Trip to AZ- Tombstone (Part 1)

Since Chuck and I hit a number of areas and there are a number of highlights I will post this in parts… So this is our Tombstone Experience…

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Chuck and I went to AZ to see my parents and go looking around the area… We stayed in Tombstone at a little place called Crazy Annie’s Bed and Breakfast… It was a interesting and fun place to stay at… The owner made sure to keep with the theme of Tombstone and the decor… Our room was named after Soap Sud Sal… We really enjoyed our stay and when we go back to AZ, we will for sure stay there… They offer a community area with a hot tub, TV and tables to eat at… They also own a saloon and there is a steak house across the street from it… The area for this is known as the red light district…

When we first checked in, it was pretty casual… They treated you like you have known them all your life… We got our key and we asked about a place to grab something to eat and drink… We checked in at the saloon… I know it was crazy… But it goes with the theme… But I found it nice that the ladies that were sitting at the bar invited us to join them for karaoke .. The bar tender is known as the voice of Tombstone and had to go do his night job and have fun… We were extremely tired and I needed my meds, so we passed…

In the morning everyone was sitting around in the common area, dogs and all… This place is a pet friendly place… Gotta love a place that loves pets… But we met the owners dog Rosco… He is a wiener dog kind of dog… He is a dog that they rescued… We also met Toots and her parents… We just sat around gabbing and visiting before looking around the town… They offered a continental breakfast also… We had no complaints… Well, we did but it had nothing to do with Crazy Annies… We couldn’t pick up a phone signal to save our lives while we were down there… But that is a mixed blessing… We  didn’t have calls every 5 minutes and we could do what we wanted to do…

If you happen to find your way to Tombstone, you should try to get a room here… They only have 4 rooms and they are clean and I can’t say enough good things about Crazy Annies Bordello… We didn’t spend much time there during the day because we were all over the place. but our nights were perfect… One of the things also about this place is that the rooms are quiet… You can’t hear the people in the rooms next too you, even if they have dogs… We were very pleased that we chose this place to stay at… Here is some contact info for anyone who may want it…

Crazy Annie’s Bordello
95 South 10th Street

(corner of 10th & Allen Streets)
P.O. Box 1624
Tombstone, Arizona 85638

Carol & Joe Pauli
(520) 457-3847

One of the things that we learned about was there was this ghost town that is still original that sits about 10 miles outside of Tombstone… One of the locals was telling us about Fairbank AZ… Then there is Gleeson and Pierce… Chuck and I have decided that we need to have a couple extra days to take in the whole area to see these Ghost towns… We just ran short on time…  From what the local guy was saying is that there was this little girl that died when she was playing near the San Pedro River… Everyone thought her dad was the one that killed her and they waited for him to come into Tombstone… One day he came in and he was shot on the corner… Her grave is really the only grave site that is maintained today and people still visit… Next time we are down that way we plan on going there… We ended up going to the Bird Cage… It is the only place in Tombstone that is still original… That is the only tour we paid for… We looked around and such… I found it interesting that they had a sidewalk prophet… He was handing out pamphlets to anyone who would take one… I took 4 of them… Never know who I may meet up with who needs to hear about Gods plan of salvation… We never got to look around at boot hill because of all the other running around we did… My main thing was to visit my parents and sister and to go to the Nazarene Church in Willcox that I grew up in… I was saved and baptized in that church… I will do a blog posting of that though…

On the last night in Tombstone, we sat at the table outside our room and just visited with the owner Joe… They made you feel like family… We did bring home a little rescue dog and Joe was great with him… Parker loved Joe and Carols dog Rosco…

You can flip through the pictures on the slideshow at the top of this post to view Tombstone and Crazy Annies…

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