Halloween in Schools and Dinasours

Tonight is one of those nights like many when I can’t sleep because of pain.  I have to sit up to get rid of the muscle spasms that think they need to happen in my spine. While this is happening my mind gets wondering and this blog compiles a few of my complaints. I will try to be brief in them though so I can go back to sleep. 

1.  Halloween in the schools are driving me crazy. If people choose to celebrate Halloween, then that is fine. But there are many children that don’t celebrate Halloween and are forced into taking part in activities that are against the families religion. It has been a battle that is brewing. 

ImageWe aren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses and many think that if you don’t celebrate this holiday then you must be. Because of the pagan origins we have chosen not to do this holiday. I watch my grandson JJ who goes to kindergarten and everyday he goes to school, they do something that has to do with Halloween. And it is very frustrating to say the least.  Schools have issues with telling the true story of Christ in the schools and is overly accepting of Halloween. 

Everyone has their own reasons for celebrating this particular holiday. Many Christians do while others don’t. It isn’t up to me to force my views on others. But when a child comes home from school and is totally confused and hurting because he can’t do the activities, then something needs to be addressed. Three in ten children do not celebrate Halloween. I have no issue with doing activities that are based on fall and harvest. But I do have a problem when the schools don’t offer an alternative for these three out of ten children. Parents are choosing homeschooling as an alternative because of things like this. When JJ comes home with skeletons, witches hats and other things Halloween oriented, it makes me want to go to his school and have a one on one discussion. 

2. I’m getting rather ticked off at a computer that I’m using for church worship services. I love to create eye pleasing slides that makes people happy. I love to see the reactions during the service when they see a familiar face come across the screen. It’s something I really enjoy. 

ImageBut dang nabit, the computer that was given to the church is a pain in my backside. It is slower than a snail and has very little space. It bogs down for even short videos. I have been working on this Sundays program now for two days and it should only take a hour or two at the very most. I have decided that I’m going to just go get a decently priced laptop and donate it for church use. 

It’s not enjoyable when it takes me days to do something because the computer is ancient. So, I think when I get back from Arizona I may either buy my husband a new laptop and take his or I will buy and inexpensive one and just bite the bullet. Either way, something has to give and it is getting to me that it is so slow. That computer should have been retired years ago. If people remember how slow dial up was when computers came out, then you can imagine.  I will have to ask hubby what he wants to do on this. Because when my frustration gets this high, it is not a good thing. And working on a computer that still operates on the XP 2002 version is not my idea of a good thing. I’m feeling like a soldier going to war and given a water pistol to take out the enemy. It just doesn’t work unless you are a bug. 

The one good thing is that the Easy Worship CD was found, but now the computer is even slower once it was installed. So if anyone hears of a mad women being admitted into the funny farm over computer murder, know that it is me. I shot the computer and it died a slow and painful death. 

3. Well, there is no number three. I figured I would leave any other topic alone since these last two are major triggers for me this week.