I envisioned my wedding to be. And I’m sure it wasn’t Chucks either.

Since I was 17 and in a life and death situation, which has basically been my entire life after that. We decided to bump up getting married because we needed to have my medical bills covered. We simply couldn’t afford the cost of my hospitalizations that was most of that year. We didn’t realize that the Dr’s and the social worker at Scott and White Hospital contacted the Shriners and they had agreed to pay for all of my medical bills since I was a minor and because of my medical diagnosis of Guillian Barre Syndrome. Had we have known that, we would have gotten married on December 14th, 1980 in my home church that literally saved my life in so many ways. We would have been married by the pastor that changed my life and baptized me.

ImageTo this day, I still regret not having been married in a church. I was watching a show last night that had a woman that had her wedding all planned out. She knew what she wanted and it didn’t work out for her either. That must have been where my dream came from.

I have never talked to Chuck about renewing our vows because I don’t think he would want to. We also never had a honeymoon because of our situation at the time. We never got to have the wedding cake or none of that. Back then I drew out what my cake would have looked like. We did go on a cruise for our 20th anniversary, which was awesome. We would love to do that again, but with our friends Lisa and Danny. Lisa has become one of my best friends and have been royally blessed to have her.

Back to my dream. Chuck and I was renewing our vows, but not on October 30th. We renewed them on the Saturday before December 14th, which is the 12th in the mid afternoon . What was awesome is who my bridesmaids and Chucks best men were. This is something that could not have happened in 1980. We had four standing up with us as we renewed our vows.

Chucks Best Men:

Jason Ross
Jason Barton
Craig Divan – Best Man
Tyson Barton

My Side:

Jessica Ross
Rebeckiah Barton
Bridgette Bodette
Lisa Louswana – Maid of Honor

Ring Barrier:
JJ Ross

Flower Girl:
Kora Barton


Jace Barton
Ashton Barton
Danny Louswana

Pastor Ray

The reason why I had Lisa as my Maid of Honor is because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I know that Jessica, Beckiah and Bridgette would all want to be. So I made Lisa because I didn’t want anyone thinking they were better or more loved than they other. I do find it funny that we had a ring barrier since neither one of us wears rings lol..

I guess my dream was pretty vivid since I remember all of this, lol

But my colors were Red , Yellow and White and we had the reception in Elliott Hall. Chuck was wearing a black tux and I was wearing a cream colored dress. Even though I always wanted to wear a wedding gown. They are pricey, so I think I opted out of that. There might have been a discussion on using Jessica’s wedding dress, but she is much bigger at the top, so that didn’t work out too well, lol. The brides party got to choose out their own dresses and styles to fit their body types. It was pretty cool though. The look on Lisa’s face was priceless since she is like me and we don’t wear dresses. She chose out this dress that was kinda like the Bohemian style of dress.

ImageKora was so cute. She had this cute little yellow dress with a princess crown and she was tossing yellow and white rose petals. For those of you who don’t know, yellow roses are my favorite. So we had yellow roses, but not many. Just in the Bouquet and the wedding party and there was holly berries. The rest were seasonal flowers and no fake things. They guys had white button airs and had holly berries in them. Jessica played her flute and and the song she played was ” From This Moment” by Shania Twain. She played that before we said our vows. It was pretty awesome… I do have to say that Jessica was pretty excited to be doing my makeup since I never wear it, lol.

It was pretty awesome though… God must have given me the church wedding through my dreams since that might be the only way it would have happened. October, 2015 we will be married for 35 yrs. So many said because of my age, it would never last and because there was so much going on, it would be a terrible idea. I guess because there was so much happening and we had the bad things from the beginning, we could appreciate the good things when they happened. We didn’t have this Cinderella pipe dream that love will keep us together and we will live happily ever after. We knew going in, that things could be rough.


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