The Greatest Gift – Josalyn

13173612_10206373233466507_4035423167970210811_oOn Friday May 6th, 2016 we welcomed our newest grand-daughter to the family. Josalyn is our second grand-daughter and I have to say that she is just the cutest. We have four grandsons and we now have two grand daughters. Our family has been blessed in more ways than I can count.

Josalyn has an older brother. JJ is 8 yrs old and has been praying a long time to have a sibling. After my daughter found out that she was pregnant, JJ was saying that it was his fault that she was pregnant. I adjusted the rear view mirror to see his face. At that point, I asked him why it was that it is his fault. He said it was because he has been praying for a long time to have a brother. So, God was listening to him and answered his prayer. At that point we didn’t know the gender, lol.


JJ is happy about having a sister now though. Well! All but the crying. He has requested ear plugs so he can sleep at night.

Healing Moments

This Mothers Day was a sad day in some ways, and blessings in another way. This is the first Mothers Day that I didn’t get to call my mom up and wish her a Happy Mothers Day. My mom went home to be with the Lord on August 21st, 2015. While I know that death is an experience that all humans have to deal with and one day we will be face to face ourselves.

My sister Joyce is having a very difficult time when it comes to mom and she was dreading Mothers Day for a number of reasons. She and I knew we wouldn’t be talking to mom or sending her mums or roses this year. The day was filled with tears of sorrow and of joy. Joyce was by my mom’s side as she entered into the Lords arms. She has been the most affected by my moms death because of the things she witnessed first hand.

My sister Joyce is holding Josalyn and Josalyn is holding Joyce’s finger. Also in this picture is the ring that is on my sisters fingers. This ring was my moms mothers ring. She made sure to give it to Joyce prior to her passing away.                                                                       

While we were talking, we had this overwhelming feeling of moms presence and the joy of the birth of my grand-daughter Josalyn. Josalyn was born just two days before Mothers Day. My sister and I were in the room when Josalyn entered this world.

My daughter was going to just have myself and her husband in the room when Josalyn was born, but it didn’t work out that way. Instead of going into the hallway or waiting area, Joyce was able to stay and witness the birth of this precious little baby girl. It was one of those God moments. Joyce was put to work to help during the delivery portion while I cut the umbilical cord. Which I have to say was pretty awesome and a privilege.

Since my sister was never able to have children, this was the greatest gift she could have been given.  I didn’t realize why she wasn’t able to have children until recently. She suffers from depression and anxiety. I don’t think my daughter Jessica understands fully how much it meant for Joyce to witness the birth of her great-niece. Joyce felt honored and overjoyed as this special gift from God made her way into our lives and hearts.

There has been many tears shed over Mothers Day weekend. My sister desperately wanted a child of her own and for whatever reason God only knows why she wasn’t able to conceive. Joyce felt like she was cursed since she wasn’t given children. She would have made an awesome mom. While we were discussing what happened to her physically and emotionally, she realized that God loves her and that she does have a purpose. I’m sure God has a lot in store for Joyce,  Josalyn and all of His children.