Covid-19 is NOT the Flu

This post is a bit long and I hope I don’t get hate messages since this is a hot topic. This will be the last post I’ll post on this.


I don’t like posting things that are political. I’m making this exception and I hope I don’t have people coming after me. I hope you all understand that this isn’t anti Trump or any other politicians. If you are commenting, please be kind, I’m just posting accurate information since there has been so much false information. I’ve researched this and I made sure the links I’ve shared are reputable. If people are commenting about horrible things, then I will remove the comment sections.

NAT Trump
Dr. Anthony Fauci-  He’s a physician and immunologist who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

I’ve been extremely ticked off because I hear my husband, my daughters, family members, friends, and strangers who keep saying that this virus is nothing more than the flu or cold. Then I hear people saying things like President Trump says it’s a hoax, so it much be. I want to see a medical degree for Trump and other politicians. Dr. Ben Carson is the only politician that I would believe. I will ALWAYS listen to what those in the medical field like Dr. Fauci says. At least he has an actual medical degree.

Dr. Ben Carson (Republican) Ran against President Trump in 2016.

I  don’t care if a politician is a Republican or a Democrat or whatever other parties. I personally feel that if I had any kind of medical issues, I would go to a Dr. and not a politician. I’m not taking anyone’s side. I’m siding with those who have a medical degree.

They are saying that they are expendable and older and have medical problems, so it isn’t a big deal. I have many medical things going on. When I hear people saying this, it ticks me off big time. if someone is in a care center and they get this virus, people shouldn’t be worried since they are older and at the end of their lives anyhow. These comments bother me and upset me.

I’m going to put links to some of the things that have been shared.  These links aren’t my own, they belong to others.


  1. Utah listed in coronavirus ‘Red Zone’ according to White House Task Force report… Read Article and Watch the Video
  2. 85 infants in one Texas county test positive for coronavirus… Read Article

  3. This article just posted online on July 17, 2020, 4:40 PM … White House blocks CDC director from testifying on schools reopening… Read the full article.
  4. Since I live in the high desert in Utah. Our temps right now are around 110 degrees. Some friends have the thought that this virus will end since it is so hot. The news has been saying that this virus won’t survive… Read the article on it.
  5. 18 Coronavirus Autopsies (This is what they found in the Brain) | COVID-19-Watch Video

  6. Southwest Utah counts 2,000th COVID-19 case as doctors, LDS leaders call for facemasksRead Article (The Spectrum)

  7. Coronavirus can damage the heart, according to a study that found abnormalities in over half of patients tested…Read Article
  8. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Warns He Is On Brink Of Issuing A Total Shutdown Order As Coronavirus Hospitalizations, ICU Cases Hit New High…Read Article
  9. Trump splits with Fauci over virus surge, says U.S. “in a good place” Read Article

  10. CDC director fears fall and winter may be ‘one of the most difficult times that we have experienced in American public health’… Read Article


Dr. Fauci has been basically put on trial in the sense of Trump leading him to the slaughter. Those take extreme measures when it comes to supporters taking physically and media-wise going after them. I’m not saying that all of his supporters are this extreme, but there are some people who are physically harming those who don’t agree with Trump.

I don’t want to make this post sound like it’s anti-Trump since I’m not saying that. I’m talking about those who are extreme and they are doing things that are dangerous. I don’t want people thinking that I’m slamming Trump. I’m posting these articles because of what he has been saying and how dangerous his words are going to get someone hurt or killed. Since I have a huge amount of medical problems, what he’s been saying can potentially hurt someone and I take that personally since I’m in the high-risk category.

Here are only some examples;

  1. Trump Encourages Violence From His Supporters. They’re Listening. President Donald Trump riles up his base with veiled threats of violence. His followers at rallies and protests can’t help but latch on… Read Article

  2. White House Changes Rules On Coronavirus Reporting To Bypass CDC: Report – The new process hands the Trump administration more control over data surrounding the worsening COVID-19 crisis…Read Article

  3. Trump’s Lies About The Coronavirus Raise The Risk Of A Recession- Read Article

I also want to include some of the people who have died from this seemingly lie that so many are believing. I can’t go into my sources, but the numbers that we are hearing that have either gotten it or died is a low count. Many have death certificates that say they died of heart disease or pneumonia. But, most of the ones that are dying were healthy and had no heart or lung issues until they got COVID. COVID is killing people of all ages and people who haven’t had any medical problems before they died.

More than 500,000 people have been killed by Covid-19. A quarter of them is Americans.

Cases in the U.S. CDC

The ones who we should be listening to are those with medical degrees and those who know what they are talking about, not some politician. More information from the CDC Website...

They have the current day to day information that is trustworthy instead of politicians trying to grab attention. This is serious and life and death things. I wish all politicians both Republicans and Democrats would stop using this as a tool to get people to vote for them.

  • TOTAL CASES3,355,45758,858 New Cases* and as of July 14th
  • TOTAL DEATHS135,235351 New Deaths*
  • Provisional COVID-19 Death Counts by Sex, Age, and State- Click Here

People of all ages have gotten Covid-19. The youngest was a newborn baby who caught it from her mom. The mom didn’t know she had the virus and she was doing what most new moms, well all moms would do. The new mom hugged and loved on her new baby. unfortunately, she didn’t know she had the virus and she passed it on to her newborn baby. The mom was sent to ICU and was put on a ventilator and I believe the baby was sent to NICU did the baby tested positive a few days later.

More than 500,000 people have been killed by Covid-19. A quarter of them is Americans… Read Article 

Current Information  for Utah – July 17th, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY — After appearing this week as one of 18 “red zone” states with high rates of new COVID-19 cases in an unpublished report created for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Utah again reported a high number of new cases on Friday.

The Beehive State confirmed 727 new cases as 8,278 more tests were reported, an 8.8% positive rate, according to the Utah Department of Health. Since the pandemic began, 32,572 positives out of 447,806 tests have been recorded, with a 7.3% positive rate. Read more of this article. 

I hope that people who are reading this aren’t thinking that I’m bashing Trump. I’m bashing the way our country has been handling this virus. I also hope that people will use some common sense when it comes to educating yourself. Don’t let the media or the internet be your main source.

In closing, I wanted to share a video that I was watching that’s about this virus. It’s a channel called “Korean Englishman”. Josh and Olie did this video on how the UK and Korea is handing this virus and how Korea was able to end the pandemic. The UK and the USA have been handling this virus and educating and keeping the public safe in the same way. if you want to watch the video to see what I’m talking about, here’s the link to Korean Englishman.


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