Hatred Towards Stars

ImageI find it interesting when I read comments on yahoo or on one my my favorite reality shows “Big Brother”. The reason I say that is because the comments are down right hateful and mean. The kind of hate I’m thinking about is where you hate them so much you wish they no longer existed and want them dead or harmed. 99 percent of the people who make comments don’t know the stars personally. We only know them by what the media puts out there. 

ImageLindsey Lohan– She has had a very troubled past and has made some horrible mistakes. She was born in July of 86. Even though she has gotten into a lot of trouble, I still like her shows for the most part and I feel bad for her. She was awesome in “Parent Trap” and “Herbie Reloaded”. She is a good actress who got involved in drugs and partying. She has stolen items and had to serve time. Even though for the most part she got a slap on the wrist from the courts, but has been racked through the coals in the media. 

The comments about her are filled with so much hate that they would prefer her dead. They think she is a tramp and other things that I don’t or shouldn’t be mentioned. My thing is how can people hate her when the don’t know her? They don’t know what she is like personally. She has been tried and convicted by the media. My personal thoughts is that she is a young lady who made a lot of mistakes and bad choices and needs help. I don’t hate her. My heart goes out to her. 

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber– OK! First off, I’m not a big fan of Justin Bieber. He doesn’t sing my style of music at all. But Justin is just a kid who has made it big in the music industry. He has let his stardom go to his head. But is that a reason to hate him? I would think he needs to grow up and learn to be an adult. But that takes time. 

While I don’t like his music I think he has a kind heart. He reaches out to these young children that are fighting life ending diseases and treats them like a princess. He should be given credit for the good he does. Shoot lately a lynch mob was about to get him because he asked a simple question about if Anne Frank would have liked his music if she was a teenager now. The hate mongrels were coming out of the wood work and judging him for wondering this. I seen no disrespect by what he asked. He spent time at her museum and was shown who Anne Frank was.

He is 19 for Petes sake, give the kid a break. How many of us at 19 would have it all together. Yes, he has made mistakes and said stupid things, but he has a whole lifetime to learn and grow. I’m still learning and growing and let me say that he is much younger than my kids and only not much older than my grand-kids. 

Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo– I think this little girl is over the top and stardom has gone to her head. But I do like watching the show from time to time. Her family is a either hate them or love them. Not sure why others would hate them because they don’t know them. I don’t agree with many of the things that they do, but that is how the culture is down south. My children would never act like she does or her siblings, but I’m not her parents.

 Honey Boo Boo has a big mouth and likes to be center of attention. She has won many trophies and awards for being in pageants. And that has gone to her head I’m sure. But how anyone can hate a young child is beyond me. The actions maybe, but not the person. At one time her mom was making up this high energy, high caffeine drink that was not what a child let alone an adult drink. 

Now, I have gotten to where I like her mom. She seems to have more common sense than a lot of people. When you read her views on her family, she is one that would chase down anyone who hurt them. She loves her kids and wants them to be the best people they can be, farts and all. 

Big Brother 13

Big Brother– If you haven’t watched Big Brother, then you may be lost on what I mean here. But basically CBS throws about 16 different people into a house each summer. Each week someone is sent home packing. It’s a game about lying, deceit and being the last one standing to win a 250,000 dollars. Each player has their own thoughts on how they are going to win and strategy, alliances and winning competitions is what will keep you in the house. 

This year the house-guests have been boring and racists. You have Aaryn and Gina Marie who have literally lost their real jobs because of the comments they have said about African Americans and Asians. You have others who make off color remarks about those who are gay. These comments are horrible and I do think that CBS should do something about it, but they are taking the stand that in the house people are who they are. 

Now those of us who have life feeds to see what is going on can see how horrible these people are and can be. There aren’t many nice people. But those who are commenting as we are watching the house guests are saying horrible hateful things to. They are talking about how someone should be dead or they are the most hated players ever. It just boggles my mind on how people can be filled with so much hate and not know the people. 

On this years Big Brother, I am very disappointing in how people are acting. I don’t expect people to be honest. I expect people to manipulate and do what has to be done to win. All house guests and viewers under stand this going into the show. I can also understand how hurtful some of these comments and words that are being said in the house can be. It isn’t pretty. But it is a game and anyone watching and participating needs to know that. I also think that those playing may be different people outside of the house.  I’m hoping next year they will do better at casting and making sure there aren’t racist house-guests. 

President Obama

President Obama- Yes, I’m going to touch on this topic about President Obama. When people bring up his name in the area I live in, the whole personalty changes of the person I’m talking to. 

I very much live in a republican state. So it doesn’t matter what my views are on Obama. I could love him, hate him, or whatever else and it wouldn’t matter. But what gets me is that there is so much hatred towards him that it makes me sick to even read the posts. 

And really it isn’t just him when it comes to politicians. Thinking about about all the hatred towards Bush and all presidents. I think we will always have this great divide of Democrats and Republicans. No matter what each side does, the other is going to hate it. It can be the best thing for our country and you will have haters out there. It is actually very sad when I think about how much hatred there is towards our president. 

I would never want his job and anyone who doesn’t want to be a moving target would want it. It’s a no win situation. When I vote, I vote for the person, not for the parties. If you look back through time, you will see that there has never been a perfect president that has been loved by all people. All have been hated by someone. Which I think is wrong. It bothers me when I see headlines and posts on Facebook about our president, no matter who he is. Most times during elections I usually disable those status that comment about how our president is this or that. I will always check it out to get the real story. And most times the stories that are being shared are false. 

The way I handle things and our politicians is with prayer. Even if I don’t like who got voted in they still need prayers. With so much hate, how can something positive be done? 

Ecclesiastes 3:8

a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace

So to end this topic, I just want to say that stars or not, there is no room for hatred. OK! I will take that back. There are times I hate. I hate Hitler and all the innocent lives that were lost. I hate when I hear on the news that there was another mass shooting and innocent lives got blown away. I hate hearing about children dying of cancer. I hate war and all the hate comments around elections. I hate that Casey Anthony got off with murder. There is a time to hate and I think these are the times to hate. Hating someone you don’t know isn’t right. I personally think that we must hate the sin, and love the sinner. There are times when I would like to see someone fall off the side of a cliff and during those times I have to ask God to help me with those feelings.