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I will be doing this series for the next few weeks. I will also be including videos of another person youtube channel since she has been very helpful and has been giving me some peace while I begin this process. If she happens to come to my blog, I hope she knows how blessed I am because of her journey. This is Glitterhead Dental Diaries. This is her link.

I’ve been having a lot of problems with my teeth recently. I had no idea until I talked to others in the Guillain Barre Syndrome support group that it’s common to have severe problems with teeth. My teeth have been crumbling all the way to the gums. Today I lost 2 more teeth. I’ve stopped going to most places, church services, or visiting friends. The only place I go anywhere is when I have to pick up my husband’s check and cash it. I will go out to eat with my daughter Jessica and my grandkids. It’s only on Fridays that I go out of the house. This means I only leave the house 4 days a month unless I have to go to a Dr’s appt. On those days, I’m only gone 2-3 hours on Fridays. So, I need to for sure get my teeth done.

This image is a stock image and not my teeth. 

About 2 1\2  to 3 yrs ago, my teeth were in great shape. I didn’t really have any cavities. I’ve only been to the dentist to remove my wisdom teeth. I also had one of my tooths break since I had a cavity so I had to have a cap and crown. My dentist told me that it was a good thing that my teeth are in good shape since I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist.

"Just relax!"
This is the image I keep seeing when I go to any dentist. EEEKS

The reason why I have anxiety when I go to the dentist is because of an experience I had with a local dentist. I went to Dr. Erickson to have my four wisdom teeth removed. The assistant or the dentist put novocaine in to make things numb so they could remove them without pain. I think it was the dentist who did the injections. Anyhow, he started on the first wisdom tooth and I was in horrible pain. My sister Joyce was living with us and she went with the appt.

He started on the first tooth and I could feel everything. I was trying to tell him that he forgot to numb that tooth and the area. He told me that I was overreacting and proceeded. The tooth was attached to the bone in my jaw and the roots. I had swelled so extremely that it was interfering with my throat.  They did numb all of the other three teeth and they were removed without any issues. But, the trauma of that experience has stayed with me ever since.

I’ve been praying for a very long time about my teeth and the fear of going to the dentist. My health is very bad and my doctors told me almost 3 years ago that I need to get my teeth removed since I’m a risk of getting endocarditis. Endocarditis is an infection in the heart. I had it one other time, which was after I went to the dentist that pulled my wisdom teeth. I was in the hospital for almost 3 months.

As I was praying I was having dreams about someone helping me get the dentures and other costs associated. I know that some of the things in my dreams were accurate because of how things happened.  A friend of mine works at a dentist’s office that does dentures and other dental things.  I made an appt at Smiles Restored since a friend of mine works there. I know she is a Christian. She will be present when I have my surgery. After my consultation a few weeks ago, I let some friends who were wanting me to update them. I let them know what the dentist said. I know that God is in control of all things.

I knew I had dental insurance. My insurance will cover only $2000.00  and then there was still around $3000.00 in addition to that. Then I’m getting the snapin dentures for the bottom dentures since they will be harder to keep the dentures in place.  I  knew it would take some time for me to find the money to pay for the extra. I was planning on selling my van since I wouldn’t be able to pay more that much. When I shared what the dentist said to some friends that are in my church, one of the guys and his mom called Smiles Restored and paid the entire balance that my insurance didn’t pay. Since I’m getting snap in dentures, I’m paying the extra $1500 for the bottom snap-ins. My friend from church would have paid for them, but I didn’t want him to feel obligated to pay the extra.

paid-in-full1Since the bill was paid in full 30 minutes after my appt, I can get the top and bottoms. Since I have so much anxiety about the dentist I have to be knocked out. My anxiety in the past due to that one experience, I’ve had panic attacks even when if I need to call a dentist. When I had the cap and crown, it took Dr. Earl around 4 hours to do it since I would start trembling and shaking. My palms sweat profusely. Because of this, an anesthesiologist will be present. My friend also made to pay for this since they would have to use gas and then prescribe Valium. But, the medications I’m on wouldn’t be compatible with Valium.

Since I’ve been praying for my teeth for so long. God made sure to provide a way for my teeth to get done. Since God has answered my prayers, I have to get them done. What good would praying for God to help me find a way and the means to get my teeth done. It does no good to pray for something and not do it.

On Wednesday, May 13th I will have oral surgery. All of the roots and any teeth that are there will be removed.  I would love it if you all could pray for me. I know that God put everything and everyone in place. I’m still very anxious and it’s getting worse as we get closer. I’ve been watching a few videos on Youtube about the who process and their experiences. One of the channels, I’ve subscribed to.




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