Christmas is Coming

ImageChristmas according to the calender is December 25th. This Christmas has been a bit different though. We are going to be celebrating Christmas on April 20th though. We will be celebrating the birth, death and the resurrection of Christ at the same time.  That isn’t the reason for this blog post though. I’m thinking more of the true feeling of Christ,as.

When I think of Christmas, I think of how Jesus Christ came to us as a child so we could be saved. Things have gotten so far away from what my idea of Christmas should be about.  Things I know about Jesus;

  • I know in my heart that Jesus died for my sins and for all of mans sins.
  • I know without a doubt that Christ loves me and I have been forgiven for my sins.
  • I know that I’m far from being perfect and never can be perfect. Christ is the only one that is perfect and because of sin He was crucified and died a horrible and horrendous death.
  • I know that even though my health is bad that He is there for me. My health may never be restored but I have peace in knowing that one day in His Kingdom my health will be perfect.
  • I know that because of Christ I can make it through the day. And at the end of the day, I know everything will be fine, no matter what. Even when I don’t understand what is happening.
  • I know that people don’t have to suffer and feel unloved because Christ is the meaning of love.
  • I know that if I didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ that I wouldn’t want to be here. He gives me the strength to get through each and every day and hurdle I have to come across.

These things are things that I think about this Christmas. It isn’t about money or gifts. It isn’t about who is going to have the biggest present under the tree. We didn’t even buy gifts except for my family in Arizona. And that is something, I am glad I did send them gifts because it seems like it may be the only bright spot for them.

I try not to go into personal family problems on my blog. But this has been bothering me and I truly feel that if they knew Christ and the true meaning of Christmas they wouldn’t be going through what they are right now. When I watch how things are tearing my family apart all in the name of greed and selfishness, it hurts. I hurt for them more than I ever could for myself. At-least I know that things will get better and that things work out.

Now, my parents and some of my family doesn’t have that same belief. Just this week, my parents have split up and they are living seperatly. They have been married for 56 years and they are being torn apart because of greed. My feelings is that all the fighting and bickering is a way to control who gets what after my parents die. The police came to the house to issue restraining orders against my brother and then in turn my mom did one against my dad. My dad cries because he loves my mom and he knows he has made mistakes. My mom cries because she doesn’t understand what is going on. Neither one should be going through this. My dad’s birthday is today, so he sits in a house with a room space heater and alone.

ImageThe lives they built together is being torn apart. I talk to each of them and they say they both love each other. And my thoughts is that whoever is coming between them should be ashamed of themselves. They should be thinking about how the parents are being treated and loosing everything in the name of greed. The way I see it is that whoever or whatever the problem is should open their eyes and see the damage that is being caused. I’m not pointing fingers. But whoever is, should know what they are doing. I know for myself if I seen I was the problem and about to destroy my parents and everything they have, I would be relocating and removing myself from that situation.

I know my parents love all of us kids. But we are all adults now and should be taking responsibility for ourselves.  There isn’t anything wrong with kids going to live with parents. But to destroy and cause all these problems is unthinkable and selfish. I don’t get why someone would think it is OK to do as they want and to keep the hate and tension going.  I think for me this Christmas if I could get one thing it would be for family to be family and realize the harm and destruction before it is too late. I wish they could understand what real love and forgiveness is all about. The kind that can only come from Christ.

I hope that they can figure it out and have a Merry Christmas that is filled with love, compassion and understanding. All people deserve at-least that much.

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