Important Please Read- Flu and Cold

I was going to post this on my Facebook page, so hopefully people will read this. I normally only post about me having CIPD/GBS and Myastehenia on awareness weeks or months. I will go into what they are more when it is the awareness months since this is about having a little bit of respect for those who can lose their lives if they get sick. But, I am rather ticked off right now that I am sick once again with a different strain of either the cold of the flu. I get that people may not know they are coming down with something. But, for those who know they are sick, please stay away from me.
I’m on my 3rd or 4th round of the cold and flu. Not everyone realizes that I have two auto-immune diseases and while it may seem like it on the outside, but a simple cold or the flu can cause me and others like me so many problems.
I have three friends that have recently gone through cancer treatments. One friend who has a child that has cancer and his life is in the balance if he gets sick. I hate sounding rude, but when something like the cold and the flu could kill someone, then I take it pretty serious.
The first time I came down with Guillian Barre Syndrome and it was from the flu shot. I was paralyzed on a ventilator and unable to walk for almost a year. I couldn’t open or close my eyes, I was unable to speak or breath on my own. I couldn’t even lift a pencil. Prior to that, I was able to run 9-15 miles a day. After that, I couldn’t eat, drink or breath on my own.
The second time I came down with Guillian Barre Syndrome it was because someone came over to my house and starting coughing and said it wasn’t nothing major, probably just the cold or the flu. Hello! That time I spent 3 months in the hospital and another 6 weeks in a care center trying to learn to walk again.
The last time I had it, it was again because someone was coughing and not covering their mouth. Again, I was partially paralyzed and unable to breath on my own. This is very serious for those of us who have no auto-immune system. After this time in the hospital they then said that I had the CIPD variant of Guillian Barre Syndrome. Which is the chronic form. There are many who have this false idea that once someone get’s Guillian Barre Syndrome, they will be fine, that is a lie and bogus. I can hook anyone up with hundreds and hundreds of names of those who have either lost their lives or mobility.


1. The flu kills children and adults with cancer and those who are auto-immune compromised systems.
2. Pneumonia kills children and adults with cancer and those who are auto-immune compromised systems.
3. Viruses kill children and adults with cancer and those who are auto-immune compromised systems.
4. Strep kills children and adults with cancer and those who are auto-immune compromised systems.
5. A fever for them means a hospital admission, port cultures, tests.
Those who have compromised immune systems can do everything right. Stay home, sanitize, etc. But, if I go the grocery store, the post office, heck, ANYWHERE. It’s incredibly easy for me to pick up your germs and bring them home.
When I was working at Lin’s Grocery Store, I was checking a costumer out that was obviously they were sick. They were coughing and looked like they were running a fever. I asked them about why was it that nobody would go to the store for them. As she was answering a friend of mine from church came into my line. Bill Cook was an amazing person. I think at the time he was fighting for his own life. But, this woman says that she could have had someone else come in but she was good enough to go. I couldn’t really say much since I was in ear shot of my manager.
Rose and Bill Cook- Thank you Bill 

I told her that not everyone can get sick because it could kill them. As she was getting ready to fill in her check, she had the audacity to even ask to borrow my pen. Oh my gosh, Bill was my angel that day. He said what I couldn’t say. He ripped into her and anyone else in earshot about the dangers of me getting sick. Even though he didn’t know exactly what I had or how to pronounce it, he made sure to let her and everyone know that if they are sick they need to stay home. My boss listened to what Bill said and he was very impressed. I then told my boss that Bill just got diagnosis with cancer and I believe he was on hospice at the time. Bill brought tears to my eyes with what he did. I actually had to take a break. I’m pretty sure that woman and everyone else got the message that day. My heart sunk though because I knew how critical Bill was at the time and here he is going to bat for me and not even saying that he is fighting for his life too. I can totally feel Bill around me.

Special thanks to Bill Cook. You are missed by so many and I feel incredibly blessed and humble to call you not just a friend, but a true angel.
I’m not being rude, I’m being honest.! If you are sick, stay home. Wash your hands often, sanitize cart handles, never visit compromised children or the elderly, and feel better soon!
I don’t know about where you live, but I know if someone is sick here, there are a few pharmacies that will deliver medications. There are grocery stores that will shop for you and some even bring it to you.
brentsMy first choice of pharmacies is Brents Pharmacy:

Brent’s Pharmacy & Diabetes Care

Mon-Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm

Sat 11:00am – 3:00pm

Sun Closed


Phone: (435) 674-5667

Address: 1091 N Bluff St, St George, UT 84770

Stapley Pharmacy has a number of locations. You can find out all of the locations on their website.

Phone: (435) 673-3575

Store Hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Closed Sunday & major holidays


Address: 102 East City Center St. George, UT 84770

If you need groceries and you must go to the store. Both Smiths and Lins has it where they will do the grocery shopping and they will bring it out to your car. Just go online to their website and choose what you want to buy and set up the time to pick them up. I live by Smiths, so I get my food online and then drive down the street. I got the first 3 times free. But, it is only 5.00 to have them do everything for you and they even get special items, load them and they will bring your flu and cold medications out to you. If you can’t find someone to go get your meds or food, this is a good option.

3 thoughts on “Important Please Read- Flu and Cold

  1. Thank you for your very important message and for the mention of Bill, he was my hero. I miss him everyday! Good job Sandie!

    1. You’re so very welcome. Bill is such a special person. I don’t like using the word was, because Bill is and will always be awesome. I hope I get to have the opportunity to see you and Bill together again. Oh my goodness, can you imagine that reunion lol.




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