Blinking Lights and Machines

I try not to post things about my medical things on my blog, but I’m making an exception on this. Once in a while I do, but I try not to and I try not to complain about things medically.

Last night I think I was at the end of my rope with stupid machines. I had to do an overnight oxymetry test to see how my oxygen levels are when I’m sleeping.  I covered in another blog that I have a v-pap for the sleep apnea. So last night they wanted to also see how my oxygen level did with that and if it helped any. I think if I had an opportunity to reach out and touch the one who ordered this, I would have touched him by pegging him with something. I was not impressed.

Sorry it is sideways. I was a bit ticket at the time…

When I picked up the small machine to test my O2, I already knew the receptionist was full of it. Because I have had these tests many times. A guy was ahead of me and I wanted so bad to tell him, ‘don’t believe her”, The reason I say that is that she said it is a painless test, which is true. But she told him a bold face lie about the light on that thing. The cord is only about 9-12 inches from your face. And every-time your oxygen gets below 88 here comes a bright red blinking lights. I’m not a person that likes lights blinking and such when I’m trying to sleep. And I most difinantly (?spelling) don’t like it in my face.

So I get the blasted little sucker turned on, put on the v-pap mask. Which is a chore in itself and here comes the noises and blinking lights ALL night long. I took a picture of my sats at one time and that was the time I was about to throw it out the window and let some strange animal or something carry it away. I was pretty much fit to be tied about 5am this morning and was having a bit of a anti-Christian moment when it came to what I was thinking about this whole thing.

But they picked the machine up today and I will see how it goes. If they make me redo it, I may have to have a bit of a discussion with them. If I got any sleep at all, it would be a miracle. I had to wait till after my Drs appointment to do that today.  I’m guessing by the readings I seen, they will be calling me tomorrow and all stressed out over them. I guess we will have to see what is next. But, oh my goodness, you would think they could find a way to not have blinking lights on alarms if they are wanting a person to sleep.

Then this morning I had to get up early for my Dr’s appointment. This is the same Dr that wanted me to go to the ER last week because my blood pressure was 240/147. I never did go, but since I’m on home health, they keep an eye on that and I called my primary. But today, my blood pressure was not that high, but close. So again, I hear the same thing. I think if I was able to get sleep and wasn’t so frustrated over blinking lights and beeps all night long, I would have been a tad bit lower. Not all the way, but not in the upper range like it has been.

But this is my vent for the day and such. I try to keep positive and I am positive on this post too. Just positive in a different way. I’m positive I hate blinking lights and alarms that sound off.

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