Childhood Cancer Needs to GO AWAY

joyjarsI know this is a very sad and heartbreaking topic. But I also feel that awareness needs to be raised about the many children who have cancer and are dying each and every day. I know I have gotten a whole new appreciation and anger when I see these young children dying. Something needs to be done and if we aren’t aware of the needs, how can we help?

When I first joined the website or Facebook page for the Jessie Rees Foundation, I didn’t realize how heartbreaking it would be.

Jessie Rees is a young girl who died from cancer. She came up with the idea of Joy Jars. Click here for a video about Jessie and how it all began.

The Truth 365 is to educate and mobilize millions of people through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networking sites. The film will inform the public that there is a critical need for funding for pediatric cancer research and that they, the NCI and our elected leaders are in a position to help. Through the film, we will introduce millions of people to the world of childhood cancer and inspire them to join our cause. We will accomplish this by showing very personal, compelling and inspiring stories of children fighting cancer. This will touch our viewers on an emotional level and will get them to take action on behalf of children with cancer. This show of support will send a strong message to Congress, the White House and the NCI. Although the film will be very focused on children and their families, we will also have interviews with political leaders and some of the country’s most respected pediatric oncologists. Read More...

I’m not going to go into the statistics and how many lives are changed everyday. I will provide you will some links and stories that parents wrote about going through this and what their children have experienced. Let the parents speak to you about how their children have died or are fighting this horrible monster. I feel totally blessed to know that my kids and grandkids are healthy. What these children and parents go through is torture at the very least. They need prayers and funding.

RIP Lilee- Earned Her Wings Today

Lilee– Earned her wings less than 24 hours ago. The family could use your thoughts and prayers. All of the families that have to deal with this and see their children suffer and die needs all of our prayers.

This is the notification of her death on her facebook page. Go to her page and share some kind words if you will.

It is With broken hearts we make this post.. As of 5:25pm, our princess Lilee-Jean Frances Putt, our angel here on earth, is now looking down on us from heaven. She had a rough day today, and is no longer in any distress. She passed away curled up in Mommy’s arms, listening to daddy play his guitar. -Chels & Andrew.

Sophie’s Wish: 

Sophie--this is my wish for you
Sophie–this is my wish for you

My Dearest Sophie,
My whole life I have dreamt of the day that I would have you. Wondering what you would look like, how your soft skin would feel, what you’d grow up to be. I tried to imagine you, me and daddy playing and kissing and cuddling, and traveling the world together. And now here you are! More beautiful than we could have ever imagined. You have a smile that literally lights up the room, and everyone that encounters you falls completely in love with your sweet spirit. It’s literally like God hand picked the most amazing qualities a baby could have and gave them all to you! You are a blessing and just exude pure joy. Read More

Bella Rodriguez Torres- From Live Like Bella Facebook Page


Bella was 4 years old in 2007 when she became paralyzed and diagnosed with stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. She relapsed in 2009. Although she is still on chemotherapy, she is now 9 years old and has had no evidence of cancer for the past 2 years and she is walking, running and jumping! Her doctors say that she is an example of “when medicine stops and God takes over”. We thank you all for your continued support and prayers! God bless you
Sadly, her cancer returned on Aug. 3, 2011, again in January 2012 & August 2012. We are fighting to WIN again!
Bella passed away on May 28, 2013 at the age of 10. We have started the Live Like Bella™ Foundation in her memory.

Landan Bland– Gone too soon!

Landan Bland- RIP Sweet Boy 

I followed his story and still do. His family has been doing so many things in memory of Landan. I never met this sweet boy, but when I see a Lego, I think of him. Here is a picture of him and his parents holding him before he went to be with the Lord.  This is the caption they put with this image.

You can also check out the Facebook Page

Hard to believe it was a year ago that I heard the last words our little man would ever say…..what I would give to hear “Mommy hold me” just one more time!

Only with Gods grace and strength am I making it through this week! All the memories of our last days with Landan are rushing back like it was yesterday. It’s times like this I repeat to myself over and over again “Gods plan is perfect”!

Natasha – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: 8 Brutal Truths to Choke On

Natasha and her mom Suzanne

Suzanne Leigh is a freelance health reporter, whose assignments have included toenail fungus, diets and head lice. That was until her elder daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, when those topics began to seem a bit trivial. Suzanne documents her daughter’s diagnosis, re-diagnosis and death — and her own new life as a bereaved mom — on her blog The Mourning After Natasha. She also takes on those issues that have ticked off the parents of children with cancer.


AliviaCheck out her journey on Facebook

Sweet Alivia

Alivia was treated at St. Jude in Memphis, TN. Please make all donations to St. Jude in hope of finding a cure for this terrible monster that took my daughter’s life.

RIP Alivia was diagnosed with DIPG on December 28, 2011. My baby was a true warrior and fought hard. She lived everyday full of life, and blessed the life’s of many. She earned her wings on November 4,2012. She will forever be missed and never forgotten.Help support my family by prayer. Positive words of encouragement.

This is a video of children who will never grow up and have earned their wings way too soon…

Click on these Pages and read about and pray for these children and Families… They really need them now. It gets me when people or statistics says that childhood cancer is rare. Tell that to these kids and families.

  • Talia Joy  Talia passed on July 16th, 2013 at 11:22 am EST after over 6 years of bravely battling Childhood Cancer. 😦
  • Anthony Jesus Contreras Jr 06/28/06-01/31/13 rest in peace
  • Emily Rose BurpeeCheck out her Video – Her family was just told that she is in remission. Prayers Work. Keep them Up, they do work
  • Lane Goodman -(5/2/99-10/17/12) Lane gained his Angel Wings on Oct. 17, 2012 after a 2 1/2 yr battle.Before Lane passed he had a wish & out of this came the Thumbs Up For Lane Goodwin Childhood Cancer Foundation.
  • Trevor Scheerer, In March 2012, I was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma stage 4 cancer, my type of cancer is very rare.
  • Ethan Jostad – Ethan earned his Angel Wings August 8th, 2011… His family continues their FIGHT against cancer in Ethan’s HONOR
  • Evan Nelms – EVAN JOINED THE ANGELS ON APRIL 13, 2013 after a year long heroic battle with AML – Leukemia
  • Leelynnd earned his wings- 12/23/10- 03/08/2013
  • Pray for Haylee– Haylee was in complete remission!! She won the fight against leukemia.. But she could still use your prayers…
  • Brittany Fay Vann ♥ 5/1/1995-2/17/2013 battled Liver Cancer- Brittany was a 17 year old graduate of Sparkman High School. In September 2012, she was diagnosed with stage IV Liver Cancer. It was a rare and aggressive form in children her age. She fought hard for almost 5 months until God called her home.
  •  Alyaunah (Allie) was diagnosed with neuroblastoma on February 1st 2013. Her cancer came on very fast. On her facebook page it says that she is Cancer Free and in REMISSION- Continue with those prayers.
  • Danny Solis, who was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma with CNS Positive.
  • Bryce was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Please keep them in your prayers and follow his fight , with God’s help, win this battle
  • Lincoln Jones – was diagnoses with ALL leukemia July 1, 2011.

I could go on and on and on with children’s names who have gotten cancer. I don’t understand why there isn’t more funding available to these families. If it is so rare, then why do so many have it? Why do so many children have to die because there isn’t enough research?