Something Needs to Be Done!

I want to give you the heads up on this post. It is a vent and some may think my words are harsh.

I don’t know about you, but this last week when yet another shooting happened in Florida killing 17 innocent lives. It’s becoming the norm to turn on the TV and hear about a mass shooting happening somewhere. There are all kinds of people from different walks of life that are great at saying something needs to be done. And yet, as one student said in Parkland, Florida at the high school where her friend died from being killed said that in a week, people will resume their lives and people forget.

I do not own this image. It is owned by Daily News. The 17 victims: (First Row) Carmen Schentrup, Aaron Feis, Martin Duque, Scott Beigel, Nicholas Dworet and Gina Montalto. (Second Row) Alyssa Alhadeff, Luke Hoyer, Meadow Pollack, Alex Schacter and Helena Ramsey. (Third Row) Peter Wang, Chris Hixon, Jaime Guttenberg, Joaquin “Guac” Oliver, Alaina Petty and Cara Loughran.

Click Here to Learn More About the Victims 

The other day I was listening to the KLOVE radio station in my car. This woman calls in and she is a teacher. She was commenting on how people were saying that they are tired of people saying that they are in their prayers and thoughts. They wanted action. They wanted something done. They want their loved ones back that was shot and killed before they could even live their lives. This caller was right that we need to get on our knees and pray for our country, our world and those families who have lost loved ones.

I totally agree with her. Maybe not in a week, but people will resume their lives as if nothing has happened all the while waiting for the next mass shooting to be televised on all of the news channels.  Newsweek Article on what some of the students shared and they had and have every right to feel this way.

People say all the time that it isn’t going to happen where we live. None of these kids or parents thought that when they went to school that their kids wouldn’t be coming home alive. A couple of weeks ago, 2 young lives were lost because of someone just wanted to kill. Then in November at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs people were going to church to worship the Lord and 26 people lost their lives.  The day after the massacre in Florida one of the schools in my area had someone use spray paint on the outside of a school with the words “ISIS is Coming” and they took down the American flag and replaced it with the ISIS Flag.  Click here to read about it on St. George News. There have been copy cats around the country. Something needs to be done. It can happen anywhere at anytime.

When the gentleman on CNN shared his feelings as he broke down in tears, I felt as if the world is going crazy.  This is what he said on air and I just broke down myself because I feel the same way… Here is the link to an article that shows this interview and he is so right..

Philip Mudd – “I have 10 nieces and nephews,”Mudd said before his voice broke. “A child of God is dead. Can not we acknowledge in this country that we can’t, we cannot accept this?” “I can’t do it, Wolf,” he said. “I’m sorry, we can’t do it.”

Then there was a mom who was speaking from her heart and her words that were filled with anger and tears are words that should speak to everyone. This is what she said and I totally agree with her. Click here to watch the video and read more about what she said.

A mother (Laurie) furiously asks President Trump to “please do something” about guns. She had just made funeral arrangements for her 14-year-old daughter, who was killed in the Florida shooting.

I have seen so many comments and posts from people from all over the world who seem to think they have the answers. Some thinks it is about gun control, others about mental illness and a wide range of ideas. Then you have the ones who say it isn’t the guns that kill, it is the evil person. I do agree with that, but there has to be more. I don’t think there are any easy answers to this. I hope and pray that those who have been directly impacted and victimized can somehow bring about change. Change is needed. In what ways, I have no idea.

One post I did see on Facebook today while I was doing church stuff was an image that had pictures of parents in Parkland. Florida and on the image it said that there were 18 shootings in 2018 alone. Someone made the comment that it wasn’t that many it was only whatever number she said. Really! One shooting and murder is enough and to use the word ONLY upsets me. Tell that to the parents who had their children murdered and it was ONLY this many shootings.  Click Here to learn more about these victims and tell the parents, that ONLY this many shootings or murders happened. If they were your kids, what would you want to hear.

AR-15 2

I don’t understand why someone would need an AR-15 to protect themselves. In my opinion those types of guns should only be used by those who are protecting our country and our community. I don’t know why it is so easy for people to get their hands on these weapons and how people and teenagers can buy them before they can legally buy a lottery ticket, cigarettes or a beer.


I am beyond upset over how our government feels they need to politicize this and how our children’s lives are worth bringing about change. It isn’t about if a person is a Democrat or a Republican. It is about lives. How many times do we have to hear about gunmen entering schools, churches, movie theaters and concerts?  This shouldn’t be about who a person votes for because this should be about lives.

Something needs to be done and it seems as if people and the government has their phones and hearts on mute.  Standing there behind a mic isn’t going to change anything! Standing there giving a thumbs up and smiling for the cameras isn’t going to change anything! Blaming the Democrats or the Republicans aren’t going to change anything!

Today on CNN, they had a Town Hall Meeting with students from  Stoneman Douglas High School are demanding changes. People can say all day long that CNN is fake news and such. I don’t really care what people say about CNN. When they did this town hall with the students who survived the shootings, I think we should be listening to them. They lived through this and families have to figure out how to live without their loved ones.

I’m hoping something will happen. I don’t know what can or will happen, but when parents send their kids to school, they should be safe from gunmen. It isn’t just in high schools. Think about Sandy Hook! Think about the young child who was randomly shot playing on a playground. What did these kids do?

While I have no guns for my own personal reasons, I feel that people have a right to protect themselves and their families. They have a right to hunt for food. But, why do people have to have assault rifles? Teenagers and average people don’t need AR-15’s or bump stocks.

I’m glad I took 40 days off for Lent from Facebook because it has gotten ugly. There are people on both sides politically that are literally spewing hatred through status updates, images of hate for either party. I am beyond tired of the whole “snowflake” terminology. I’m beyond tired of hearing people who say they love others and are good Christians and yet they spew hatred for anyone who doesn’t agree with them. In their minds, it is either the way I see it or you are wrong and you should rot in hell. Yes, these are comments from those who profess to be “GOOD CHRISTIANS”!

It’s not all Christians who are saying these things, but I know so many personally who are and they mean it. By stepping back from Facebook and comments from those who say they love the Lord and yet they wish anyone who didn’t vote for Trump to go straight to Hell, then I really wonder where their faith really is. I have deleted and blocked a number of friends that I have known years because of the hatred they have for anyone who isn’t a Republican. I did not vote for Trump. I have never regretted it and he will never get my vote. When I had a seeming close friend of mine from my church tell me that I’m obviously not a Christian or I would have voted for this fine upstanding man of God. I just about wanted to puke.

Everyone has a right to vote for the person they choose. But, when our world has gone nuts and people are spewing hatred from behind a computer monitor, then they don’t need to be in my life. I wrote in my vote for Kasich since his values were closest to mine. Yeah, I know I threw my vote away, but here in Utah, it doesn’t count anyhow. People can tell me all day long that it matters, but it doesn’t. If it did, 3 minutes later our state wouldn’t have gone to Trump. Votes don’t count.

I’m sorry that this is turning into a rant. I am upset and angry that these things are going on in our world. I 100 percent agree that God is the only answer for our country. He is the only answer for our world. I hope these students in Florida are able to make something happen. I hope they step up and bring hope to thier school, communities and world. These students are tired and they want things done and not just lip service. There seems to be a whole lot of that going on in our world.

Morals in our country which I always felt that was for the most part what the Republicans represented. I don’t think so. I have seen to many ugly comments and actions from both sides. There was a program I was watching years ago about church and state being seperate. I know there isn’t a law about people at church speaking about politics. But, I do think there is something about pastors and church leaders backing one person or another. I told my husband that if there came a time when our church turned into a Sunday political platform, I would no longer be going to whatever church it is.

Like I said, everyone has a right to feel the way they do. But, when it comes to downright hatred for anyone who doesn’t vote for whatever politician, then I have no need to go there. I think that Satan has been rearing his ugly head more and more. He must be having a party over all of these things going on in our world.

But, this blog is giving me a headache because I am getting overly upset and angry over these school shootings. Something has to be done. Obviously our politicians have their head in the sand. Like I said earlier, God is the only answer and I hope and pray that students and victoms of violence can get their voices heard. I’m sure people will be butthurt over what I have said and I don’t really care.

The shooting rampage in Parkland, Florida is different. They are mad and they want action and they want it now. I can see these students being proactive. I hope they can make a change.





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