Diet Soda Obsession?

ImageI don’t know about anyone else, but when someone tries to tell me that drinking Diet Pepsi is bad for my health, I half heartily listen and continue drinking my Diet Pepsi.

Today on Yahoo they were once again saying how bad Diet Pepsi is for a person and that they stand a higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes.  This is what they had to say about my habit of drinking my diet soda of choice. “Yet another study confirms what people have been saying for ages: Stop drinking diet soda. Like, right now. Drinking just one 12-ounce can of an artificially sweetened fizzy drink per week can increase your risk of Type 2 diabetes by 33 percent, French researchers found. And given that most people don’t stop at a single weekly serving, your real risk for diabetes could actually be much higher.”

OK! So my thought on this is that I don’t drink, smoke, swear or take drugs. But they still want to pick on my consumption of Diet Pepsi. I know it isn’t healthy, but I can come up with a whole list of things that aren’t healthy that we do every day without thinking about it. The first thing I would put on the list is Imagebreathing. Have you seen what is in the air you are sucking into your lungs? Now, lets’s think about the cars we drive or have to sit by at a light that stink to high heaven. Do we really know what is in the exhaust that goes into the air? Food! Yep, we all need food to live, but even the freshest fruits and berries may have some unseen horrible agent on it that is left over residuals from pesticides. Strawberries and other yummy fruits has been on the hit list of bad things to eat. The picture to the left shows field workers spraying what we think are sweet, plump red strawberries.

What I’m getting at here is that there are a lot of things that we do that we know are bad for us. I have been trying to cut down on my soda consumption though because I don’t like the heartburn I get at night and the bloated feeling. But I like my Diet Pepsi with all it’s not so good ingredients. I don’t like the sweetness of regular soda. I have also started to drink more water each day and will drink tea.

ImageOh! Another warning they say about my soda of choice and my partner in crime when it comes to doing bad things for my body is that they say it will make you obese. OK! This statement gets me every-time  Even though I have to say I have more weight than I would like to have. But anyhow! First they market it under Diet Drinks. In my brain, diet means to loose weight right? So how can it cause me to gain weight? Then some genius was saying how eggs were bad for us and now all the sudden they are totally awesome because of the proteins.

I’m not going into the logistics of what is so bad about diet soda, because you can Google it and find the answer by following links to hundreds if not thousands of sites as to why you shouldn’t drink Diet Soda. Now Diet Coke, I can see, it tastes nasty, lol.

ImageI do want to say one thing in favor of cutting back on diet sodas. I have a friend in Phoenix that would only drink Diet Coke. Every where he went, he had a 44 oz cup in his hand. He didn’t drink water or anything else that anybody could tell. One summer, he became so dehydrated from drinking nothing but Diet Sodas. I say that if you are going to drink diet soda, do it in moderation and make sure you drink plenty of water. I love my Diet Pepsi, but I try not to be stupid about drinking only Diet Pepsi.