Deacons and Elder Roles


I think I’m missing something or not understanding something. I have many friends that are members of the LDS (Mormon Church). I don’t get how Elders, Deacons, Priests and Bishops works with them. I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I don’t get it. The reason why is because of what the Bible says. Well, I do with the Bishops. But I don’t understand how kids can be Deacons and Priests.

I have many wonderful friends that are LDS but that doesn’t help my mind and how it is confused on this topic. Just wait till I start in on my Trinity post, lol. Then there will be mass confusion on my part. That’s a whole other topic though.

Below is some verses and what my thoughts are on why I’m confused. I don’t want this to be a debate topic, it’s Sandie (Me) is clueless on the whys and hows ūüôā

(Deacons are 12 yrs old in LDS Church) 1 Timothy 3:8-13

The responsibilities of a deacon are not clearly listed or outlined; they are assumed to be everything that does not include the duties of an elder or pastor, which is to preach, teach, and exhort. But qualifications for a deacon‚Äôs character are clearly outlined in Scripture. They are to be blameless, the husband of one wife, a good household manager, respectable, honest, not addicted to alcohol and not greedy (1 Timothy 3:8-12). According to the Word, the office of deacon is an honor and a blessing. ‚ÄúFor those who serve well as deacons gain a good standing for themselves and also great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus‚ÄĚ (1 Timothy 3:13).

(Elders- 18 yrs Old in LDS Church) 1 Timothy 5:17-19

Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching. For the Scripture says, ‚ÄúYou shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain,‚ÄĚ and, ‚ÄúThe laborer deserves his wages.‚ÄĚ Do not admit a charge against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses.

According to the LDS Church- In the LDS Church the proper title given to holders of the Melchizedek Priesthood. The title is used for members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, the First Quorum of the Seventy and for full time missionaries. To serve a mission, a man must become an Elder and receive the Melchizedek Priesthood.

To become an elder or church leader in my church you must earn such high respect be of such authority I think with the LDS Church you have to be 18 before you can be an Elder of the Church.

ImageThe elders should be peacemakers, prayer warriors, teachers, leaders by example, and decision makers. They are the preaching and teaching leaders of the church. It is a position to be sought but not taken lightly‚ÄĒread this warning: “Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness” (James 3:1). The role of elder is not a position to be taken lightly.

Today, for the biblical church, these roles are essentially the same. Elders and pastors are to ‚Äúpreach the word‚Ķreprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching‚ÄĚ (2 Timothy 4:2), and deacons are to be appointed to take care of everything else. In a modern church, this might include taking on administrative or organizational tasks, ushering, being responsible for building maintenance, or volunteering to be the church treasurer. It depends on the need and the gifts of the available men.

(PRIESTS- 16 yrs Old in LDS Church)

At my church, we don’t have a priest. Instead we have either a Pastor or Reverend. In my thoughts I always thought that the priest is supposed to be spiritually educated. As a result, such a person is authorized by the local bishop to hear confessions and otherwise offer spiritual counsel. Priests, however, through their work through the sacrament of penance, served as the most important person to give counsel against committing any further sin.

I found this on EHOW- It is a term very often used in the Bible. The servants of the Old Testament were called priests. In the New Testament priests are called all those who believed wholeheartedly in the Lord Jesus Christ, receiving forgiveness of sins. A priest is specially trained to offer sacrifice. Among Christian groups, only the Orthodox, Anglican and Roman Catholics have priests. These are the only three groups that hold to the ancient teaching that the merits of Christ, offered on the cross, are to be applied to the faithful through the Mass, conceived as a sacrifice. This is the primary role of the priest.

I didn’t do this post to start an argument, but my mind is confused about how children can hold these positions in a church. I guess I don’t understand how young kids can carry out some of the duties that are described in the Bible. Maybe it’s just me.



Dying for a Prize- Is it Worth It?

ImageI was just reading on yahoo about the guy who decided to eat 28 raw eggs in a dare. First off I want to say that is totally nuts and who would do such a thing just to prove he/she could do it in the first place. Second, I want to say that he died from this stupid act. I would never want to wish someone harm, but what in the world was going through this guys mind? Yes, he proved he could eat 28, but then he died in the process. I don’t get it!

Salmonella likely killed the man due to the possibility that the eggs were not pasteurized or consumed in a raw state. In some cases, sickness from exposure can come on suddenly and is potentially deadly.

ImageWhile I was reading this article, I couldn’t help but think back to the guy who ate a buttload of cockroaches so he could win a free snake for his friend. They said his cause of death was chocking on roach body parts. WOW! I wonder how they came to that conclusion?

Oh and let me not forget¬†Kobayashi. he is the record holder for eating the most hotdogs and he tops his record for cow brains. Picture human brains, but smaller and cooked a bit. Mmmm…makes you hungry, Imageright? He ate¬†¬†57 (17.7 pounds) cow brains in 15 minutes. That is nasty when I think about that. Yuck and double yuck.

OH! Here is another one and you wouldn’t think that drinking water could kill you, but it can. A woman in Sacramento California who competed in a radio station‚Äôs contest to see how much water she could drink without going to the bathroom died of water intoxication. The contest was titled,¬†‚ÄúHold Your Wee for a Wii‚ÄĚ contest in which KDND 107.9 promised a Nintendo Wii video game system for the winner.

Once I think the human race may be¬†smartening¬†up, they do stupid things like this. And they do it all for money or notoriety. All of these that I mentioned died in the process of trying to win money, fame or a material object. I can’t see where these stupid acts was worth¬†their¬†lives. I would hope that people would think about what the consequences are before doing such stupid and life threatening contests. They should ask themselves, “Is It Worth It? “

Our Christmas

JJ and his friend

Christmas Eve is the beginning of Christmas for me. We do all the prep work, but the night before is when we begin things. We went to my daughter Jessica’s church for the Christmas Eve service. JJ was in the Christmas program so of course we had to go there. Even though my car was heading to my church. I was ready to turn into the parking lot when I noticed I was at my church. I had JJ in my car and he was asking if I was taking a short cut to his church. My answer to him was “Yeah, sure I’m taking a short cut”, hahha. ¬†He almost didn’t make it. But he did a good job as did Jessica and Uriah who put together the Christmas play in a day.

Bridgette and her present from Beckiah

Our Christmas was pretty good. We had 19 people show up here at the house. It was more stressful the night before than the day of. I like to have everything ready so there is no last minute flying off the handle for me. I almost accomplished that Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day it went like it should. Everyone showed up for the gift exchange and we opened the gifts. Bridgette had a heck of a time with hers, lol. Beckiah had her name and Beckiah did the box in a box thing with duck tape around each box.

The kids liked what they got and I think everyone was happy with what they had. We didn’t go over the top this year. Which was kinda nice. We ended the evening with the dogs opening¬†their¬†gifts and playing with¬†their¬†new toys. My dogs loved them. I will write more about them on my Petter Pets Blog.

Christmas is over for another year and the New Year festivities are about to begin. For me those festivities means staying home where is is warm. It seems like there are so many nut jobs out there on New Years and this is a much safer place to be. My thoughts on is that if it is a CALM News Years day and Eve, then it just might be a CALM year. So far it hasn’t worked out that way, but that is my hopes.

When it comes to resolutions, I don’t do those. The reason why is that I kick myself in the hinney when I fail to follow through. So my resolution is to have no resolution.

I hope that each and everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Blessed Hew Year…

Jesus as a Child?

ImageWhat would Jesus have been like as a Child? There isn’t too much that is mentioned about him as a child other than when he was born and when he went to the Temple at 12 yrs old. I’m left to my imagination of what it would have been like to be Jesus.

Jesus didn’t live a life that was for the wealthy, he would have lived in a modest home since Joseph was a carpenter. He would have to go out and work with his earthly father, and help bring food home for the family. Jesus would rather go out and play with his friends, but he knew he had to obey his parents and they needed his help. One of the many chores Jesus had was feeding the little lambs. It was his job to make sure they were fed and watered.

When Jesus was done with his chores, He would have gone out to play with the other children during the day. Children love games and Jesus would have not been the exception. I can see him out there in the playground playing their version of tag your it or kick the can. I’m pretty sure it would have been like a hacky sack. Children from Jesus’s time would fill a little sack with seeds and play with that. His favorite game though might have been where the children get on each others back and they try to knock down the other person or Romans and Countrymen. I guess that would be something like Cowboys and Indians ancient days style, lol. If girls were there playing, they would have asked Jesus to hold the end of the jump rope and he would have been happy to do that even when his friends would laugh at him. But Jesus was OK with that.

ImageSince Jesus had such a kind heart, he would see someone hurting because they fell down and he would be there to hold their hand and help them up and dust them off. He would be that little boy who would knock on the neighbors door to see if they needed any help. All the other parents knew that if Jesus was with their children or around that everything was OK and they were safe. He wouldn’t let anyone bully or put anyone down. He would be ready to defend them and stick up for the underdog.

I would think that he loved to study nature and watch the birds fly. If there was a little bird that fell and needed to be nurtured, he would come to his aid. Jesus would have had a favorite little lamb that would be trying to keep up with him and wait for him to come home. Boys love to fish and Jesus would have loved that too. He would go out with his friends and catch fish and bring them home for his mom to cook up. His eyes would light up over how pleased his mom was over his kindness and willingness to help feed the family. Since they had so little and was poor, all the help was appreciated.

ImageWhen the family would go on¬†their¬†travels each year, Jesus would stay by them until he was about twelve and thats when they went to the Temple. His mom and dad were ready to leave and they were missing Jesus. I think about my fear when my kids aren’t where they are suppose to be and they could be lost. I’m pretty sure they were pretty stressed out. They head back to find Jesus and he is found talking to others about his Father. I’m pretty sure Joseph and Mary must have been more than a little upset. They found him and asked him what he was doing and he looked at them puzzled like any child would. Well, a very smart child, lol. But he told them that He was doing His Fathers business in Luke 2:48, 49.

Jesus would have had a childhood like all the other children and would have shared those experiences. He was tempted and had to learn and mature. He was never gave into sin though, he was the perfect child and person.

Now, I would love to hear what others think Jesus’s childhood would have been like.

Christmas is Just around the Corner

I can’t¬†believe¬†that Christmas is just a few days away. This year Christmas was pretty easy since we exchanged names and I got the¬†grand-kids¬†only a couple gifts each. Normally they get all kinds of gifts, but I wanted them to have quality over quantity. We will see what they think on that.

I can’t help but think about all those parents who have lost children this year and what¬†their¬†Christmas is going to be like. My deepest prayers go out to them. This year my church family has had more than it’s share of deaths and people returning to be with the Lord. I would like to also remember our troops and¬†their¬†families who are still away or who have lost someone they love. ¬†I hope 2013 is a much better year.

I don’t want this post to be negative, so I’m going to focus on all the good things about Christmas and what it means to me.

ImageChristmas isn’t just a day, but it is a feeling that is embedded in my heart. Without the birth of Christ, there would be no reason to celebrate or to be here. Life would be pointless. Even though Christ wasn’t born on December¬†25th, we still celebrate. I think Christmas can be everyday because we need to remember that He gave us the greatest gift of all. I’m not talking about keeping the Christmas tree up or the lights up all year. I’m talking about how we need to be thankful and celebrate that we can have eternal life because of Christ. That is so much more to celebrate than what we prepare for on December 25th.

I would love to one year celebrate¬†Christmas¬†at Easter.¬†Wouldn’t¬†that be awesome to be able to celebrate the birth and remember how He died for us all at once? I don’t think my family would go for that, but I would like to do that. To me Christmas and Easter are the two most important¬†observances¬†and holidays. The rest I can do without.

One of the things about Christmas and Easter that seems to confuse my mind and that isn’t hard at all is why some choose to celebrate these days. I guess as a Christian I feel that we need to remember these days are about Christ. But then I know many who aren’t Christian and they celebrate the day. Is it just a day for family and gift giving to them or ? I guess I won’t understand that because I come from a different place. Like with Halloween when people that¬†believe¬†that is the day that is for¬†darkness¬†and such and everyone celebrates it. Well our family doesn’t, but many do. I guess its all depends on the condition of the hearts.

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope that Jesus is a part of your Christmas whenever that would be.

ImageI came across someone asking a question about December 25th not being the real birthday of Christ and I liked how a couple people answered her question about where in the Bible does it say to celebrate the Birth of Christ and the date. I copied and pasted a couple of those answers.

1. The Bible does not record the dates of the birth and resurrection, but historians have a pretty good idea.

There was a astronomical event within a 4 year period of the date we state as the beginning of A.D. time (year 0) that would have looked like what was recorded in the Gospels about the star appearing, the one the wise men followed. The birth of Jesus was likely actually in April.
His death coincides with the Jewish Passover observance, so we know that was in early-late spring.

2. We are told to remember what Jesus did in His death and Resurrection; we do this when we meet as a Christian body at the breaking of Bread.

The Bible doesn’t mention that we are to celebrate Christ’s birthday. Interestingly, the only person in the Bible to celebrate their Birthday, was Herod!…Concordingly, ‘Easter’ is not a festival that Christians are told to follow either. Again as with the ‘Birthdays’, funnily enough, only Herod is recorded in the Bible celebrating Easter (Istar).
Having said that, there is nothing, in itself, wrong or sinful in regarding Christmas and Easter with great joy: not marking the day itself, but remembering and rejoicing in the event it commemorates‚ÄĒthe miracle of Christ’s birth and resurrection. As Christians we are free to celebrate these occasions if we wish. if we do so for the right reasons.

Children Fighting Cancer

This has been one of those weeks that is hard to put into words. There has been some horrible things going on around the world. The shootings in Connecticut  the stabbings in China, Father carving pentagram into his songs back on 12/12/12, and the sad thing is these all involved innocent children. The Mayans said the world is suppose to end. I guess in some way it did for all these innocent lives. They are no longer in this world.

Then yesterday I open up¬†Facebook¬†and see the sweet faces of the children who have lost¬†their¬†battles because of cancer. The latest one that past away that I pray for is little 3 yr old Cole. I can’t begin to understand why all these horrible things are happening in our world. The one thing I can rely on is that one day Christ¬†will¬†come back again.

Anymore it is not cool turning on the TV or Facebook… It’s very sad when you join a¬†Facebook¬†page to pray for a¬†child’s¬†family. Then they send request to pray for other children that are fighting cancer and¬†their¬†families. Now I have 30 or more kids that are dying from childhood cancer. In the last 30 days about 10 of those children have earned¬†their¬†wings. I’m going to post the pictures of some that are needing prayers and those that have earned¬†their¬†wings. I want to warn you that this may break your heart. I feel so bad for all of them and¬†their¬†parents.

For those who haven’t been to the Jessie Rees Foundation- Never Ever Give Up, you should go and join it. They are needing people to join¬†their¬†page so they can raise more friends to help them raise money. Click here to watch her video and the reason they do what they do.

On a more positive note I would like to offer a ray of hope to those who are reading this. I know that there is a place much better and that Jesus died for our sins that that one day all the tears will be wiped from our eyes. When I think of the end times and since I’m a Christian, I know that things will be perfect. Even though I know that there is a heaven and that these children are with Jesus, for some reason that doesn’t make it easier to handle. And if I’m thinking or feeling this¬†way I¬†can’t even begin to understand how the parents are feeling.

These children are in my thoughts and there are so many others that I didn’t mention here… All of these children and¬†their¬†families could use your prayers.

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Better To Say Nothing At All!

ImageI was thinking about this the other day when a friend asked me about how I was feeling. I haven’t seen her in a very long time. I think atleast a couple of years or longer.

Since she has known me a long time she knows I will usually only answer, ‘I’m Fine”. Many who knows me probably knows how I respond and answer anyhow.

My friend then asked me why I always say that and I told her it is pretty simple.

This is the purpose behind my answer and it is as simple as things are complicated and most times when people ask how another is doing, they want a short answer. They don’t want the strings attached to knowing what is really going on. This is something that I’m guilty of myself.

There have been some friends or¬†acquaintances¬†that have had a lot of problems and I knew if I asked them how they were doing, they would tell me. An hour or two later, I was able to move on and continue on my way. Also I think sometimes when people know too much, they feel a sort of¬†responsibility¬†to help out or be the one to save the day. It’s easier and better sometimes to just leave it alone and let people know you are OK.

I think some time ago, I came to the conclusion that people and friends only need to know so much. My friend I was talking to told me that it wasn’t right to not share with friends what is going on since they want to help. And I explained to her that there have been many times in the past when I would share what was going on or my thoughts about something and now those friends are no longer in my life. Now, is that good or bad? To that question I don’t know.

There have also been friends from a the past when they would call me, I would wonder if I should answer the phone or return the call. And honestly the reason why is because I knew they had too much going on and it was draining to be around them or to get involved. I know that isn’t right. But in the back of my mind, this is the purpose of my “I’m Fine” answer.

I think sometimes the don’t ask don’t tell rule should be a part of friendships and relationships. I know a friend should be able to share anything with¬†their¬†friend. But I don’t think that is always the case. I say this because of one of my friends and how I dreaded her call or everything was doom and gloom. What is sad is that about 6 yrs ago that person did die and I no longer wait for her call. I think of her often and remember many of our conversations. I tried to help her and I think I did that to make myself feel better. I was thinking I was doing what needed to be done, when really she just needed to talk. She is no longer here and a part of me wishes she would call one more time.

Then I think about those people you open your entire life up to and then you find out all of it meant nothing. It may have to them or to me, but it is at a point where the damage was done. I know so many people who have opened themselves up and nothing good came of it but hurt and distrust. This is sounding like a pretty negative post I know and I’m sorry about that. Sometimes conversations I have with others brings about topics for this blog.

Then I think about one friend that moved out of state and by opening up to her, it caused all kinds of problems. No longer will trust happen with that person. Things have happened that are not repairable. But then at the same time, all should be forgiven, but not sure that things could ever be forgotten.

One of the things that came about in this conversation with my friend is when she told me that she would always be there for her friend, all she had to do is call if she needed anything. Something in me didn’t set right with that conversation. I told her that friends isn’t there only when needed, but there just to be there. I know with myself if a friend is only a person I call when I’m in trouble, that isn’t a true friend. I explained to her that it is like our friendship with Christ. I don’t want to call on him when I’m in trouble only. I want to have him there in good times too. I want to be able to share the moments of joy or a cup of coffee if that would be possible.

It drives me crazy when someone calls me only when they are in trouble or need to borrow money or whatever. To me that isn’t a friend. A friend knows when I need to talk, vent or rationalize something. It may not make sense to anyone else, but sometimes a friend just needs to be there. I’m not really talking about any one person, just in general. Kinda funny how a conversation about what a friend and a seemingly simple question can bring about.

ImageBasically I think that it is best not too say too much about what is really going on in your life or how you are feeling because it can be too much for others to deal with and they may not know what they are getting into when they ask how someone is doing. There was a person I knew that no matter how much you shared or talked to them, if it was personal and they could gain from your pain they would use it against you. So, this is alot of the reason why I think the best answer is no answer at all. When a person opens up once they trust a person and thinks it is safe or they are safe to talk to and it bites them or they loose friends because of it, it’s time to shut up and say nothing at all.

She then told me that everyone has to trust someone. And that is true. But I think the only one that is¬†truly¬†trustworthy that I can tell all my secrets, hurts and whatever else is Jesus Christ. sorry this is a negative post, I didn’t mean for it to be. But it is, what it is. There are somethings that you never tell anyone about and you keep it to yourself. It is better than hurting others and sometimes the past needs to be left in the past so it doesn’t spill into your future. My friend didn’t like that. I guess this was one of those conversations where it was heading into me hurting her feelings because I told her there was things that would never or people should never say to others because people leave or like what I did with my friend, they dread the call because it is too much to deal with that person at the time.

In a Better Place

ImageI’m not sure about anyone else, but all I can think about when I think of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary is sadness. I hear so many people say they are in a better place and I do believe they are in the most loving arms of all. But still a part of me thinks the best for for them is with¬†their¬†parents and family. I don’t know if my child died in the way these children and teachers died, I would want to hear from everyone that they are in a better place.

Maybe that is selfish of me, but that is how I feel about it when I see these sweet little faces that should be sitting on¬†their¬†mommy and daddy’s lap. They should be playing with¬†their¬†brothers and sisters and waiting for Santa to come and bring¬†their¬†surprise gifts to them on Christmas Morning. They should be listening to mommy or daddy reading night time stories or singing them to sleep so they have beautiful dreams. ¬†I know they are in a better place, but not where they should be for many many many years to come.

And this isn’t just about the children who were killed by evil, but for those who are dying because of cancer and other diseases. If those were my kids, I would be thinking the best place for them was with me and by my side. I know it shouldn’t bother me when I read over and over that they are in a better place. Deep in my heart I know that is true. Maybe it is easier or a way to cover the pain to imagine them in Heaven with Jesus.

I understand that people are meaning well and I because of what happened it is the only way to see something positive about so many having to die. I never want to understand why a person would do such a horrible thing to so many innocent people. I don’t know why people had to die on 9/11, Oklahoma Bombing, ¬†Columbine, malls, theaters and anyplace else. When Christ comes again, there will be no more evil, death or tears.

Maybe people don’t know what else to say other than they are in a better place. 20 Children and 7 adults were welcomed by Jesus Christ and reside with Him now. But my heart tells me that these children should be home waiting for Christmas morning and enjoying all the excitement of this wonderful season.

They are all in my prayers and I also pray that anyone who may think this is a good idea change¬†their¬†mind and heart and get some help. The mentally ill are often overlooked and not treated. I can’t help but wonder if there was good mental health available if there would be less of this happening. ¬†The killer being mentally ill doesn’t make it easier for me to understand this. Evil is lurking all over and something needs to be done to get these people treated and if they are a danger than do something.

Then you have the whole debate on gun control. I think that if people want to have guns they need to be responsible owners. I have no right to tell people to own a gun or not. I don’t understand why people think they need to own assault weapons though. What good can come of owning such a gun. One guy on TV simply said, they were fun to shoot. Well, OK! Not sure I like his opinion. I do wonder if put in the wrong hands if they would think it would be fun to shoot at children as moving targets. Not cool in my book. I don’t own a gun and never would for my own reasons. ¬†But that is how I feel for myself.

OK, so now I’m done rambling about this topic. I hate seeing all these kids being laid to rest because of one persons choice to kill innocent children and teachers. So disturbed by this.

I just read an article from Mike Huckabee and he said much of what I think… I wanted to post a link… Six things I don’t want to hear after the Sandy Hook Massacre

Sunday Drive

I went out for a Sunday drive today, which was nice. Sometimes it is nice to just crank up my radio and go. I wasn’t planning on going for a drive. I only wanted to take pictures of Pine Valley and the¬†snow that lite up the mountain. With all the horrible things happening in our world, I wanted to take¬†pictures¬†of the beauty and nature around me.

I love the snow and the crispness of winter.¬†I like to take pictures of nature like tree’s, mountains, birds, snow, dogs and¬†grand-kids¬† We have been blessed to have all of those things around us. Today I woke up to snow capped mountains and the fresh air that comes along with snow and rain.

My thoughts today is that it is a new day and all the bad things are gone for now. I wanted to focus on the good and the beauty around me instead of the hateful and evil that has been consuming our lives and our world. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I took today. Enjoy the ride.



So Senseless- RIP Sweet Angels

ImageThis is suppose to be the Christmas Season. Children are getting all excited about school letting out for the Christmas break and waiting for Santa to come and visit. They were probably counting down how many days they have till school is out and they can see family and friends. They went to school where it is a safe zone that is filled with learning and fun times. What kind of message is this sending to our children? Instead of a day of learning a evil person thought that it was a good idea to kill 20 children that are 6 and 7 yr olds in Newton Connecticut.

ImageI have 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter and as I was listening to the news, I couldn’t help but to think about them. What if some sick and evil person decided that today was going to be the day that they wanted to take out a classroom. My youngest grandson JJ ¬†and second youngest Ashton is the same age as these children. My mind can¬†wrap¬†itself around what it would be like to hear the news the 20 parents, brothers, sisters and loved ones had to hear yesterday.¬†All those innocent children that are in the arms of God right now way before¬†their¬†time.

There are things that run through my head when I hear of things like this and the main word is evil. Something like this is NOT of God. People decide to take matters into their own hands and do horrible things. Some may say he was mentally ill, but will that bring the children back? NOPE! Is that going to comfort the parents that lost children on 12/14/12? NOPE! Then you have those who are blaming the guns. OK! Yes the gun is the weapon of choice in this killing spree, but the killer was the one pulling the trigger.

ImageI have never liked guns and would never own one. That is my own personal choice though. The thing about gun ownership that I don’t understand is if it is for protection or hunting, why do they need machine guns or glocks¬† When people purchase these kinds of guns I wonder what they are intended for. If people are going to be gun owners they should learn how to use and store them.

ImageMost of all yesterday as I was looking at the faces of the parents to wait and hear if they still have a child that would be coming home is how senseless this all is. These innocent children and teachers did nothing to this evil person. I don’t even want to type his name and give him more publicity. The image of the sister that is waiting to hear if her sister was one of the victims just broke my heart in two.

ImageI feel for the killers family though. I can’t even imagine what they would be going through and all the questions they have. For a very long time people will be looking at them and wondering why ¬†or if they could have stopped him. It has to be very difficult for his brother and family.¬†Their¬†lives have been turned upside down to.

My heart and prayers goes out to all who have lost children. I don’t understand why this had to happen and what possesses a person to do such a thing.

Psalm 23
The LORD is my shepherd,¬†I shall not be in want.He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters,¬†He restores my soul.¬†He guides me in paths of righteousness¬†for his name’s sake.¬†Even though I walk¬†through the valley of the shadow of death,¬†I will fear no¬†evil,¬†for you are with me;¬†your rod and your staff,¬†they comfort me.¬†You prepare a table before me¬†in the presence of my enemies.¬†You anoint my head with oil;¬†my cup overflows.¬†Surely goodness and love will follow me¬†all the days of my life,and I will dwell in the house of the LORD¬†forever

List of Gods Newest Angels- RIP

Charlotte Bacon, 6

Daniel Barden, 7

Rachel Davino, 29

Olivia Engel, 6

Josephine Gay, 7

Ana Marquez-Greene, 6

Dylan Hockley, 6

Dawn Hochsprung, 47

Madeleine Hsu, 6

Catherine Hubbard, 6

Chase Kowalski, 7

Jesse Lewis, 6

James Mattioli, 6

Grace McDonnell, 7

Anne Marie Murphy, 52

Emilie Parker, 6

Jack Pinto, 6

Noah Pozner, 6

Caroline Previdi, 6

Jessica Rekos, 6

Avielle Richman, 6

Lauren Rousseau, 30

Mary Sherlach, 56

Victoria Soto,27

Benjamin Wheeler, 6

Allison Wyatt, 6