Day Trip to Zion Part 2 (Zion)

After we finished looking around Grafton, we went to Zion National Park…  Usually the entrance fee is $25.00 per car… But I found out from a friend and looking online that if you receive disability or have a disability  you can get a free lifetime pass card… Whoo Hoo on that one… This is one of the reasons we decided to take a drive… I guess I have a problem paying $25.00 for a one time charge to drive through a park… Even though Zions is beautiful and the experience is worth it…

We got to the gate and I obtained my pass… We decided to just drive through instead of taking the shuttle… If you take the shuttle they will take you to other areas of the park… I was too tired to do that… But the scenery was breathtaking and beautiful… I think my daughters were still in high school when we went to Zions last…

This is going to be more of a pictorial blog post… Flip through the images and enjoy the ride…

On a side note… You will see one of a Jet in the air… I had a heck of a time trying to hone in on that jet… I got many pictures of the jet streams, but it took the full power of  my camera to see the actual jet… And in case nobody knew this tib bit about jets… They fly very high in the sky… So i was impressed that I got the jet… There is one with the naked eye and then the one full zoomed…

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