God’s Love Shines in Southern Utah

cloudsovercity8Today while I was taking Chuck to work I noticed the clouds over St. George were pretty low. I had full intentions of just taking him to work and then coming home and going back to bed. Today is my husbands birthday and I kinda overdid yesterday and wasn’t feeling good. I was glad I took him to work today because of the photo opportunity that God made available to me.


Here I am in my car and decided to just drop him off so I had my jammies on. I wasn’t going to get out of the car anyhow, so what harm and they aren’t see through anyhow. But on the way to dropping him off I noticed lurking over the city was clouds. St. George, Utah is a city in the canyons of Southern Utah, so we do see clouds covering the city once in a great while. So out comes my camera and I pull over on Skyline Drive to take some pictures. Here I am, in all my glory taking pictures of the beauty and glory from God. I’m pretty sure God’s glory tops my glory by a long shot though, lol.


As I stood there, I snapped pictures from all directions. When I came home, I loaded them into my computer and some spoke to me more than I would thing. You see, we all have times in our lives where it is like we are living under the clouds in a deep vast canyon. I know for myself it is that way. I have so many things going on in my life that I forget the rays of hope and the sunshine that comes through even on cloudy days.

Clouds for me has a way of showing me that even though they are present at times, they do move on and God’s light shines through. I have hope in knowing that God is always there for me on the darkest of days and when I don’t think the clouds and storms are ever going to end. Then He pulls a wonderful miracle and display of beauty and shines upon my life.


Some people wonder about how I can think the way I do over a cloud that moves around in the sky. I guess I just see all the wonder and I know that those clouds, sun and yes the darkest night with the moon shining down are all gifts from God. God shines his rays of hope and love on all of us, even when we aren’t deserving of them. In St. George this morning, no matter who you are and what walk of life, the clouds, fog and sun-shined for all to enjoy and take part in.

This is the City of St. George. The St. George Mormon Temple is the building with the steeple in the middle of the town... But what a beautiful picture it made...
This is the City of St. George. The St. George Mormon Temple is the building with the steeple in the middle of the town… But what a beautiful picture it made…

This morning, even though I wasn’t feeling good, I feel blessed. I was glad that I got to take Chuck to work and was able to take in all that God has shown me on a 15 minute drive. No wonder I love road trips.

Bradley and His Mom- RIP little man

One other little thought I had was about this family who just lost their son last night to cancer. My heart breaks for them, but I can see this sweet little boy named Bradley not having to weather any more storm clouds. He is basking in the Lords rays of sunshine and enjoying the peace that comes with knowing the Lord. I have hope and I KNOW that one day we all will enjoy the rays of sunshine and have no more storm clouds because that is what God says. For those who come across this, could you keep Bradley and his family in your prayers. They know Bradley is with God and having a good time, but they will miss him until they are reunited. Because of Bradley and children that go through illnesses such as cancer, it puts my life in perspective and they show what true faith and love is. These children are so strong and I admire the strength of the parents and that they put their trust in God during one of the worst storms of their lives.

Here is a video of one of my favorite hymns called “The Unclouded Day”Click here to watch it. Below is the lyrics to it. I wish we sang this song at church. When I hear this song I always think about how perfect Heaven will be. I have to say that I do hope there are clouds in heaven, just not the kind that brings bad things. And of course we are told that there will be no storm clouds. Yeah about that 🙂

Unclouded Day

Oh they tell me of a home far beyond the skies
Oh they tell me of a home far away
Oh they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise
Oh, they tell me of an unclouded day

Oh the land of cloudless day
Oh the land of an unclouded sky
Oh they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise
Oh they tell me of an unclouded day

Oh they tell me of a home where my friends have gone
Oh they tell me of that land far away
Where the tree of life in eternal bloom
Sheds its fragrance through the unclouded day

Oh they tell me of a King in His beauty there
And they tell me that mine eyes shall behold
Where He sits on the throne that is whiter than snow
In the city that is made of gold

Oh they tell me that He smiles on His children there
And His smile drives their sorrows all away
And they tell me that no tears ever come again
In that lovely land of unclouded day

Mandatory Insurance

ImageOver the past few months, I got thinking about mandatory health insurance like most of the people in the USA. For me, I guess it seems like a good thing because of all my medical issues. I like the fact that they have to cover pre-exiting conditions. I don’t like other parts like they pay for birth control and stuff like that. But there sure is a lot of fighting and bickering over how the government is telling us that we have to have coverage or be penalized for not getting coverage.

This whole thing about government got me thinking back to when my daughter Jessica was very small. We didn’t have to have automobile insurance until she was around 2 years old or so. We didn’t even need car seats until she was a little older. Of course I did have one for her because it seemed pretty irresponsible and dangerous to not have one.

ImageWe were told shortly after we moved to Arizona that we had to have auto insurance and liability is the least we could purchase. Everyone was in a mad dash to get it by a certain date or we would be penalized for not having it. Sound familiar?  We wouldn’t be able to register our car or anything. At that time we barely had enough to feed ourselves and our daughter so that hit us pretty hard. We ended up meeting the deadline, but there was a lot of angry people that was upset over the government tell them that they had to have auto insurance and soon to follow car seats for infants.

In 1978 Tennessee was the first state to make car seats mandatory, by 1988 the rest of the states adopted the law. Prior to the mid 1970’s, less than 10 percent of American families were using car seats for their children. And I tell ya that people were more than upset over the government telling them that they had to have their kids in car-seats.

ImageThe penalties for driving without car insurance—or, in the above cases, proof of financial responsibility—vary across the United States, ranging from a fine of $500 all the way up to months in jail. The middle ground holds possibilities such as impounding and a suspended license. Here in Utah the penalty is pretty much this and I have friends who have had their cars impounded and lost them and left with horrible fines.

I was looking up how they work things in California if you have no auto insurance. This was taken from their own website and people think the penalty is high to not have medical insurance. 

Penalties for Having no Insurance in California ( I don’t Live there, but here is just one example from one state)

If you have no car insurance in California, whether you let it lapse or never purchased it to begin with, the state provides for punitive consequences designed to encourage you to fix the problem. Understand that in California, you need insurance not only to drive a vehicle, but also to park it on any public road. In other words, you may not even park an uninsured vehicle on the street in front of your home under any circumstances.

Drivers who allow their insurance to lapse, and cannot provide proof of new insurance within 45 days, automatically receive a one-year suspension of their registration. During the suspension period, the car cannot legally be operated or parked on any public roads in the state. In order to reinstate the vehicle registration, the driver must provide proof of insurance, in any of the three forms allowed by law, as well as a reinstatement fee. The proof of insurance and fee are submitted to the state Vehicle Registration Financial Responsibility Program.

Drivers who are caught behind the wheel of an uninsured vehicle face potentially stiffer penalties, especially if the vehicle is unregistered or has had its registration suspended. The driver could face severe fines as well as the suspension of his license. In addition, a driver involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle will also face license suspension for a year. In both cases, proof of insurance is required in order to reinstate the license.

The Additional Cost of not Having Car Insurance in California

Beyond the possible suspension of registration and driver’s license, there is an additional cost to not having car insurance in California. That cost is reflected when you do finally attempt to get your vehicle properly insured. Your DMV records will be available to any insurance company you attempt to get a policy through. Those records will indicate your reluctance to procure the legally required insurance prior to your suspensions, which will mark you as a high risk driver and cause higher insurance premiums.

When I think about the mandatory health insurance, it is pretty much the same. The government telling us we have to have insurance and if not there will be a penalty. Nothing has really changed except the insurance covers something else. I don’t have any answers, just my own thoughts on no matter what it is what it is. 

Then I think about the liability if we get in a car accident or get sick. Someone has to pay for that and if we don’t have the coverage than who will be paying for that? My guess is that it will be the taxpayers that will be covering everyone Else’s butt because they don’t have insurance. Each year there are hundreds of thousands of medical bankruptcy’s and people are loosing everything because they have no coverage.

ImageI will use myself as an example on this. Just last year I ended up in the hospital and the bill so far is close to $140,000. Yeah, that is $140,000 that I do NOT have. We have very limited medical insurance that covers only $2000.00 a year with no prescription plan. I can tell you this, that I don’t have that much money just laying around. But if we had adequate coverage, at-least 80% might have been covered. So now, I have the choice of filing a medical bankruptcy, not paying it, or whatever other choice is out there. But if I had coverage that covered these type of expenses, it wouldn’t be costing the taxpayer and the hospital wouldn’t have to write off that huge amount if it has to come to that.

Same thing with car insurance. If the person that hits you has no coverage, who do you think is going to pay your bills? It won’t be them! Sure, you could take them to court all you want, but you can’t get blood out of a turnip.

Since I will be able to get Medicare starting in April, I will still have to pay a premium like anyone else. I still have to pay co-payments and such. But it will be a lot better because I will have coverage and the hospital will be able to get paid instead of having to increase the fees to cover what others can’t pay. I would be more than willing to pay the bill if I had the money to do that, but not everyone has that luxury. With insurance at-least I feel better knowing that they are getting paid and not everyone else has to pay for what I can’t pay for.

ImageAs for the new mandatory health insurance, I can understand how it is a hardship for many that don’t have the money. I also feel for those companies that struggle with the rising costs of providing health care to their employees. I don’t know if there is a clean cut approach to this without offending someone. There is no way anything is going to make everyone happy. I’m sure with the next president, they will do something that ticks somebody off no matter what party they belong to. It has happened all the way throughout history.

The one thing that never changes is that I know that God is there and that people are infallible. I chose not to get into all the political stuff on this post because it does no good to argue politics and who is right or wrong. Because I don’t think there is a right or wrong in this. It is a change like everything else is. 

Running Inside Out

This week was the Sanctify of Life anniversary. On Netflix there has been a few shows that are based around abortion and the difficult choices a person has to make when they find out they are having a baby when they weren’t planning on having a baby.

ImageThe moving I was watching is Running Inside Out. The acting wasn’t the best, but there was some awesome moments that will make you laugh and cry. This movie is about a girl named Kim who has her whole life ahead of her. She has her life planned out and being pregnant wasn’t what was in her plans. The answer comes gently as ordinary Believers from various walks of life quietly ‘wash her feet’, serving her with acts of kindness. The enduring sincerity softens Kim’s heart. Forgiveness is a big thing in this true story. It is worth your time to watch this movie. Click here for a short clip and more information about this movie… 

I think about when I was a teenager that got pregnant at 17 and made more than my share of mistakes. The easiest decision at that time was to keep Jessica. Maybe that is because at the time I was going through a lot more obstacles and never seen being pregnant as a bad thing. Most of my sisters all got pregnant at 16 or 17, so it wasn’t a big deal to me. Keeping the baby isn’t a easy choice by any means, but for me it was the only choice.

Like this girl Kim in this movie, I know girls who have had abortions and had everyone telling them that it was the only choice to make. It wouldn’t be good to keep the baby because of how it looked. Or friends would step in and make it easier to have an abortion and had no problem stepping in and pushing the envelope.

ImageFrom my own observances when it comes to abortion, it can cause a lot of emotional problems for a long time. And if the girls don’t have someone to talk to them and tell them that God loves them and that no matter what they are loved. If girls or families think this is an easy decision and a decision easy to live with, it isn’t. Some girls have many problems with depression, anxiety and may never have children. I won’t go into what happens when they perform an abortion, but it isn’t pretty and it is very insensitive and uncaring. it is just a procedure to those performing it. There is no counseling like they say there is. They do it and send the girls home.

I would like to say that in our area we have an organization that is free. They charge absolutely nothing for their services. It is a place called Hope Pregnancy Care Center. They will be there to hold your hand, cry with you and make informed decisions. They won’t push you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with.


Contact Information for Hope Pregnancy Care Center

391 E. 500 S.

St. George, Utah 84770

Client: 435.652.8343

Business: 435.656.5331
Pregnancy Decision Hotline:www.pregnancydecisionline.org

“Hope Pregnancy Care Center does not provide or refer for abortion or contraceptives”.

American Idol is a Joke

ImageI know that many are probably sick of American Idol and I have to agree with alot of the posts I read about the female judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. They have ruined my possibility of watching it this year. 

ImageFor me American Idol should be all about the contestants, not the judges  Sure the judges are important and fun to watch. But not this year. Before the season even began it was full of drama from the two drama queens. I could handle Mariah, but not Nicki. Not saying I would like to watch Mariah, but at-least she isn’t as annoying. 

So now I’m left with some decisions that I have to make. Since I normally watch American Idol, I have to find something new to do with my time instead of spending three nights watching it while hoping my favorite makes it through. I did up a little list of some of my options that have opened up for me since I now have the time to do  them. 

  1. Watch The Voice
  2. Play on Facebook 
  3. Clean the house
  4. Feed the dogs
  5. Take a warm bath and relax
  6. Read my Bible and fill my head with good stuff
  7. Call friends or family
  8. Pop in a good chick flick of my choice and eat bon bons
  9. Post a blog about what I’m doing instead of watching IDOL
  10. Since I will have time to do all the above, I could do  all of these things

Now that I have gone into my rant about American Idol I can now focus on more important matters. What those things are, I have no idea, but I will share them when I find out. 

Some People are Rude

This is what I think about rude people…

I want to warn you, that this is going to be a bit of a venting post. I’m sorry since I have been trying to stay clear of the grumbling issues since I seem to hear so many complainers.

So far this weekend it has not been a good one and I have not been impressed to say the least.

On Saturday Chuck looks at his car to see what is wrong with it since water or should I say ice was coming from it. He didn’t put antifreeze in it and cracked the block. So that is probably $1000.00 that will be going out when it would have costed under $10.00 to fill with anti-freeze. Enough said on that or I will write a book about how ticked I am about that.

Then today at church, this lady ticked me off. She doesn’t know she did, but she did. She waits around for a bit after church and then I go to say hi her husband and her. I won’t go into names. But I was ticked when she had to make it a point to tell me that it looks like I gained some weight. And I explained to her that I take steroids and she should know the effects of the steroids since she use to be a nurse. Her husband then proceeded to tell me he understood. Well, no he doesn’t. There is no way he would because he is thin as a rail and probably soaking wet he is 150 pounds. But then, why should I have needed to explain anyhow since it was none of their business to begin with. Then they thought it was a good idea to invite me out to lunch, which they always do. The audacity of the whole thing blew me away.

My medical things is something that I don’t like to share with the world and those who I think need to know, knows. Usually when I get put on a prayer request page at church I get 20 questions and I hate that. I don’t think I need to explain what is going on to begin with.

ImageI think of people that judge others because they are heavier or whatever else and it makes me mad. They don’t know what is going on with the other person. There are many who gain weight because of illness and medications like myself. Shoot, I wear a size 16. It isn’t small, but it sure is a long way from being massively overweight. Sure many over indulge, but then that is also a problem. They may be eating to hide hurts and pains. When someone looks down on another because they are heavier or don’t look like they think a person should is not the kind of person I want to be around.

This is part of an article that was written on a health website about things not to say to a person who takes prednisone.

ImagePrednisone, one of the most effective short-term medicines for quickly quelling a severe flare-up, has several side effects, including weight gain. Another side effect is “moon face,” in which the cheeks get rounded, making for a chipmunk-like look that can give the impression that a person is heavy even when his or her body is rail-thin.

Fortunately, this effect tends to go away when the person stops taking corticosteroids. Until then, the best approach to commenting on weight or looks to a person with IBD is not to comment at all.

I think of my daughter Jessica who has Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease. I love her and she is beautiful no matter what her size is.  With PCOS there are many side effects and weight gain, infertility and many other not fun side effects come with that. She is heavier because of this and it is always an uphill battle for her. If only others would take into consideration that other things are going on in peoples lives and you can’t judge a person by how they look or what weight they are on the outside.

Tanya Angus

Then there this woman in Las Vegas named Tanya Angus who just died from . She 34, died “due to her heart and TIA (transient ischemic attack or mini-stroke).” Tanya Angus had an extreme form of acromegaly. Tanya spent the last 12 years trying to find a cure for her acromegaly, which meant she couldn’t stop growing. If she was judged by just looking at her, you would think that she didn’t care what she looked like and ate all the time. But that was far from the truth.

It makes me wonder if they are really happy or if they have to put others down to make themselves happy. I’m just guessing here.

I posted my vent on Facebook and was glad to know that I can grumble and others are OK with it. I’m blessed with many wonderful friends.

Side Effects of Prednisone- 

  • Sodium (salt) retention
  • Fluid retention
  • Weight gain/Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Elevated blood sugar
  • Elevated blood fats
  • Potassium loss
  • Headache
  • Muscle weakness
  • Puffiness or moon face
  • Growth of facial hair
  • Bruising easily
  • Thinning of skin
  • Poor wound healing
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Aseptic necrosis
  • Irregular periods
  • Rounding of upper back
  • Growth retardation in children
  • Increased appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Psychiatric issues (depression, mood swings, personality changes)

I would like to say that with the Psychiatric issues, if I get upset and yell at the person who told me I look like I gained weight, I’m going to plead temporary prednisone insanity. Just be warned…

Serious Moonlight- My Thoughts

ImageSitting here watching this cheesy movie with Med Ryan and Timothy Hutton got me thinking. I know this is a dangerous thing to do, but come along with me on this little journey.

The movie is called Serious Moonlight. This is the story-line for Serious Moonlight;

Louise (Meg Ryan) wants to find a way to reconnect with her husband, Ian (Timothy Hutton), who is divorcing her after many years of marriage. But when she surprises him at their country home, she is more than slightly dismayed that the roses and romantic set-up are not for her but for his much younger mistress. Louise takes matters into her own hands, and abducts Ian duct-taping him to the toilet, where he must admit to his true feelings and he is unable to leave her. Things grow exceedingly awry for everybody when a burglar shows up at their house, and then everybody must discover and admit to their true feelings.

So this is where my thinking begins. In the movie Ian is telling Louise that he fell out of love with her because she didn’t need him and he needed to be with someone who needs him, not just wanting to be with him. This kinda reminds me of my last blog about dogs and we love them because they need us. But anyhow, let me not get distracted in my thoughts here and revert to puppy love, lol.

The reason I got to thinking about this is how people in our lives are like that. Sometimes when the need is gone they leave. I know for myself , there are times it was time to exit door left. They are only there for the crisis’s or lows and then when things start to go well, they are no longer there. Would that be considered a true friendship or someone that God put there for a purpose and then poof they are gone.

For me when I think about true friendships or relationships, it is for the long haul. I don’t know if a real relationship exists on only highs or lows. I have had some friends that were great when it came to if I needed something, but not in the lolls of life. I think they are more like blips of time. There is a season for everything and that is true of relationships and friendships. I thank God for those who are here for the long haul and those here for only a season.  Of course, I would be without flaws, right? OK! I needed to put a funny in there for those who really know me and how I do stupid things all the time or forget whatever it may be or who they are.

ImageWith Louse she was bent on trying to push her husband back into loving her no matter what it takes. Even strapping him to the toilet and making chocolate chip cookies. I guess in some off the wall way of reasoning I can see why she would stoop to any level to keep the man she loves and not allow another lady to steal her man. Kudos to her. Too bad people don’t put this much effort into relationships of whatever degree. This starts another thought, sorry. But how many times do people try to push others to be a part of their lives or to be accepted. Why is it that people need to be accepted by someone who has no desire or need to be with them?

This was a pretty cheesy movie overall and not one of Meg Ryan’s best movies. There was one funny part though. They are both taped up in the bathroom and Ian tells Louise that he wants to work on his marriage and he thinks he still loves her. She asked him if that’s because your taped to a toilet. That was funny, lol. But it got me thinking and like I wrote earlier, sorry about having to sit with me thinking out this stupid movie. Good thing it wasn’t Sponge Bob. That is a whole other topic, haha.

Puppy Love and Walls

ImageFacebook can be one of those things that can be good or bad. And status messages are the same. Today a friend of mine posted a interesting status and got me thinking about how true that was.

Mindy’s Status read like this, “It’s interesting to me how a puppy or new pet can come into your life and you love them immediately but when a person comes into your life they have to earn that love. I think it just shows how people really can be we they let down their walls and have an open heart. Love can come in so easy. Anyway just my thought today. Hello friends hope you all have a fantastic day.”

I found her statement very true. I know with my dogs all they have to do is come up and give me a wet slobbery kiss and all is forgiven. They give me those puppy dog eyes and see nothing wrong with what they did. And all is good in the world.

ImageAnd then on the flip side, it is very hard to let people get that close and to love them immediately. We are suppose to love them as we would ourselves, but I have these walls that won’t break down. And once I have been hurt by someone it takes a long long time to regain that trust. Not only regain that trust but to trust others that may be new in my life. But not with my dogs. I will give them chance after chance and I can open up myself and be myself around them. They just lay on my lap or give me lovins and all is well in my world. Why can’t people be that way?

Man, when someone puts out a random thought that gets me thinking is dangerous for all my readers. I was thinking to myself what is so great about dogs and why do people love them so. Here are a few of my thoughts on this subject.

On the topic of building walls I think sometimes they are healthy, but others not quite so. For every hurt a new block is placed and by the time we realize it, we have a full blown wall that nobody can break. There have been people I have put a lot of trust in and because of broken trusts and hurts, one more is added.

If the walls grow too much and you feel like you are loosing contact with the person (happens from time to time – i. e. when a friend is too busy and your friend is just slipping away). There are times if a relationship or friendship means enough to each other the walls can slowly come down. For me that takes time. The reason for that is because I have had my wall open up to certain friends and then I come to find out that the friendship wasn’t really as important to them as it was to be and that trust was broken or the load was to heavy for the friendship. Eventually that wall goes back up and I have a way of just letting the wall stay and letting the mortar set is and not go into anything with anyone.This is a statement someone else said on a website about this topic and I found it all to true for me: Most of us would agree that we show different facets of our personalities in different situations. You open yourself up to different people in different degrees. As you get to know them, like them, and/or trust them, you may decide to open up to a greater degree. Sometimes traumatic or stressful situations throw people together, causing strangers to form close bonds. This is another example of using walls effectively– knowing when to lower them.

When someone I know hurts me, or disappoints me, I find that my guard goes up–the wall gets a little higher. I will be a bit more cautious around them–not as open. But I also find that the more I see qualities that I like in a person, the lower the walls get, and the more I tend to share and trust. I find it is usually reciprocal.

ImageNow let me go into the why I love dogs and why it’s safe to let the walls come tumbling down.

Dogs need us, they give us a purpose. A lot of us have the strong desire and/or need to care for other living beings, and not all have children around. So, we get pets…and those pets like my dogs fill that void.

Dogs remind us to take life easy and to play . Well, they often demand it and we remember that it is fun and important to be silly and laugh. You don’t even need fancy toys. Just relax and follow your dog’s lead.

Dogs understand what is really important. A dog can provide so much of that from being something soft to pet to being a warm body snuggled up against you. My dogs Jasper and Parker love to be loved and they return that ten fold.

Dogs are great listener. They aren’t so good at giving feedback, but that’s okay. The point is to be able to talk and not get an opinion back.

The love of a dog is unconditional. Dogs don’t care what political affiliations or religious beliefs you have. They don’t care if you take a shower or not. You can gain 90 pounds and they’ll still love you. We are constantly judged by others, and even ourselves, but not by our faithful canine companions. Now, they may get a little irritable if you don’t feed them one day, but that’s an easy one to resolve.

After listing all the things that are great about dogs, I think us humans need to take lead and pay attention to them.



Life seems to come rushing at us full force. If you are like me, you are on the go and barely have time to breath and take in the goodness around you. Anymore, we barely have time to stop and look around us and smile at what we have. We shouldn’t think about our blessings just at Thanksgiving. We should all the time, because they are happening each and  every day. Sometimes, we just miss them because of all the bad things going on around us. Or those things we choose to focus on instead.

I want to do a little project this year for those around me. It will be a Random Acts of Kindness Scavenger Hut. You may be wondering what that is. Give me a moment to share my list of things I would like to do for this Scavenger Hunt of Kindness.

  1. Give a random person a flower
  2. Buy breakfast for an unsuspecting person
  3. Write a note and let someone I don’t know that they are special and that God loves them
  4. Go to the nursing home and pick a room and read to that person or let them share what ever memory they would like.
  5. Hold the door open for someone
  6. Smile- That can go along ways
  7. Invite someone to dinner that may be eating alone
  8. Buy a gift card at a store and give it to the person behind me
  9. Take my grand-kids out and let them do a Random Act of Kindness
  10. Do a video for a Facebook friend that may need a lift in his/her spirit

ImageThere are endless possibilities that I could do for others that doesn’t cost anything but a little bit of time. These acts of kindness isn’t only for them, but for myself. I think when we do for others, we also lift our spirits and helps us appreciate what we have.

When I think about all the blessings I have in my life, I would say I have a bounty of blessings. Here are just a few. I could write a book, but I won’t…

  1. The other day during the prayer over the city, I was given a picture from a dear friend. I shared a dream I had and she had a picture that represented that dream.
  2. My daughter Beckiah sent me a text message just to say she loved me and asked how my day was.
  3. JJ asks me out of the blue what he can do and if he could help with anything. I had to think hard on what he could do for me though. But I let him and he was so proud.
  4. I love to watch the birds outside and it is funny to see how they play together or hang out. The other day I was watching them on the power lines just sitting there. I know it’s weird. But they had me wondering why we can’t just be and sit and observe the world.
  5. I have many wonderful friends that pray for me. And I appreciate those prayers. Even when I don’t say I’m having a hard time, they know and take it upon themselves to be there.
  6. Health is a major thing. Yeah I have many health problems. At the same time, there are millions who have a lot more and young children dying every day from cancer and other diseases. There are countries who have no medical care and people are left to die. I’m very blessed to live in a country where there is medical care.
  7. How can I leave out God? Well, I can’t. I wouldn’t be blessed without Him. He tells me no when the answer needs to be no. He lets me throw my temper tantrums and loves me anyhow. He knows my weaknesses and doesn’t leave me. Wow, not too sure others would do that to the degree God does.
  8. I have the best kids and grandkids ever. Yeah, I may get mad or say stupid things. But that’s OK.
  9. Chocolate is a great blessing too… It has a way of calming my soul and shutting my mouth when I need to say nothing… So something sweet goes in, so nothing sour comes out… OH yeah…
  10. Notes in the mail. I kinda miss those because my mother in law would send a little thinking of you note and letting me know she is thinking about me. I still have some of those notes from her. When I get one out of nowhere I think of her and how nice that someone took the time to say hi and your in my prayers.
  11.  I get a kick out of this lady at church Evelyn. She always asks me how I’m doing and I start saying “I’m Fine”,  then she finishes before I can say it and tells me, I know your fine, but your lying, lol. I find that funny for some reason. She knows me for who I am… So many at church are that way. They give me that look and I know they know, but I try to convince them anyhow, lol… 
  12. There are many many things I’m blessed for. Even for doing dishes that I don’t like doing or laundry. At least I have dishes and food to go on them. I have cloths that need to be washed and a washer and dryer to do them in. Not everyone can say that.
  13. I don’t appreciate having to wash my car, but I have a car that runs and that needs washing.
  14. Computers can be a hassle and run slow, but I can’t complain much because I have a computer to use and blog about these things on.
  15. How can I leave out music. I love to listen to Casting Crowns, JJ Heller and most of the Christian singers and groups. I have heard many grumbles, myself included about music at church. I’m not into funeral music for church derives  So some time ago, I came to the conclusion that I’m going to church for the message and worshiping  And if I want to listen to my style of Christian music, I can turn on KLOVE (huge blessing for me) or go to a special at another church. Music is a gift and I appreciate those who get up and sing and lead at our church. Instead of complaining, I’m choosing to be blessed and enjoy the time I’m there.
  16. Pastor Dean at our church allows a time to offer praise reports and what a blessing it is to see how God is working in everyone’s life. They may not have everything, but they have God and so do I.

I would love to hear what you are blessed with. People can name alot to grumble about, but what taking a chance and saying the good things going on in your life.

Parents Confessionals

I was just reading a post on Facebook about a blogger that wrote about things she did as a parent. It is actually pretty funny. Then I got to thinking about all the stupid things I did as a parent and wonder how my daughters made it through their childhood, ha ha.

Here are just a few of my stupid mom moments:

  1. Lisa the Rabbit-

ImageMy daughter Jessica had this evil rabbit. For those of you who think they are sweet and fuzzy, that isn’t true always. This was a cute little black Mini Rex rabbit. She would growl and chase ya down. When my husband held her, she would start biting at his pants. I won’t mention where, I will keep this clean. But you get the idea.

I tell ya, she was possessed big time. So one Easter when Jessica was small, I came up with a plan. I got rid of that rabbit and told Jessica that the rabbit was out delivering Easter Eggs and goodies and that she decided to go live somewhere else. I know, I’m bad, but you can’t have an evil rabbit on Easter Sunday. That doesn’t work! I did tell her the truth eventually, but only after I got her a new nice sweet rabbit.

2. Forgetting Them At School

ImageYeah, I know our memories as parents should be great. But not mine. There have been times when I would get a call from the girls and making sure to remind me that I needed to pick them up. I would answer with a quick “I Know”. As if I would ever forget one of my kids, yeah right!

Well, on that day when she called, I forgot to pick her up because I was in a half sleep and an hour after it was time to get her, I get another call. Guess what I had to do? Yep! I had to go over to the school and pick them up. Blastedness of a bad memory, lol.

3. Forgetting the Niece-

407241_10150542955545927_1911582406_nMy niece Bridgette had been living with us for a couple of years already. My daughters were out of the house. Bridgette was working at McDonalds at the time. I headed into St. George to pick her up. Yeah, I got there and with time to spare. BUT! I waited for her and then on the way home after we are all buckled up, I get a call. Yeah! That blasted phone call telling me I forgot something. Since I was just at McDonald’s  I thought it would be my hubby telling me to pick him up something. But it wasn’t. It was my daughter Beckiah asking me if I forgot something. I told her no and then she told me to look at the seat next to me. It was empty and I had to go back to get Bridgette who never got into the van after work. WOW! That was one of those moments, lol.

4. Grounded For Eating the Donut

ImageIn all fairness I had to say that I over reacted a bit on this one. I bought some donuts for the family and only had one simple request. That little request was for them to eat any of the donuts but the Bavarian Cream one. I didn’t care about the rest. But nobody shared that information with Jessica. Jessica seen the donuts and guess which one she ate? YEP! The Bavarian Cream one. The one and only one of those. And that was destined for my mouth and tummy.

I woke up and have been thinking about a special donut and coffee and it was gone. I asked who ate it. Jessica didn’t think it was a big deal and told me it was her. Well, my first instinct was to get upset and ground her for life. But I only did for two weeks, lol. I was a bit over dramatic on that one I would say. If I remember right, I canceled the grounding too, it was the heat of the moment. 🙂

5. Sex Education

ImagePoor Jessica seems to be at the receiving end of my moments. This was during her Sophomore year at her high school. You see, at the end of her Freshman year they could choose the classes for the next year. She had to take Life Skills, but to get the Sex Ed part, parents had to give permission. Which I did. I think the more educated they are in those matters the smarter they might be.

During orientation night, Jessica got her schedule for that year and she had Life Skills without Sex Ed. I was confused since I gave her permission to take that class. So the following day, I head to the counselors office and without thinking about my words, I belted out “My daughter can have sex in school if she wants to.” Jessica was mortified and a tad bit embarrassed  After a minute, I realized what I said, lol and had to apologize for that one.

I tried to fix that by saying sorry, she was allowed Sex Ed in School any other sex would be outside of the school. Man, did I have to reword that again, lol. We live in Utah and I’m, sure the principal was thinking I was nuts, lol. After a few flub ups and such, they got the idea that she is good to go in Sex Ed and no I won’t let her have sex at home, haha.

6. Sitting on My Daughter

ImageMy daughter Beckiah and I would have some pretty good yelling matches as she got older. She thought she was right and I knew I was right. I am the mom, right? So one day she was slamming doors as we were arguing about whatever it was. Probably how I wasn’t fair, but can’t remember. But the doors are slamming, so I take the door off of her bedroom. She still continued yelling and each flare up, I would add a week to her grounding. I was getting nowhere and by now Beckiah was grounded for life I’m sure.

In the heat of the moment, I decided to shut her up and to make her stop screaming bloody murder I was going to sit on her butt. So until she shut up, I was sitting on her, lol. I’m not the skinniest of people, so I’m pretty sure she wasn’t happy. A few minutes after sitting on her hinney, a knock comes to the door. It is Beckiah s friend Jessica and her dad. I never met them before so I’m, sure this was a good scene for them. My daughter Jessica answers the door I think and they go upstairs and there I am sitting on Beckiah, lol. Beckiah did calm down and all was well. She didn’t get her door back for a week though.

This is only a few of what I’m sure was a lot of stupid moments that they lived through and can tell their children about, lol. Now they have children that they can make mistakes with and love them as I did.

7. Bumping Poor Jessica’s Nose

Cry_Baby_by_buttonnoseJessica was just a tiny baby. I had Jessica’s crib to low and I went to put her in her bed and he poor little nose got bumped on the bed. I felt so bad about that even to this day. She whimpered and I felt so guilty.

I would like to add one thing on a serious note. That parents make mistakes and do dumb things. But never ever put your child in harms way and intentionally do stupid things. Mistakes and goof ups are one thing, but stupidity is another. I was looking up images for this blog post and was shocked at how parents and individuals will put their children at risk… Oh and do NOT Google sex ed for a image. Another oops moment of mine. I have to clean my eyes out.

Nothing But Complaints

ImageThere are some people who like to complain about everything under the sun. I know I have my moments when I like to complain and whine to. I’m thinking more about those people and I know at least a couple that have nothing good to say at all. No matter what, it is bad or it is somebody else’s fault for them being in the situation they are in.

This is different to the every day complaining most people do. We all complain sometimes, about little things that happen to us, like being stuck in a traffic jam or being turned down for a job. However, because most of us are not truly unhappy we do not have the need to complain all the time.

It’s only natural that some people tend to complain more than others do. However, complaining is not always related to how pessimistic or unhappy a person is.


When I ask a constant complainer if there is anything that could make their situation better or that there are answers to their problems. They well comment something like this, ” Yeah, I know, but…” complain complain complain, etc. When I’m in my complaining mood and feel like I was treated unjustly, I have said this too. Eventually I come around and realize I was petty though.

I’ve tried to think about some of the reason why people have nothing better to do than complain all the time. I have thought about this for sometime now. Here is my list of what I think leads to constant complaining.

I so need one of these so I can hand it out to complainers…

Realizing that they must complain because they are unhappy. They’re not satisfied with life. They are not getting what they need or want to be happy, so they complain. I know this sounds like a no brainier to some. They feel like they have to express their displeasure by complaining to others about their bad fortune. When people are that unhappy it does not really matter what happens in their lives, because they will always find something to complain about.

People who complain excessively are miserable and they take their misery out on EVERYONE. Some people complain a lot because it makes them feel better. These people are not always unhappy people, but by complaining about every little thing that bothers them, they actually feel better. In other words, they burden other people with all their problems and worries, making those people feel bad, while they in turn end up feeling great.

When I complain, I try to think about how it makes me feel when someone is constantly complaining and try to put myself in a better frame of mind. Now if someone wakes me up before my time has come, that is a risk factor on their part, lol.

ImageSo what does a person do if they are around a constant complainer since you can’t shoot them, lol. At-least you should never threaten anyone with bodily harm even if you would like to. I guarantee you will have others complaining or praising you even more.

I came across a website called Justgriping.com.

When I think about the times I have complained, I have found that it isn’t received well by others. Many times they have enough stuff going on than to listen to my grumbles. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when idiot drivers will get me very ticked off. Or when people say or do something offensive and I want to act in a not so Christian way.

I try not to go into very much of my problems because I know that there are so many others that have it much worse than I ever could or do. Plus, I noticed that when I start off my day in a bad mood, it continues all day long and that isn’t right for me to bring others down around me. Those who I trust alot may hear more of my complaints, but I try to keep that at a minimum.

With my husband, he gets to hear many of my complaints and vise versa. I think everyone needs to have someone that it is safe to vent too just for the sake of getting something off your chest. Like when he gets stuck in California, he is upset. There isn’t anything I can do, but he needs to blow off steam and I try not to take it personal.

Everyone needs someone to talk to that is safe and trusted. But for those who always complain and nothing is ever good, it can be taxing and downright depressing to hear day in and day out.

There are a lot of solutions on how to handle complainers and they all seem a more nice than the way I handle them. The way I handle them is by listening and trying to give solutions. If they can’t or refuse to see past their problem and I can tell they don’t want answers or solutions, I just step back and remove myself from the situation. Even though I do keep them in my life, because I know that I may not be the right person to help them. But the constant complaining can drive a huge wedge in a friendship or relationship.

Just last night I was watching a video about heath-care in Ghana. What they have offered to them is minimal to say the least. But still here in St. George or the good old USA, people complain about having to wait 15 minutes to see a Dr that is free to them since they go to the Free Clinic. On the video they were showing how only the well to do and the government officials receive care and if a person is lucky someone will have mercy on them.

ImageThere was a guy that was in a motorcycle accident that had to wait two weeks for treatment. And then once he got to a facility, they only had room for him in the hall way. Someone would check on him, but that was it.

It drives me nuts that people complain about the care they get here. When I look at what others get in other places in the world, I feel blessed. We are a very pampered country in many ways. Yet, we complain when get don’t get what we want right then and there. Or if we have been wronged. I have wronged many people in the past and thankfully they have forgiven. We all have hurt others and yet when people focus only on themselves and what they don’t have, it actually makes me sick.

There are some I want to and have told them to look at all they have and that they are lucky. But , then I hear, “Yeah, but…”

Watch for my next post that will be on Blessings. I have a lot more to feel blessed about than to ever complain about.