Words Do Hurt

In a couple of days, the presidential elections will be over. Normally I make it a point to educate myself on those who are running. This time around, I can honestly say that the lines are blurred when it comes to both candidates.

I usually don’t stress much over who is going to be president, this year, I can honestly say I am worried over what is going to happen when one or the other loses. I don’t foresee either one of them playing nice.

fake-news-jpg-cfOn both sides there has been lies and harsh things done on both sides. When I voted I made sure to pray that the person I am voting for will be the best person for the job. I didn’t rely on all the false statements on Facebook or the media. I seriously researched each person. There are some who say that the website “Snopes” has made false statements and that is true. I think it has been a year or so when they were found out that they were falsifying information.

The candidates that I really liked ended up not getting the nomination. I really liked Carson and I liked Kasich. For me, they were the candidates that best aligned up with what I believe. I also have no problems with the VP’s that are running with Trump or Clinton.

My biggest problem I have with each is pretty simple. With Clinton, I am not comfortable at all that she is OK with abortions. I did have to read up on what people were saying about late-term abortions. I had this horrible image in my mind about the babies being cut out of the mother’s womb. I am against abortion in all senses. I know a precious and loving young person when she got pregnant and she had an abortion. This was a long time ago. I didn’t really grasp what was happening and the process. I kick myself all the time that I didn’t do more to convince her there are other options out there. If the young woman who I am talking about reads this, I want to apologize for not doing more when I should have.

Here is a link that talks more about that.


My other problem with Clinton is the electing of Supreme Court judges. Right now there is an opening and they have to elect someone to fill that position. On a greater scale, during her term, she may have the opportunity to elect a couple of others since the Supreme Court Judges are getting up there in age.

Then there is Trump.. I don’t even know where to begin with the problems I have with him. J have huge issues on how he treats people. I also have issues on getting people going to the point of violence. Nobody deserves to be put down. When I hear friends that are Christian and they say that they don’t pay attention to what Trump says about woman. “It’s just words” they say. In my personal opinion, words are shaper than a two edge sword.  Words can literally destroy people.

Anyone who has gone to school has heard the adage, “Sticks and stones can break my bones/ But words can never harm me.” Unless you are living on an island alone, most have heard this saying. Words are powerful and  can bring a person down to the point where some people and children are committing suicide. Last week a young girl who survived cancer and she killed herself because she was being bullied. I have been bullied as a child and I have in turn been a bully also. Read More

I was reading about how words can be hurtful and this is what it said, “It turns out that the brain receptors for physical and emotional pain are one and the same so, yes, you can have your heart and spirit broken more literally than not. There’s some evidence that the over-the-counter remedy for physical pain works for emotional pain too. It turns out too that when pain is inflicted intentionally, the hurt is greater—which is all the more reason to pay attention to the words that come out of our mouths.” Read More

I’m not going to get into all of the things he has said and done, there is so much. I’ve gotten to the point where when both speak and do speeches, I change the channel. I am done with the whole thing. I am done with people getting angry with friends and family because they don’t agree. Many times these fights are over false stories from both sides. I’m not going to side one way or another. It does no good arguing over politics.

What I do know though is that no matter who a person votes for, they have that right. No matter who wins on Tuesday, I know it isn’t going to be easy for either one. This election period has a mob mentality. I think it would be awesome to see a woman as president. I’m not sure Hillary would be that person or not.

Each night I pray and discuss my worries about this election period with God. At my church, my pastor is going to start a study on the Book of Revelations. In the times we live in, I think it is a good time to pay attention to what is going on in and around our world. Lawlessness  is something that I can see that is going to get worse. When you have people burning churches and threatening to harm others because of Trump. Most aren’t going to do that. But, it doesn’t take many to get riots going.

My vote is going to go to Jesus Christ. He alone is the ONLY ONE that is going to be able to save us from ourselves.

In closing, I want to say that I’m so very happy that on November 9th, the voting is done and there will be a loser and a winner. I’m sure there is going to be so much anger and my prayer is that people will go back to living their lives instead of destroying other people’s lives and livelihood.