Tell The Nations


We need to be telling the nations about what God has done. Sharing the gospel is the single most important thing you can you . Anymore it people put more importance on  a foot game or other sports.

There are times when we will walk into a restaurant and you will hear voices lifted high with excitement in their voices over what their favorite teams are doing. I can only imagine what it would be like if those same voices were sharing the gospel of Christ.

I have been wanting to have a small study here at my house or better yet at a restaurant that is all about the Bible. There would be no work books, just let the Holy Spirit lead us into the right direction. This isn’t one of those areas I am good at, but I think it is important to do.

I was reading an article that James Palmer shared on his Facebook page. It is about how come people don’t come to church. They may go once, but they don’t come back. Thankfully my church is a very loving and kind group of people. Why is it that they aren’t coming back? I have a pretty good idea at my church. But, all the things that was listed in the link I provided, doesn’t pertain to my church.

If I were to put my finger on something that can change at my church I would have to say heart conditioning. We are a very huggy squeezey type of church. But there are those and I am sure that I may also be a problem. I think when you get to many type A personalities at church, things go south.

Now, if I was a newcomer to my church, I would first notice how friendly they all are. Since I have been there a long time, I know who are in charge. 90 percent of the are very happy with the service and they can feel the Spirit of God there. Just like any other church or family, you are going to have those who like to be heard and will make it point to be head.

For instance, when you have a couple people calling all the shots and get upset when things don’t go their way, I would say that Satan was able to step in and cause division. When people let their own emotions override what the Bible has to say, then there is going to be problems.

There are times I have an awesome idea that I would like to do and when I get shot down, I may get a bit upset, but at the same time, the pastor has to decide what is right. Most times he would just ask me to do it at another time or that it isn’t appropriate.

Our newest pastor has been easy going. I realize that God brought him and his wife to our church for a reason. He isn’t the kind of pastor that is going to allow a “free for all” at church. If he tells me no or to hold off, I may grumble a bit, but then I realize that he is right. Now may not be the right time.My type A personality doesn’t need to be interfering or taking things over just because I don’t like things the way they are.

When church members bicker and fight it just shows me that they aren’t paying attention to what is important and that is Jesus Christ. All focus should be on him. Temper tantrums and getting butt hurt doesn’t help anyone. I have seen this happen to much in the past. I would say in the 20 yrs we have been at my church about 10 couples left because they couldn’t do it their way. I also left a number of years, and I was OK with it because Christ wasn’t the focus at church and neither was the Bible. We don’t have that problem now since our Pastor speaks solely from the Bible.

Every church has it’s share of problems, including growing problems and dying members. Problems of all kinds of things will popup. Not a day goes by when I realize that Satan is trying to destroy anyone and anything that can advance God’s Kingdom.

Religion has been running rampant in the world. If you can’t see it or hear about it on the news, you must live on a deserted island.

There are many false prophets, false teachers, religions, cults and so on. People are being killed left and right because they believe in Christ. Lately we hear about radical Muslims, Islam and such. Mark Twain once said that “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on it’s shoes.” There is no doubt that truth will win out, but in the meantime, Satan seeks people to devour like a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8). We must fight the false teachers by spreading the Gospel of Christ.

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