Our Christmas and Easter

This is the first year that we did our Christmas and Easter together. Overall it turned out really good and everyone seemed happy with what they received. There was way too much food and not too many left overs. Which is a good thing, lol. We did invite friends to our dinner and it was nice to see they enjoyed their meal. We always invite friends to dinner on Christmas Day, so why not now?

My daughters and their families came over after church and we all opened gifts. It was just like Christmas, but at Easter. Many of the gifts were Christ centered. Since we don’t do the whole Easter Bunny and Egg thing, they did receive little book bags filled with fun things that were all Christian oriented. I guess our family does things a bit different from most. Christmas and Easter are the most important days of all the holidays. We don’t really worry about the other ones. For me they are just too commercialized and the candy and flower shops are the ones benefiting.

We don’t really do Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines and all the others. If my husband is home we may go out. Since he is a truck driver, we just do whatever. So when I told my husband and kids, they weren’t really shocked that we will do Christmas at Easter. I don’t think that Christ would have minded. And it was nice to focus on Him instead of all the other stuff. Even though by looking at all the gifts, you would have thought we bought out the toy store, lol. Because we had our Christmas at Easter, we were able to get great deals and closeout deals on Christmas items. So I saved a bundle doing it this way and it was less stress for everyone and our pocketbooks.



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