Conversations in Restaurants

GoldenGirlsI wonder if people have lost of the art of having conversations. People know how to talk a lot, but do they really say anything important. I have come to the conclusion that conversations are more like small talk. It must be somewhat common for people to struggle with what to say to someone one-on-one. It’s as if there is this kind of awkward silences.

Our church does a ladies lunch and I have come to the point where I don’t really enjoy going to them. For me the reason is because there isn’t really much visiting and it is like a waiting room in my Dr’s office. I don’t mind listening to others and I truly do care. For myself, I very much dislike talking about my medical stuff in a restaurant or with those who aren’t close friends. I want to have a normal conversation that centered around Dr’s and who is constipated.

One day I was at the Black Bear for breakfast and all the people around me must have been sick and dying. Not one conversation was about anything other than being sick or who was dying. I about choked on my coffee when a lady said she was so relieved that she could finally pass gas.

bldtr040074REALLY? I wonder when life became a medical textbook instead of living each day and being grateful for the good things. But, really, do they need to talk about the last time they went to the bathroom and what a relief it was? I know that people needs to discuss medical things with others and some people may not be around others, but some discussions should be in private. I also don’t like 20 questions about what is going on medically with me, unless I feel comfortable doing that and it is one on one.

There has been research on this topic, lol. I was shocked, but yeah they have studies for everything. They suggest that people start conversations by offering open ended questions. For example,”how is the weather? Have you read any good books lately? What are your favorite movies?”

Some people in this study suggested that if you want to start a conversation to just ask people about themselves, their hobbies, their job or they feel about anything in general.

OK! Well, some people didn’t get the memo of how to have a conversation. When was the last time you pooped was not on the list of conversation starters. I can almost guarantee ya that if you start off with this conversation, it is all downhill from then on. There has to be more going on in life than when a person last went to the bathroom.

Since it is mostly elderly ladies that goes to our brunch it would be awesome to learn more about what it was like for them growing up in the era they did. What were some of their favorite activities when they were younger or what their families did? I would think learning more about who they are and what they enjoy doing would be more interesting. It would be awesome to do a get together that would be a “Window to the Past.”

Well, I’m going to get off this blog topic because I can see that it can end up pretty messy, lol.