Running Inside Out

This week was the Sanctify of Life anniversary. On Netflix there has been a few shows that are based around abortion and the difficult choices a person has to make when they find out they are having a baby when they weren’t planning on having a baby.

ImageThe moving I was watching is Running Inside Out. The acting wasn’t the best, but there was some awesome moments that will make you laugh and cry. This movie is about a girl named Kim who has her whole life ahead of her. She has her life planned out and being pregnant wasn’t what was in her plans. The answer comes gently as ordinary Believers from various walks of life quietly ‘wash her feet’, serving her with acts of kindness. The enduring sincerity softens Kim’s heart. Forgiveness is a big thing in this true story. It is worth your time to watch this movie. Click here for a short clip and more information about this movie… 

I think about when I was a teenager that got pregnant at 17 and made more than my share of mistakes. The easiest decision at that time was to keep Jessica. Maybe that is because at the time I was going through a lot more obstacles and never seen being pregnant as a bad thing. Most of my sisters all got pregnant at 16 or 17, so it wasn’t a big deal to me. Keeping the baby isn’t a easy choice by any means, but for me it was the only choice.

Like this girl Kim in this movie, I know girls who have had abortions and had everyone telling them that it was the only choice to make. It wouldn’t be good to keep the baby because of how it looked. Or friends would step in and make it easier to have an abortion and had no problem stepping in and pushing the envelope.

ImageFrom my own observances when it comes to abortion, it can cause a lot of emotional problems for a long time. And if the girls don’t have someone to talk to them and tell them that God loves them and that no matter what they are loved. If girls or families think this is an easy decision and a decision easy to live with, it isn’t. Some girls have many problems with depression, anxiety and may never have children. I won’t go into what happens when they perform an abortion, but it isn’t pretty and it is very insensitive and uncaring. it is just a procedure to those performing it. There is no counseling like they say there is. They do it and send the girls home.

I would like to say that in our area we have an organization that is free. They charge absolutely nothing for their services. It is a place called Hope Pregnancy Care Center. They will be there to hold your hand, cry with you and make informed decisions. They won’t push you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with.


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“Hope Pregnancy Care Center does not provide or refer for abortion or contraceptives”.