Dreams in a Different Language


I have very vivid dreams and usually dreams that will either warn me about something that is going to happen, different languages and unknown people.

The dreams that get me wondering about if there is such a thing as a previous life is when my entire dream will be in a different language. For me it is German. I don’t know German and have never even attempted to learn it. My grandmother was German, but she didn’t really speak it around us. Well, she would say one phrase as she was getting mad and throwing a show at us when we did something wrong. I never did figure out what it was she was saying.

In my dream there are people all around me that I obviously know and I know it is me, but I don’t look like me and nobody else looks like themselves. I know they are friends and family. I can have conversations with them in German and understand everything they say. I can’t help but wonder why it is when I dream that I dream in German. When I wake up, I remember everything about my dream, but I can’t remember what the conversations was about. I’m guessing because I don’t speak German.

And almost always in my dreams I look a certain way and I have two daughters and married. My daughters don’t look anything like they do in real life and neither does my husband. But I know they are my daughters and husband. And of course they speak German too. But why is it that some people can dream in other languages as if it is real life?

ImageI find it interesting when my dreams are about a typical dinner with my family and then going for a walk through the little town or village. They are pretty much just everyday normal things. Maybe this is because I would like to go for a walk in a village after dinner or maybe it is just a dream. My dreams will take off where they left off at previously, unless there is a big gap in time.

Maybe these are just dreams and nothing more. But it is intriguing to me. I can always remember all the details and what each person looked like. For instance, I have dark hair that is cut into a pixie cut. One of my daughters is a ginger and the other is long dark wavy hair. My husband looks more like a business man and works in an office.  Even when going to the local market for fresh vegetables and fruits are something that is memorable. The smell of freshly baked breads draws me close to the kitchen in my dreams.

So, now I’m on a search to see why I dream sometimes in German and can carry on conversations even though I never spoke German in my life and have never been there. No matter why I do this, it is cool to get to travel to Germany in my dreams and get to know the locals, lol. It’s even nice to try out food dishes that I never had the chance to taste. I know it sounds off the wall, but it is what it is.

Dreams like these always makes me wonder if we do have a previous life or we lived in another time and place. De Ja Vue makes me wonder about this too. I know that God knew us before we were even born. But this is a different kind of thought. 

I do like how in these dreams, there is nothing horrible happening. It is just life in general and going about everyday things.