Lisa’s Ordeal Wild Boars, Rattlesnakes and Driven to Drink

My friend Lisa, lol driven to drink

OK! Back to my Arizona trip with my friend Lisa…

I have to say that I seen sides of Lisa I never thought I would see. Not in a bad way though. On this trip it was nice to get away from all the daily stuff and get ourselves into all kinds of other troubles and predicaments.

Lisa and I each day went out exploring areas we have never been too before. From Ghost towns like Bisbee to someplace in the middle of nowhere. We encountered wild boars, rattlesnakes, cattle and bulls with huge horns. At the end of the trip Lisa was ready to hunker down in the nearest field and drink herself to oblivion, lol.

When we were up at Fairbanks to go see the cemetery the lady that watches the property instructed us to watch out for wild boars. We shouldn’t stare them down, just leave them alone. Now my sister and I both knew what they were. We lived in that area and didn’t think twice. But poor Lisa had no idea. My sister Brenda picks up a stick that’s about 3 or 4 feet long and it had a point at the end. Just in case, we would shew them away with it or at least one of us could get away.

The Stick

On the way back down, we lean the stick up against the tree, just in case anyone else needed a stick to shew away the wild boars. Now after Lisa figured out what they were, she let out this high pitch scream or whatever it is called and was wondering what kind of a wild boar would be scared away with that stick, haha.  When she realized what we were up against, she had little faith in that short pointy stick, lol

Wild Boars

When we first started off on the trip, I was filling Lisa in on what our trip might be like. I didn’t realize till the encounter with the wild boars that she thought I was exaggerating the whole thing, lol. That was until they ran in front of us.  Lisa knew at this point that there is no exaggeration on what to watch out for in the west. And the look on her face was priceless when she kept reliving the stick and how that was going to save her from wild pigs. It was the best laugh I had in a very long time. Lisa had this image of what a wild boar looks like. She thought they looked like cute little piggies, lol. If I was to have a drink in my hand I would have spilled it all over the place as I was about to die from laughing so hard. I told her what they were, but she didn’t get the idea till she seen first hand.

Rattlesnake Skin

After the wild boar incident, we then encountered two more rattlesnakes in the road. We would pull off the road and start taking pictures whenever we wanted. If there was a car behind us, they had to go around. But Lisa was not seeing getting out of the car after the wild boars and killing a rattle snake was not on her agenda either. Thankfully we killed them with the car and heard the thu thunk.

As we got closer to my parents house,  it was hard to contain ourselves on the whole Lisa and pig thing. But I pulled over to take pictures of the sunset. Lisa is still in the car refusing to get out. Then my sister Bren goes into details about the wild boars at my parents house.  The wild boars would go under the house and try to go through the floor of their trailer. She didn’t believe us on that one. Then as we walked into the house, my dad starts telling her the same thing. I was wishing I had my camera in hand on the look she gave and the UH HUHHHS, lol. Dad would go into how they come out at dusk and you will see them in the mornings. Which is true. Well, that just about did Lisa in, lol. She was not seeing going outside at all unless the sun was out and she could see. 🙂

Unrestored part of Gleeson, I think

After she came to the realization that she is in the west where there are ghost towns (Gleeson, Pierce, Tombstone, Fairbanks and so on), wild animals and rattlesnakes a bit of feat and need of the drink came to her mind.

When we first came to Gleeson, which is for sale for $65,000 the first thing we came upon is a rattlesnake skin. I told Lisa that if there is a rattlesnake skin there is a rattlesnake near by. The first thing she did was look down at her shoes, which were sandals and that’s what I had on too, lol. I’m sure some colorful word came flying out of her at that time. I told her to follow me and make sure to look ahead, listen for rattles and just be careful. By this time she isn’t trusting me at all. But she follows anyhow. The funny thing too is that there was literally hundred of thousands of grasshoppers all over and they make noises like something is moving in the grass. So she was freaked a bit I would say.

The dirt road that went somewhere. Good thing we were in Lisa’s SUV

After we went to the restored part of Gleeson, a guy told us that if we want to really see the real buildings that have mostly the foundations only or just the walls, that we should go down Ghost Town Rd. Which we did. We encounter all kinds of cool buildings and some that have been tagged, which is sad. It was getting dark this way and with neither one of us being from the area, we figured we should get back to civilization, if that is what you call it. We were on a dirt road and we decided that we would just keep going straight, We seen what was behind us, but not sure ahead. So here we go and hopefully we weren’t going to drive off the edge of a cliff like Thelma and Lois.

On that road we found many cows. No people, but lots of bulls, calves and all kinds of things that was trying to get us to play catch us if you can or stare down. We did make it to a black top road after a while and thankfully I knew what the power station looked like. We had to drive another half hour to get to my parents, but we were on black top and had only one other obstacle and that was the border patrol. Lisa didn’t like one of the ladies and said she was mean, lol. So we made it through the check point unharmed and not arrested. So all was good. Or according to me. For me it is just another day thing for that area and it is what it is. But to Lisa, lol It was a nightmare she is still reliving.

Driven to drink… Yeah, that is putting it mildly. After the hotel, wild boars and feeling like we were going to have to go and dig our own graves and bury ourselves, a drink was in order.