Black Friday Madness in St. George, Utah

Bloomington, Utah Walmart

Click here to view a video of the madness in Bloomington Utah. 

With Christmas is coming around the corner Jessica and I decided to venture out into the mad world of Black Friday. We were only wanting a couple items so we didn’t think it would be that bad. Boy oh Boy were we wrong.

Since I had to take Craig to work on Thanksgiving evening and kill some time, we decided to go to the Walmart in Bloomington, Utah. For those who don’t live in Southern Utah, it is normally filled with great people that are willing to help anyone in need. This is a wonderful community. But , and I say BUT strongly, Black Fridays the bad comes out in people.

The normally great people that is filled with love and care for their neighbors and willing to offer a helping hand stopped at the door of the Walmart. The bad evil side could be seen all around. As people were guarding their find and waiting for the clock to strike 8 pm, it was a winner take all approach.



My first item I was looking for was a Brother Sewing Machine for my daughter Beckiah. She has been wanting one for a long time and there was a sweet deal on them. I went over to the pallet that had what seemed like about 50 of them and waited for the time. The person on the intercom was announcing when it was time and the holders that work for Walmart had watches in hand. The time arrived and so did greed and hate. Once the tape was cut on all the goodies strung throughout the store, it was a mad dash. People were kicking, punching, elbowing and literally throwing themselves on the items so nobody else could take the prize they came for. I never did get the sewing machine that was for under 50 bucks. One the pallet holding them was cut, there was only about 5 sewing machines. They made it look like there was alot of them, but it was a very small amount. Police had to be called in and people had to be treated for their battle wounds.

The next items we wanted was a cell phone for my husband and I wanted the 10 dollar tri-pod for my camera. Jessica had the phone covered and I had the tri-pod. It was like people were guarding their items of choice like they were about to loose their lifeline. There was only about 15 tri-pods and maybe about the same. Jessica was able to get the cell phone after someone tried to take it out of her hands. She just about lost a nail over it and was scratched. I did get my tri-pod. I was a little devious on that one though, lol. I have a piccline in my arm and the big burly guy that had his hands on the pallet of tri-pods helped me get one. He asked why I had an IV in and I told him. He asked me how many tri-pods I needed. There was only one left and this girl had her hands on mine and the guy was between us, and he took it from her and handing it to me. I was thinking SCORE!

Everyone was saying how long the lines were at check out and yeah they were. But Jessica seen one line and the area where our stuff was at was close to the front. She secured a place in line and we were out of there in less than 5 minutes. Everyone else started charging the check out stands behind us.

OH! And I will apologize before I write this paragraph. I wish I would have taken my camera so I could post this on People at Walmart’s website. Most people came dressed warm and how a normal person would dress. But I have to say that some people should think twice about going out in public when they dress like this guy did. I actually felt bad for him. This very heavy gentleman was pushing a cart. He had to have been close to the 600 pound range. He was wearing a tshirt and grey shorts. The thing that got me and Jessica and we were right behind him is the streaks down the middle of his shorts. More than likely this guy wasn’t able to wipe himself or clean himself back there because he couldn’t reach. He walked around with no conscious and it was more than just nasty. I think someone should have told this poor guy that he needed to change or something. Maybe he has become use to it and doesn’t think anything of it, but it was just nasty in our opinion. I wanted to tell him he needed to change his pants, but I didn’t want to embarrass him more.

Some of the things that was running through my brain as we were watching the greed of people  is that they are wanting to get that perfect gift for their loved ones at a good cost. They were willing to almost kill to save a few bucks. But I had to think about what Christ would do. I wasn’t willing to risk my life for a materialistic item. Jesus paid the highest price so I could be saved. He had people trampling Him and doing whatever they could do to get what they wanted. The true meaning of Christmas was NOT found at Walmart or in the electronics department. Is this fiasco and display of greed and hate what people really think Christmas is about? I hope not.

Tomorrows post will be on a much better topic about the Church of Jesus Christ’s Temple Lighting here in St. George Utah. Even though I’m not LDS, they sure did a much better job when it came to the true spirit of Christmas than the feeding frenzy at Walmart.

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