Strawberry Moon aka Honey Moon

47271-werewolves-girl-werewolfIt’s Friday the 13th, and depending on how you feel about the day it can be a good day or a dreaded day. And it also a full moon, which has the power to turn people into lunatics and crazy things are bound to happen. You know, like Werewolves coming out and howling at the moon and things like that.

Full moon and Friday the 13th to fall on same day and those that are superstitious are particularly interested. For me, it is just a full moon that happened to have fallen on Friday the 13th.

This moon reaches its fullest point at 12:11 a.m. EDT on Friday, June 13. For those of us s1in Southern Utah that would mean that technically it reaches it’s fullest point on June 12th. The photos that are attached to this were taken at it’s fullest point and just after 12:00 am EST.

This particular full moon is nicknamed the “Strawberry Moon,” goes back to the Algonquin Native American tribe, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. June is typically the beginning of strawberry season, and the full moon would have coincided with the harvest. It’s also known as the “Honey Moon” since it can have a slightly golden tint.

The last time there was a full moon on Friday the 13th was on October 13, 2000. The two events will not happen at the same time for over 30 years until August 13, 2049.


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