Importance of Sunday School

I’ve been working on trying to save my churches website since a dishonest company stole our domain. But, while I was working on the Bible Studied and Small Groups page and the calendar, God was putting the fact that I haven’t been to Sunday School for a very long time. That’s something I need to change for sure.

I took a break from the website since I have spent 70 plus hours just getting it back online. I was having HTML code blocks. So, I took a bath and turned on my radio. When I take a bath, I always play the CD that was done by Joey and Rory. I’m not into the whole country music thing. But my mom loved Joey, so I feel closer to my mom and to God.

Sunday School has been a part of church culture for years. Unfortunately, its importance has been severely diminished and underestimated. Some people do not believe that Sunday School is important while others believe that Sunday School is only for children. This is seen as adults drop children off at church instead of going inside with them. But why is Sunday School important?

Ann Antrim

As I laid in the bathtub, I was thinking about how much I miss Sunday School. I think the last time I actually enjoyed Sunday School was when Ann Antrim was teaching it.  Ann didn’t stand up and do all of the talking. She spoke softly and she would give everyone a chance to share their thoughts. I really like that kind of Sunday School.


As I was looking back to when Ann Antrim was still with us, I always felt that I learned more because of her style of teaching. Sunday School is a place where I’ve been able to really dig into the Word of God. As we sat around the tables downstairs there were those who helped me understand what the passage was meaning. Most of the times, others had the same problems that I had. Dena Allen and I would spend hours talking about whatever we didn’t understand in Sunday School.

For me I think the best way for me to learn is in small groups. We would take turns reading Scriptures and we all had the chance to get involved. We weren’t just sitting there. Her style of teaching was very much like the way we had Sunday school in the Nazarene Church.

Since everyone has our own Sunday School book, I would read ahead for the next Sunday and if I had questions I had them ready. By doing that, each day of the week I would spend reading the Bible and studying the Word. When classes are to big, it’s difficult to even say anything. People talk over the others. So, I don’t really get much out of bigger classes. I also don’t retain the study since it is done on the spot and there isn’t really anything to study.

I think the last time our church did that type of Sunday School was when Ellis Keck was there. Even though Ellis was the pastor, he wanted to have others teaching Sunday School or to become leaders even if they didn’t think they could. I’ve been to a number of churches and maybe it’s just the way it’s done where I live, but Sunday School is more of a lecture style. Whoever is leading Sunday School, they do 90 percent of the speaking and once in a while someone may speak up. I’ve really been wanting to find a place that does Sunday School like that.

There isn’t anything wrong with how my pastor leads Sunday school. But, for me, I don’t retain information like that. I have to see it, read it and be actively involved. I know a number of other churches that does Sunday School the same way. My daughter Jessica puts on Christian books in her car and they listen to the books that way. There isn’t anything wrong with that. But, everyone learns differently.  To me it’s a bunch of talking and I get distracted very easily.  I went to one church locally a number of years ago. The pastor did Sunday School where he would talk about the topic. He was just going on and on, People were getting off tract and I had no clue what the topic of the study was. I went to that church for a month, and I got tired of hearing people going back and forth.I don’t think it’s like that at my church.

I really miss a normal Sunday School where we sit around the table, pray, read, discuss and even if we don’t make it to the end of that weeks lesson, that’s OK. We continue the next week.

I find when I’m engaged in real conversations about Go and about the Word of God I have a much easier time grasping and understanding what I’m learning. I would very much enjoy have a weekly Sunday School style of study once a week. I want to contact the Church of the Nazarene to see if I can purchase some guided Sunday School lessons that I can do around my dining room table.  If I can’t I also located a study that sounds interesting. If there are any ladies that I know that would like to do that, let me know.

This is the Willcox Nazarene Church where all of my wonderful memories of being baptized, meeting wonderful people. Because of this church, that’s why I go to church at St. George Community Church.

When we engage in real conversations we are opening the dialog with others who are in the class, group of friends or whoever would like to join. I wouldn’t think everyone has to go to the same church in order to worship and learn about what God has in store for all of us. I believe the Sunday School lessons are split up in three months of lessons. I very much enjoyed learning that way. Since my church is non-denominational, I don’t even think that we have a place to buy those kinds of Study Guides. I could be wrong. Maybe I will ask Pastor Ray about that.

What I miss about Sunday School is that the classes are smaller and that makes it a perfect environment to have real conversations instead of yes, no, or shaking of heads in agreement. I know I couldn’t do this kind of study at my church since I know it isn’t a church sponsored guided activity. Also, the material wouldn’t be coming from my church since we aren’t affiliated with a specific denomination. So, my plan now is to find guided Sunday School Lessons and go from there. It will probably be mid-week around my dining room table unless someone wants it someplace else.

By engaging in dialog with other members of the class, listening to their questions and hearing the answers, you learn that you are not alone in your struggles in understanding the Word and living out your faith in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christians . Those friendships will also help keep you accountable and connected to the Body of Christ, especially during times of storm and crisis in your life.

Here’s a breakdown of why I think it is very important for everyone to be going to Sunday School. Sunday School helps me and I would think most people to understand the different stages in their lives. I never understood this when I was younger. I would be placed in the teens, young adults, adults and so on. A pastor friend of mine those me that it’s important to learn and encourage others who may need encouragement from someone who may have gone through the same type of things they are.  A young adult isn’t going to know what it’s like from a senior citizens point of view. They can learn off of each others experience. But, there are some things and conversations they won’t understand.

When I would go to Sunday School with Ann being the teacher, she had a way of engaging everyone and she closed that generation gaps. I did find this study lesson on Life way, so. I’m thinking on this if I can get some people involved.

Here’s a description of what I’m looking at. I would just have to figure out where to have it at since it isn’t a church sponsored Bible Study.

chaseCHASE CURRICULUM KIT: Chasing After the Heart of God

What are you chasing?

We’re all chasing after something, something that we think will make us happy—comfort, success, a bigger house, or someone’s approval. But if we are all honest, it feels like trying to catch the wind.

A man after God’s own heart… As David’s life weaves throughout the pages of Scripture, we see he was a man who spent his life chasing after God. Chase explores the events that defined David’s life and the Psalms that flowed out of those experiences. Through David’s example we’ll discover what God really wants from us.

The lessons in this study are simple yet deep and very interactive, offering Bible study, stories, and projects to dig into Scripture and deeply engage the mind and heart. God has carved out a space in each of us that only He can fill. So whether you are running from God or working your tail off to please Him, David’s journey will challenge your view of God.

God is invisible, and yet He is the only thing we can chase that won’t leave us feeling more empty.

Study Kit Tools:

Study. The study guide uses projects, stories, and Bible study to engage the mind and heart. There are seven weeks of Bible study and an introductory session for your group.

See. Eight short but deep videos provide a starting place for meeting God and for transparent conversations. Each video is 8-12 minutes long.

Ask. Conversation cards offer questions for spontaneous and authentic discussion time. You choose the questions that speak to you.

Lead. The leader’s guide prepares you to lead this study and encourages you along the way

Sunday School is very important when it comes to my spiritual walk and anyone else’s. When we go to Sunday School it provided  the tools for learning. Sunday School encourages friendships and interactions  while you are studying with like-minded people. Ephesians 4:11, includes teachers within the five-fold ministry of the church. “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers”. Sunday School and going to church is a very important part when it comes to building a stronger relationship with Christ. Pastors are called to preach the Word of God and to Shepherd the congregation.

I feel bad as I’m writing this because I hardly ever go to church because of my health. I do listen to the sermons and I also listen to the sermons that Pastor Craig from Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene in Tucson does. I have always been a Nazarene and I will always be.  So, I do enjoy listening to their services when I catch it. Even if I can make it to church, I don’t go to Sunday School. Again, that isn’t because of what Pastor Ray is teaching. I just don’t learn in that format and when people talk over each other. I need something in hand to read and study, not just listening.