Thanksgiving Madness

Thanksgiving Day Shopping

If you have ever been to a grocery store to get your food, which I would think everyone has been at some point. As you reach the cashier you may notice that the cashier may be in a bad mood and a bit snippy.

For the cashier or for the person working in a retail setting or restaurant, you get to see first-hand just how bitter people can be. I feel bad for the cashiers when they have to deal with some of the people they have to deal with.I refuse to shop or go anywhere since the people working should get to enjoy the day also.

Here are some of my very own thoughts and comments. Since I have had more than my share of cashiering jobs, I would like to give you some from a real cashier and most of these will relate to all cashiers. If they don’t, then something is wrong with them.

Some customers have the mindset that the customer is always right. Let me tell you, they aren’t always right. There is nothing right about verbally abusing the cashiers or other employees. It happens all the time and re-consider their actions and words.

Since it is almost Thanksgiving I wanted to share my biggest cashiering pet peeve. The other day I was at the  grocery store and the cashier and I were talking about the hours they will be open on Thanksgiving. I did cashiering at a local grocery store for years and it always amazed me at what customers would say and do.I have a very long list of pet peeves that I hated when I did cashiering.

  1. Apologize: Of course you probably know my top one. It is that people don’t buy their stuff until the day of. If you are going to apologize since I have to work, then stop shopping or there would be no need to go to the store. It’s called thinking ahead.
  2. Express Lanes: OK, nobody can tell me that they can’t see a very large lighted up sign that says, ” 15 Items or Less.” If people can’t see the signs they may need glasses.  It never fails that a customer will come to the line with a grocery basket full. I would tell them this is express. We were told that we have to ring them up anyhow.
  3. WIC Vouchers– Ticks me off so much when mothers or fathers use all of the vouchers at one time. I’m not saying I have a problem with people who use them, I have a problem when people have no consideration for the cashier or the customers behind them. They will also use them on express. They say since each voucher and they have to be separate orders, I would have to take them. But it is inconsiderate to those who are needed to be rung up.
  4. Cell Phones: Customers talking on their cell phones while I am trying to ring up their items.I had one customer who was having a very colorful conversation and yelling at the person. When things happened like this I would get to where I would suspend their orders and told them the basket will be at customer service. They can go get it after they talk to whoever. I think it is incredibly rude to be on your phones while you are in stores or restaurants.
  5. Bra Money: It would be awesome if customers wouldn’t put money in the bras, socks, mouth and so on. I wouldn’t think customers would like to handle nasty bills that are placed in other places. If you can’t use a purse or you have no place to keep your money, I would suggest going out and purchasing a wallet or pocketbook.

For the most part, customers are awesome. I haven’t really had much of a problem with customers unless they think they are better than the person ringing up their food or items they have purchased.

My top and most subject that  gets me going is about working on Thanksgiving like I said earlier. Each year I would hear this comment over and over again, “I’m sorry you have to work on Thanksgiving Day.” Hello! I wouldn’t have to work on Thanksgiving if people would shop before Thanksgiving Day. It is because of customers who refuse to get what they need to get before the day. I always seen that as a slap in the face when they would make that comment.

If people would buy what they needed before then, then I could enjoy my day with my family. So instead, all those cashiers standing in front of said customer would be home if that customer wasn’t standing in front of them making these comments.

When I worked for Lins, and I’m not sure if they still do it, they would be open on Thanksgiving. The management would let people sign up if they would like to work. If they didn’t want to, then they didn’t have to. Which I guess is fine. It wasn’t as much the stores that I get upset with, since obviously there is a need since customers like to wait till the very last minute.

In closing, I just want to say that being courteous and appreciative can go a long ways. If you are standing in front of a cashier on Thanksgiving or Christmas, then you aren’t really sorry. So, you might just want to keep that comment to yourself. Because I can guarantee you that all cashiers have heard it a thousand times and we don’t believe it. Also, please be considerate because they are there to take care of you, not hear about how bad of a job they are doing.



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Madness

  1. I’ve never worked retail cashiering, but as a customer, 3 of these peeves happen to be among my very peevest! Express lane- Yeah, it amazes me how many folks in the USA cannot count past 15. I’ve walked up to an express lane with 2 or 3 items, and gotten behind someone with a basket full. They turn around, look at you without the slightest compunction! Grrr!

    Cell Phones-As a customer, I’ve had to bite my tongue, and say to self: “Self, remember, you are a Christian.” Going down an aisle, here is a person right in the middle of the aisle, on the phone, totally oblivious that anyone else may be trying to negotiate it, and when you say excuse me, they look at you as if to say: “What’s your problem?” Again, talking so loudly, they can be heard 3 aisles away. I find it sort of ironic that people are always talking about invasion of privacy, and these people are telling the entire population their personal stuff! Myself, I prefer strangers not hear my personal conversations, but then, I guess I’m pretty old-fashioned.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been behind a customer yak, yakking on a cell phone, most always a woman, may I add. Talking the entire time the cashier is ringing up the items, and sometimes I’ve even noticed the customer looking irritated when the cashier is trying to talk to her. How dare the cashier interrupt her inane conversation! Not only that, I truly would rather not hear about her fight with her boyfriend/husband/kids, neighbor/co-worker/mother-in-law, you get the picture. Oh, of course, she is talking so loudly the people in 3 lines can hear her, too!

    Bra Money-one word-no, two words-gross & disgusting!

    1. lol. I had to bust up on your bra-money comment, lol. But you are so right in all you said. I have heard more than my share of customers yelling at spouses over every little thing.

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