Max On the Loose

Today started off pretty normal for the most part. But ended in a funny way.

Sour Cream Lemon

I went on a drive about today with our new pastors wife Kathi. Kathi and I went up to Veyo to pick up some of the best ever pie. You can’t go wrong with Veyo Pies. For those who don’t live in Utah, it is the best ever pie. We stopped and got a lemon sour cream and a chocolate cream pie and went on our next leg of our journey.

We went to visit a lady from church so I can take some pictures of birds and nature. Susan showed us around and we had a nice visit with her.

On the way home, instead of going the same route, we went from Veyo to Gunlock. It is a very pretty drive that takes you past the lake, through the Shivwit Reservation and eventually back home. We stopped a few times to take pictures and then had an accidental stop. It was very much unplanned.

This is Max…

Running down the road was this small Pomeranian dog. It couldn’t be a year old. I stop the car and Kathi is looking at me with a strange look and asks me what I was doing. I opened my door and the dog came in and I was holding him. He had a color on with a name and number. So we were going to try to find the owner of said dog.

I didn’t think about how Kathi would react, but the look was priceless. I didn’t know she wasn’t a dog person, lol. And here in my arms is this little dog that was running down the street that is now in my car.

As we drive through town, we notice that some firemen are parked on the side of the road gabbing. So I ask them if they may know who said dog belongs to. They said it belong to some people that was three houses down in a two story white house. We found the house. We haven’t heard yet from the owners that we called. The firemen told us to just put it in the yard if nobody is home. Easy enough I guess.

But things got weird at that point. As soon as we drove up to the house, a man pulled up. The little dog seemed to know the surroundings and seemed to be happy to be home. Kathi went to knock on the door and talked to the man. He didn’t live there, he just wanted to pick some pomegranates from the tree in these peoples yard. There was no answer and they notice that the door wasn’t shut all the way, so the little guy was put in the house and all was well. Well, kinda!

We felt like we did our good deed and here comes a call from the owner. They didn’t live in that house. They wanted us to take the dog to some ranch where it came from that I never heard of. So that wasn’t going to happen. But I guess the people that live in that house are breeders and that was one of the puppies. The dog went from place to place and the family that owned him was visiting people in Salt Lake. So what to do now?

We ended up leaving the dog there at the house and I wonder what the face of the person will look like when this dog named Max is there looking at them, lol. I guess someone from the family will have to go over and get Max, I hope at least.

IMG_4072Then as we continued on our way home and taking picture sessions, I pull off to one of my favorite places on that road. There is a river and it is kinda peaceful. Kathi is taking pictures and so am I and then two Washington County Sheriffs pulls up and knocks on the window where Kathi is sitting. They startle her I’m sure, hahaha. I guess they thought we needed help since Kathi was on her cell phone and she was alone. They didn’t see me yet.

All in all it was a good day and I love it when I can go out and just go and it was nice doing it with Kathi. She is a very nice person and we have alot of things in common, which makes it nice. Even though she doesn’t like dogs, lol I think she is a keeper šŸ™‚

While I had them there though I thought I would tell them that if some person calls and they say a strange dog is in the house that we put it there because the firemen said it lived there šŸ™‚ I think this will be a day that she will remember for awhile hahaha. As soon as she sends me the picture of me holding the dog I will post it on here. It was too funny.

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