Big Brother 15 and Lessons Learned

BBGbb15logoweek1aI don’t watch a lot of reality TV. But I do like to watch Big Brother. And this year Big Brother 15 has been the worse season of all times. But in some sick and warped way it had a way of teaching important life lessons. I don’t know if any other season was like this seasons. I very happy this season is over now because of the hateful nature and rampant racism remarks.

For those who don’t watch Big Brother it is about who can make it to the end and if they do, they win $500,000. To get to the end is based on strategy, alliances and backstabbing. For the most part each year they fill the house with around 15 or 16 complete strangers. Each year you will have a mixture of house-guests comprised of married people, singles, gays (at-least one), Christian (at-least one), African American (at-least one) and whatever else. So it is a mixture or melting pot of people. I’m actually surprised I like the show considering how these people act. For the most part I think it is because it represents people and the true nature in some weird and sick way.

I don’t think that throwing 16 strangers into a house for the summer is a true sense of human kind. But it does show what man will do for money and the high cost to get ahead. I loved it when Jordan won. That was a season where the right person won and played with her heart and was honest. She didn’t back-stab and treat people unkind. She stayed true. That isn’t always the case though.

la-et-st-big-brother-eliminated-ratings-up-in--001This year there was Howard, Candice, Jesse, Elissa and Helen who wouldn’t bow down and do anything for money. They stayed true to their faith, family and morals.

This year though was full of racist and hateful people. And they targeted those that are not white or gay. First off we have Howard and Candice that are either mixed races or African American. They are both strong believers in Christ too. Then you had Helen who is Asian and a mom. Andy was this seasons homosexual and then you had the Barbie Dolls and plastic guys. I say Barbie Dolls and plastic guys because they are all about image and what they look like. They were pretty on the outside and very ugly on the inside. Aaryn, Gina Marie, Amanda, Spencer and Jeremy were horrible people. If people were mad at Paula Deen, then they should get a load of these guys. Three of four of these people lost their jobs because of the remarks they said. I won’t go into them hear, you all probably get the idea.

3749220_lI want to bring up Aaryn and Candice though. The reason I do is that they are a perfect example of racism, education and forgiveness can coexist. Aaryn said some horrible things about Candice who is mixed race. Many times Candice would be in tears because of the hateful remarks that were being directed at her. Last night at the finale Candice showed me that if she can forgive Aaryn, then others should too.

When house-guests are eliminated they are sent to a jury house until the finale and then they vote on who will win. Candice and Aaryn got TheHelpto know each other outside of the house. There was a night that Candice got to choose to movie they would watch. She chose “The Help”. If you haven’t see it, you should. It’s a movie that is also a book about what it was like for maids to live and work for households that are white. I believe it was from the 60’s or so. But it is full of racist slurs and mean hateful people. I think it is a must see for all people. Back to Candice and Aaryn. As they were sitting there watching the movie Aaryn asked Candice about how this really didn’t happen like that. Candice then realized that maybe Aaryn isn’t racists like others see her, but she is ignorant. Aaryn was raised where it was OK to say things and didn’t see anything wrong with it. Until Candice opened her eyes and showed Aaryn compassion and forgiveness the lesson wasn’t and couldn’t be learned.

??????????????????????????They are now friends and Candice showed such kindness to Aaryn, so why shouldn’t we? These horrible things were said and done to Candice and Howard and they got to a point where they used that time in the jury house to teach instead of being angry. I would hope I could be like that. Now for the other players, I have no clue. Are they genuinely sorry? I don’t know. My thought is that they aren’t. I do believe that Aaryn is now. She wasn’t to begin with. There was many consequences for house-guests actions this year and that should show future house-guests that what you say and do can hurt others and yourself. You are accountable for your actions and you will be held accountable.

Aaryn- Fired because of her ignorance towards other races

Aaryn was fired from her modeling agency. Gina Marie was working in the beauty pageant world and once her employers seen her true self, she was fired. Andy no longer has his job as a professor in speaking. Spencer who made comments about liking child porn and later recanted that saying it was a joke is being held accountable for those comments too.

For me this year was a lesson on how hurtful our words and actions can be. We may not have Big brother watching our every move. Even though I won’t discount that. But we are under watchful eyes from those around us. Our families, friends, 1-Corinthians-11-1-web-nivneighbors and strangers watch and observe. For example Casey Anthony. Most people don’t know her first hand, but she has been under the public microscope. She was just another person on the street until she made a bad choice and ruined her life when she killed her daughter. We all should make sure what we say and do is true to who we really are. This season like I said earlier showed me that forgiveness is possible because of Howard and Candice. I really disliked Aaryn and wanted her gone. But because of Candice, I no longer feel that way. I feel sorry for her now and hope she can continue on in life and learn from this.

andy-e1372113335871I should add that Andy won BB15… While I don’t like that he won, he did play the best game social game.

He was liked by all and kept his hands clean… Remember Big Brother is all around and we could all be under the microscope. I know those of us who are on social media and such are all the times. We put ourselves out there. What is it that you want others to know about you?

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