All in the Name of Love

ImageMy friend Jennifer and I were talking about at what point do you not take part in something. I’m paraphrasing this conversation though.

There have been events and activities in the past that I have felt OK with going to while others I wanted to stay clear. I wanted no part in it. God has gifted me with this intuition on things. When I follow my own lead, I always end up regretting it. And when I follow His lead, things go much smoother.

I try not to be judgmental of other groups and love others as God tells me to do. But there are some groups and organizations that I have problems with. If they aren’t following in the same God I believe in and that is the God in the Bible, I have issues. I don’t tell anyone they have to believe the same as me. But I think that when we associate with groups that aren’t like minded, it is like we are saying it is OK. Some people and groups believe that churches must be united at all costs, despite its different theologies, belief systems and denominations.

And I’m not OK with that. I do think I use to be more tolerant, but something happened with my thinking. Maybe it’s a God thing. When I pray and have God search my heart and make me aware. Sometimes I’m not prepared for His answer or my reflection.

I do want to say that we are commanded to love others as God loves us. We are to forgive others as we have been forgiven. I have friends of many faiths and those who have no faith at all. I have friends that are gay, lesbians, straight and a little off kilt and we are to love all. I don’t always agree with those around me, because I’m pretty direct in what I believe. But I also refuse to judge others because they don’t see things the way I do. Not sure why that is, lol. But it is what it is 🙂

I have been reading this book about Asia Bibi who is on death row for drinking from a cup. The reason I bring her up is that she is a Christian living in Pakistan. Pakistan is a Muslim country and Christians are the lowly of the lowliest. She made a statement in her book about how she would hear the prayers 5 times a day coming from the mosques. I believe that is what they call them.   I don’t understand or know anyone that is Muslim and I’m sure for the most part they are loving people. Well unless you live where Asia does .  She never went to pray or take part in holy days because she worshiped God. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Her faith and prayers only went to Him. She only used the voices over the speakers as a way to tell time and know when her kids and husband would be home. She felt it was a sin for her to take part in those things around her, even though it was law and she could be killed for not doing it. She didn’t cave in and do what was popular or expected of her. She did what God wanted her to do and that was to pray to only Him and to serve Him alone. I think we as Christians could learn from her imprisonment. We buckle under simple pressures and ideology. She stands up to her captures and will lose her life to stand up for God.

I was talking with another friend today and he pretty much hit the nail on the head and I can’t argue. Well, I can, but it would do no good since he is right. This is what he said. “It seems like some in this city are worshiping tolerance more than the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” And I have noticed that a lot over the years in so many ways. We are getting to where anything is acceptable if it is in the name of unity and love.  I’m all for loving others and being united in Christ. But to what point are we willing to do anything in the name of unity and love. And if you don’t agree with others choices or freedoms, then all the sudden you are racists or judgmental. That’s hogwash. I know Who I believe in and why I believe. And that is who I need to praying to and those who profess to be Christians should be. Really all people should, but I can’t force anyone to do that if they don’t want to.

For myself I would much rather hear what God says and what the Bible says instead of what is OK to everyone else. I think as a whole our society and world has gotten away from God. And the reasons we are getting so far away from Him is because we are in the people pleasing business. We aren’t worried about pleasing God anymore. We just don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by opposing their thoughts and views.

There are a number of things that take place all over the world that calls for unity and love and I’m all for loving others. But I also feel that as a Christian I need to focus on what God wants me to do. Even if I may not like it at the time, I still need to do that. And as Christians we should be in the pleasing of God instead of the pleasing of people.

My prayer for all those around me, in our world, leaders and missionaries will be that they learn to listen to what God is putting on their hearts instead of what man is spewing out. Mans hearts are easily deceived, but when we allow God to be in control of it, we will be OK. Things may not be easy and I’m pretty sure I have plenty of my own bad thoughts and that horrible sinful nature seems to raise its ugly head.