Parents Confessionals

I was just reading a post on Facebook about a blogger that wrote about things she did as a parent. It is actually pretty funny. Then I got to thinking about all the stupid things I did as a parent and wonder how my daughters made it through their childhood, ha ha.

Here are just a few of my stupid mom moments:

  1. Lisa the Rabbit-

ImageMy daughter Jessica had this evil rabbit. For those of you who think they are sweet and fuzzy, that isn’t true always. This was a cute little black Mini Rex rabbit. She would growl and chase ya down. When my husband held her, she would start biting at his pants. I won’t mention where, I will keep this clean. But you get the idea.

I tell ya, she was possessed big time. So one Easter when Jessica was small, I came up with a plan. I got rid of that rabbit and told Jessica that the rabbit was out delivering Easter Eggs and goodies and that she decided to go live somewhere else. I know, I’m bad, but you can’t have an evil rabbit on Easter Sunday. That doesn’t work! I did tell her the truth eventually, but only after I got her a new nice sweet rabbit.

2. Forgetting Them At School

ImageYeah, I know our memories as parents should be great. But not mine. There have been times when I would get a call from the girls and making sure to remind me that I needed to pick them up. I would answer with a quick “I Know”. As if I would ever forget one of my kids, yeah right!

Well, on that day when she called, I forgot to pick her up because I was in a half sleep and an hour after it was time to get her, I get another call. Guess what I had to do? Yep! I had to go over to the school and pick them up. Blastedness of a bad memory, lol.

3. Forgetting the Niece-

407241_10150542955545927_1911582406_nMy niece Bridgette had been living with us for a couple of years already. My daughters were out of the house. Bridgette was working at McDonalds at the time. I headed into St. George to pick her up. Yeah, I got there and with time to spare. BUT! I waited for her and then on the way home after we are all buckled up, I get a call. Yeah! That blasted phone call telling me I forgot something. Since I was just at McDonald’s  I thought it would be my hubby telling me to pick him up something. But it wasn’t. It was my daughter Beckiah asking me if I forgot something. I told her no and then she told me to look at the seat next to me. It was empty and I had to go back to get Bridgette who never got into the van after work. WOW! That was one of those moments, lol.

4. Grounded For Eating the Donut

ImageIn all fairness I had to say that I over reacted a bit on this one. I bought some donuts for the family and only had one simple request. That little request was for them to eat any of the donuts but the Bavarian Cream one. I didn’t care about the rest. But nobody shared that information with Jessica. Jessica seen the donuts and guess which one she ate? YEP! The Bavarian Cream one. The one and only one of those. And that was destined for my mouth and tummy.

I woke up and have been thinking about a special donut and coffee and it was gone. I asked who ate it. Jessica didn’t think it was a big deal and told me it was her. Well, my first instinct was to get upset and ground her for life. But I only did for two weeks, lol. I was a bit over dramatic on that one I would say. If I remember right, I canceled the grounding too, it was the heat of the moment. 🙂

5. Sex Education

ImagePoor Jessica seems to be at the receiving end of my moments. This was during her Sophomore year at her high school. You see, at the end of her Freshman year they could choose the classes for the next year. She had to take Life Skills, but to get the Sex Ed part, parents had to give permission. Which I did. I think the more educated they are in those matters the smarter they might be.

During orientation night, Jessica got her schedule for that year and she had Life Skills without Sex Ed. I was confused since I gave her permission to take that class. So the following day, I head to the counselors office and without thinking about my words, I belted out “My daughter can have sex in school if she wants to.” Jessica was mortified and a tad bit embarrassed  After a minute, I realized what I said, lol and had to apologize for that one.

I tried to fix that by saying sorry, she was allowed Sex Ed in School any other sex would be outside of the school. Man, did I have to reword that again, lol. We live in Utah and I’m, sure the principal was thinking I was nuts, lol. After a few flub ups and such, they got the idea that she is good to go in Sex Ed and no I won’t let her have sex at home, haha.

6. Sitting on My Daughter

ImageMy daughter Beckiah and I would have some pretty good yelling matches as she got older. She thought she was right and I knew I was right. I am the mom, right? So one day she was slamming doors as we were arguing about whatever it was. Probably how I wasn’t fair, but can’t remember. But the doors are slamming, so I take the door off of her bedroom. She still continued yelling and each flare up, I would add a week to her grounding. I was getting nowhere and by now Beckiah was grounded for life I’m sure.

In the heat of the moment, I decided to shut her up and to make her stop screaming bloody murder I was going to sit on her butt. So until she shut up, I was sitting on her, lol. I’m not the skinniest of people, so I’m pretty sure she wasn’t happy. A few minutes after sitting on her hinney, a knock comes to the door. It is Beckiah s friend Jessica and her dad. I never met them before so I’m, sure this was a good scene for them. My daughter Jessica answers the door I think and they go upstairs and there I am sitting on Beckiah, lol. Beckiah did calm down and all was well. She didn’t get her door back for a week though.

This is only a few of what I’m sure was a lot of stupid moments that they lived through and can tell their children about, lol. Now they have children that they can make mistakes with and love them as I did.

7. Bumping Poor Jessica’s Nose

Cry_Baby_by_buttonnoseJessica was just a tiny baby. I had Jessica’s crib to low and I went to put her in her bed and he poor little nose got bumped on the bed. I felt so bad about that even to this day. She whimpered and I felt so guilty.

I would like to add one thing on a serious note. That parents make mistakes and do dumb things. But never ever put your child in harms way and intentionally do stupid things. Mistakes and goof ups are one thing, but stupidity is another. I was looking up images for this blog post and was shocked at how parents and individuals will put their children at risk… Oh and do NOT Google sex ed for a image. Another oops moment of mine. I have to clean my eyes out.