The Begats of the Bible

ImageWhy is it so difficult to read the Bible? I want to read it and every now and then I get it in my head I need to start from the beginning. Well, the thought is good but the beginning is what gets me lost. Usually when I open the Bible to read, I will do just that. I open it and where it falls is where I start reading. If something grabs my attention, then I will dig deeper until I get it. When it comes to understanding the Bible, the way I do it is not the best way to study and read it.

We should take time and apply it to our lives. Reading and studying the Bible isn’t just for us, but it’s also for those around us. I know this and I get it. But there are parts of the Bible I would prefer to jump over because I don’t get it.The Begats and the book of Job is my least favorite places in the Bible.


Now, I have to admit I have a hard time reading the Bible all the way through it. I start off doing well until I get to the begats and the whole genealogy thing. The begats can be found in Genesis.  I try to justify skipping over those parts because they actually bore me and I lose track of why I need to know these things. It must go back to learning history in school. Some was OK, but other parts I just got lost in it. Do you think it is OK to just skip the begats and then go to the next book in the Bible? Am I missing something important in the begats?

The Meaning of Begats:


  • [bih-gats] Show IPA
  • plural noun Informal.
  • genealogical lists, especially those in the Old Testament

Most of us that love the Bible love to read portions of the Bible that give accounts of winning over evil, miracles, love and forgiveness and such. What I don’t enjoy reading are where a certain person begat a son or daughter, who in turn begat a son, thus beginning a long list of begats.

I do have those topics that I love to study and understand. Most of those are from the book of Daniel, Ecclesiastes and the books on Prophecy. I do need to spend more time in the Word. I have plans starting in January on hosting a story night that a guy at my church that is also a pastor will come and teach. He is going to start at the beginning. I’m pretty excited to do this and I wonder how much I will get out of this form of study.

There are different styles of literature in the Bible. It has history, poetry, law, songs, prophecy, letters and law. Each has to be interpreted differently. Of which, interpretation is not one of my gifts. I want to interpret it the way that works best for me. I guess that’s why I’m not a pastor or church leader. I do think that personal letters may pertain to us more today. It may not be applied to us in the same way it did to those in the past, but they are equally important. Maybe understanding that there is a difference in the types of literature it will help us become less confused. Or at least help me become less confused. That is not always an easy task.

When I think of the Bible, I think about how it is about life.  The Bible tells us everything we need to know about living a life full of love and grace. It is the story of God and all of God’s people that lived throughout history. Each one of us is part of the story.  It is full of God’s love for humankind and it is about us. So! I will do my very best to read the entire Bible, and not just all the parts I like. My friend Lisa bought me an new Inductive Bible and I will be using that for my new kick off in starting once again to read the entire Bible from the beginning.


In Closing I want to say that I had to look up info on the begats and such and came across this statement from a website that had information on why they are important to us and why we need to study the, “Remember, all of God’s Word is “profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness” — and that includes the “boring begats”! (2 Timothy 3:16).” Click Here to read more