Sounding Off- Paula Deen

ImageFood Network needs to offer an apology to Paula Deen… We are under the delusion that when we are charged with doing something wrong that we are innocent until proven guilty. That isn’t always the case by the looks of things. A while back news broke that Paula Deen said the “N” word about 30 years ago. She admitted that she did that and that she was wrong. As soon as she did that, the lynch mobs were out in full force. They already had her tried, convicted and about to be put in front of the firing squad before she even got to step foot in the courtroom. Food Network cancelled her show and endorsements were dropping left and right. Was it right that she was tried in the court of public opinion and bureaucrats before everything was heard? I say NO!

Today this is what the news is saying; “A federal judge in Georgia has thrown out race discrimination claims by a former Savannah restaurant manager whose lawsuit against Paula Deen ended up causing the celebrity cook to lose a big slice of her culinary empire. “

What happened to her is horrible and never should have happened. They should have waited to fire her and cancel the endorsements until the trial was over. People sure are fast to judge and convict. I wonder how many of these sponsors and the Food Network bosses are exempt from every doing or saying anything wrong. I have a very nasty taste in my mouth now when it comes to the Food Network. I didn’t watch all of her shows, but we sure did watch many shows on the Food Network. I gave a number of gift subscriptions to friends that love the Food Network. I have chosen not to renew any of those subscriptions and look for other magazines. Food Network was our only hold out when it came to keeping cable, and that isn’t a stumbling block anymore. If Food Network treats their employees like Paula Deen the way they did, they obviously have no regard for anyone else. They are all about money, not loyalty to their watchers and employees.

When I read that the charges were dismissed, it ticked me off. Not because I thought she was guilty, it was because they dragged her through the mud for nothing. I wonder also why if this lady that said she was discriminated against stayed so long. If she was having that much of a problem, why stay for 5 years? I’m pretty sure it had to be about the money. She was paid around $90,000 a year, wonder what she will make now?I wish I could get $90,000 a year. I don’t think that anyone should be called names and discriminated against. But I think there is more to this than what meets the eye and I think the judge seen it too.

One of the things that gets my goat is those who sold her products pulled them. I didn’t think I was bothered by this public display of hate until I was at Target and Walmart and seen her stuff on clearance. It bothers me that her new cookbook was cancelled and they won’t be selling it.

When I got to thinking about why this whole ordeal with Paula has upset me and got me posting this topic on my blog, I think about injustice and how it can happen to anyone. I think about kids I sat with on the bus at school that got shunned because they didn’t have money. And for those who had money, the poor ones called them all kinds of names. I have family members that are white, black, Hispanic, German, Irish and so on. Nobody has any room to be prejudice. I don’t like it and it bothers me when I hear black people calling other black people the “N” word. I hate it when people call other races anything that is demeaning. It’s uncalled for and there is no place that it is acceptable or should be at least.

Brazil Nuts

Growing up in the mid-west, there were some terms that was common and we never thought twice about them. Once someone said that it was bad and what it mean, I did everything to not say it. For example, Brazil Nuts were called ‘N” Toes. I didn’t know why, but that’s what everyone called them. I was only a young kid and knew no better. Once someone is told what it means and that they are hurtful words then we are responsible for what flies out of our mouths. For me it has been over 30 yrs plus since using words that I didn’t know I couldn’t use. And I can almost guarantee that unless you are living in a convent that everyone has said or done something stupid in the name of stupidity and not knowing better.

ImageSorry I’m on a rant here, but it bugs me that she lost so much and it isn’t even the money, it is her name and character that others were judging. Shoot, I could imagine if I was judged by public opinion I would be in front of a thousand firing squads and having a life sentence in prison. Thankfully I have been forgiven and I know that Christ has forgiven me. Paula Deen has publicly asked for forgiveness and understanding and many have offered her that. But there are those who must be pure as snow and perfect like Christ who finds that it is beyond them to admit they have ever said something stupid.

ImageOK! I’m getting off this topic before I get myself in a ton of trouble and have my name raked through the mud of public opinion.

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