Children Fighting Cancer

This has been one of those weeks that is hard to put into words. There has been some horrible things going on around the world. The shootings in Connecticut  the stabbings in China, Father carving pentagram into his songs back on 12/12/12, and the sad thing is these all involved innocent children. The Mayans said the world is suppose to end. I guess in some way it did for all these innocent lives. They are no longer in this world.

Then yesterday I open up Facebook and see the sweet faces of the children who have lost their battles because of cancer. The latest one that past away that I pray for is little 3 yr old Cole. I can’t begin to understand why all these horrible things are happening in our world. The one thing I can rely on is that one day Christ will come back again.

Anymore it is not cool turning on the TV or Facebook… It’s very sad when you join a Facebook page to pray for a child’s family. Then they send request to pray for other children that are fighting cancer and their families. Now I have 30 or more kids that are dying from childhood cancer. In the last 30 days about 10 of those children have earned their wings. I’m going to post the pictures of some that are needing prayers and those that have earned their wings. I want to warn you that this may break your heart. I feel so bad for all of them and their parents.

For those who haven’t been to the Jessie Rees Foundation- Never Ever Give Up, you should go and join it. They are needing people to join their page so they can raise more friends to help them raise money. Click here to watch her video and the reason they do what they do.

On a more positive note I would like to offer a ray of hope to those who are reading this. I know that there is a place much better and that Jesus died for our sins that that one day all the tears will be wiped from our eyes. When I think of the end times and since I’m a Christian, I know that things will be perfect. Even though I know that there is a heaven and that these children are with Jesus, for some reason that doesn’t make it easier to handle. And if I’m thinking or feeling this way I can’t even begin to understand how the parents are feeling.

These children are in my thoughts and there are so many others that I didn’t mention here… All of these children and their families could use your prayers.

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