Pants or No Pants?

I was talking to Chanda on Facebook about this article that was posted in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Mormon Women plan “Wear Pants to Church Day”


For many reasons this struck a nerve with me. I’m not LDS and I don’t personally have a issue with women wearing pants to church or dresses. My thought is that the main reason you are at church is to hear the message. God loves us no matter how we are dressed. Some people may not have dresses or can’t wear them for one reason or another. But that shouldn’t stop people from going to the church of their choice.

Chanda was sharing with me about how a family came to their Ward Christmas Party. For those who don’t know what a Ward is, I will see if I can explain that sometime. In my simple terms it is what I would call a congregation like I would go to and most live in their area. So they go to church with their friends and neighbors. OK! So now, back to our conversation. This family sat down with them and they were dressed in tattered cloths and they weren’t dressed for a party, but they were welcomed with open arms and wasn’t turned away. This family returned the following day for church. I think all people should practice treating one another in a loving, welcoming manner.

Chanda was telling me that when she that when they went home they were talking among themselves about this humbling experience. They were talking about how not everyone is as blessed as they are and they don’t have all the nice things they do. This year has been a especially tough year for Chanda and her family and yet they feel blessed and display the true and honest love for people no matter what they look like.

Now, back to this article. As I was reading this article the thing that came to mind is how it seems like they are trying to draw more attention to themselves and their plight to wear pants to church than what the message of our Lord should be. I have never been to any of the services at at LDS Church, so I’m not sure on all the legalities  But if they are wanting to really be taken serious instead of walking into the church service knowing that all the attention would be on them, then they are going about it wrong.

If I was at the service, I would think that they are the ones wanting to be the center of attention and saying “Look At Me”. That may not be their intention, but as a outsider or a none member, I would be wondering what the heck is the problem and why is there this division over pants. I don’t think that Jesus Christ would be impressed with the public display or disrespect. And I think this type of a stand is a sign of disrespect on many levels.

I would think that the experience that Chanda and her family had with the guests at their party would be more important than a battle over pants or no pants!

Closing Thought: Whether you wear dresses or pants to church, remember that what really matters is that God loves you no matter what you look like. If you don’t or can’t wear a dress, then wear what you have. I do think for church, funerals and special things there should be a level of respect. So now I will get off my soapbox and leave this topic alone, lol For now that is…