Rainbows and Bible Studies

Hmmm… Not too impressed with this website biblestudies.org because they send in a form that too much information was used on a post on my blog and that they wanted it removed since no permission was given. 

ImageOK! I get that there are copy-write laws and stuff. But not too sure I have a good taste in my mouth over those who own that site because all the would have had to do is send me an email and ask to take it down. Instead they file a grievance, which blocked the post anyhow.  A simple email to say, “could you credit the information back” or whatever. Even though, I’m not sure how much places own Bible verses about colors of the rainbow in the Bible. BUT, OK… So I took the post down and wrote them a note since I couldn’t get the form on wordpress to work.  

I still wonder who has the right to Bible verses and how they are used. But I think from now on when I have a Bible study,  I won’t be using their site and I won’t be recommending it to anyone since they don’t have the courtesy to send a email. 

So, now I’m going to redo my rainbow post and hmmmm… 

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