Going out to Dinner Etiquette

_68270431_payingbill_think464I got to thinking about this topic the other day. Really, I have been thinking on it a lot in the past. And it is dinner etiquette.

When I invite someone out to dinner, I’m under the assumption that I am the one paying since I did the inviting. That is unless I want company for dinner then I will ask a friend if they are free and would like to go out. But we would have to go dutch treat. All of this is planned out before we go out to dinner.

My friend Lisa and I knows how it works. Maybe it is because we are from the Midwest or just raised differently. Not sure though. But we end up switching off and on. If one of us doesn’t have money, the other will offer to pay. It works out. She knows that if I call her to see if she wants to get something to eat, I pay and vice versa. It is the same way with my daughters and my brother in law. It isn’t all put on one person all the time.

But what about those people who want to go out to eat and they assume that I should be the one paying, no matter what. I have seen this happen quite often and it isn’t just about one person expecting, but almost seems as if they feel entitled. If I don’t have the money, I simply say I have no money and then comes the I don’t either. Well!!! Now if they had no money, why would they be calling me to go out to dinner? I have come up with the conclusion it is because they are hungry and have no money and don’t want to cook. Or maybe they are just lazy. Who knows? But it isn’t just one person, I think it is a mindset of many people. And it doesn’t happen to just me, but many.

Paying Restaurant Bill With A Credit CardI’m blown away by conversations in restaurants and other places when it comes to picking up the tab. Actually, I think it is downright rude on so many levels. I assume that if I am invited out to dinner, the other person is paying, unless they state it will be dutch. As long as I know what is going on and what I need. When inviting someone to go out to dinner and the person has no intention of paying for theirs and assuming the other has unlimited cash is in my opinion selfish and not cool at all. If they are wanting to hang out, then go to the persons house, don’t expect the invitee to foot the bill when they are the ones wanting to go.

My suggestion would be that if the person who wants to go to dinner doesn’t have the money to go, then don’t expect others to pay because the person wants to go eat.. If they are looking for company, then ask the person if it is OK to come over and talk. Maybe they need a friend or someone to talk to. I personally don’t have a problem with inviting friends over that needs a listening ear. And I don’t mind cooking either. I would never turn anyone away that is hungry or in need. But at the same time, it is costly to be expected to pay for someones meal when I wasn’t the one wanting to go out to begin with.

There are times when Chuck and I go out and we have others with us. We have enough cash for us, but not for everyone. We always tell them in advance that we are going to dinner after the movie, church or whatever. If they want to go with, they are more than welcome, but they would have to pay for themselves. It isn’t rude and they have the option to go or not go. Most people know I’m not made out of money and I never won the lottery.

I know there has to be a rule book or etiquette rule for things like this. I did look this up because my brain likes to know if there is a actual rule for this. And there is a whole host of information on this topic. And a lot of rules depending on if it is a business dinner, date night, get together with friends and so on.

  • If you are going out to dinner with other friends, it is OK to split the check. But make sure you are clear on how the bill will be handled so it doesn’t become awkward and the elephant in the room. This should be decided prior to ordering.
  • If it is corporate meeting, then it should be the business that picks up the check. They can make arrangements with the restaurant prior to dinner and give the credit card number and information so it doesn’t become an issue.
  • If you are going out with a group of people, separate checks is best and that would be considered dutch treat. Each person is responsible for their own meal and drinks.
  • If you were invited to dinner tradition dictates that the one who did the inviting typically pays for the meal.

P.S. I do want to add one thing to going out to dinner etiquette. Please turn off the cell phones while we are eating. If someone wants to talk and text on the phone, they should be doing it somewhere else. Its a pain in the neck when you are out eating and those with you are more interested in texting or talking to others. They might as well have not gone at all if that’s what they want to do. It is extremely rude when you are with friends and family and it is rude to those that are trying to have a nice dinner. They don’t want to hear your conversations and I know I don’t.

Injecting Snake Venom

Venomous SnakesInjecting snake venom is insane. I just watched part of a video about this guy who has been injecting venom into himself for right around 20 yrs. I couldn’t watch all of the video because it made me cringe. I’m not a big lover of snakes and even more so those who can kill ya. Who in their right mind would inject themselves with snake venom from rattlesnakes, vipers and so on. To me that is nuts. But then like other things, my mind gets to wondering on stupid things and snakes.

My brain began reeling on the thought of how humans from the beginning of time has made stupid choices that put our lives at risk. I can’t help but think about how Adam and Eve was deceived by the serpent. HELLOOOOOOOOO!!! You would think we would learn to not play around with deadly snakes that want to kill us. But guys like this makes me shake my head and wonder what brain cells he is using.

It doesn’t have to be a venomous snake to do us in. It can be just about anything like eating, drinking, smoking, lying, cheating and almost everything else. Shoot anymore even breathing can get ya killed in some areas. I guess when I think about my stupid things that could have killed me. And thankfully I’m still here and not because of my own doing, but because of God’s grace.

Willcox Dry Lakes- Playa

As a girl that was basically raised in the 70’s and doing things I know better than, I’m surprised. Some of those bad choices were hitch-hiking across the country. Well, not the country, but about 1400 miles. Then I somehow survived the dry lakes in Willcox Az. We would go out to the dry lakes and do what is called donuts. But we upped the anti and would sit on the hood of the trucks while it was doing the donuts. And hoping to hold on until the truck came to a stop. Obviously I held on because I am here now. Then there was the one and only time I drank too much. I learned that drinking was NO fun at all when you are getting sick out of a car as it is going down the mountain.So, my question to myself is the guy injecting snake venom any different than my bad choices? Information on the Dry Lakes aka Willcox Playa is at the bottom of the page.

godrefuge2-e1332079669381I do believe without a doubt that it is only God that saved me from my stupidity. Being a teenager is no excuse for being stupid. God must have had a much bigger plan for my life because so much could have gone wrong.

Now when I moved to Texas and moved in with my now husband. I ended up with Guillian Barre Syndrome. GBS is an auto-immune disease that caused me to be paralyzed for close to a year and I still have residuals from this. They actually changed my diagnosis to the chronic form of GBS called What is Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). I included the description of CIPD at the bottom of this blog.

I do believe that when I ended up with this, it halted my wild days. I was only 17 at the time and Chuck and I did get married and still are. The reason I say that is that I couldn’t smoke or I wouldn’t be able to breath. I had to concentrate on what is important and not on all the things I wanted to do or the troubles I would have gotten into. There is no way I would wish this on anyone. But I do think that if I was left to my own devices, things could and would be different now.

I know without a doubt that it is only God that saved me from my stupidity. Being a teenager is no excuse for being stupid and taking risks. God must have had a much bigger plan for my life because so much could have gone wrong. And since God saved me from myself, I have wonderful daughters, grand-kids and blessings that cannot be counted. I really like the verse Luke 22:31-33 when I think about how God has a way of protecting us from ourselves and from Satan.

  • Luke 22:31-33: And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. And he said unto him, Lord, I am ready to go with thee, both into prison, and to death.

When the trials become the hardest, Jesus’ disciples will remember that he predicted their struggle. They will have hope in their darkness, and will again see the Light of Life. When Peter relies on his own strength,  his strength is an illusion. But in persecution, Peter learns to rely on God’s forgiveness and God’s strength. In his weakness, he finds strength. And then that strength becomes a vital source of strength to many others around him. We need to be relying on God, not snake venom to help us feel stronger. I can’t help but wonder what this guy is trying to run away from when he injects himself with venom. And I pray that God protects him from himself.

Today, as I was watching the video on the snake venom guy, I hope he has a wake up call. He may not think anything is or will happen to him. But one day he may find there is no going back. You can only test fate for so long before something is going to happen. When he makes a comment to a commenter he says that playing with death is the best way to live life. I can’t even begin to understand that comment. I do think that we should live our lives like this would be our last. But that doesn’t mean that we need to inject venom into our bodies just to get a euphoric feeling and to feel less fear. I would think that when we have fear it is our bodies way of telling us not to do something. Click here to watch the video – Snake phobics beware. There is snakes all over the place in this video.

willcoxmapWillcox Dry Lakes aka Willcox Playa– You CANNOT go out onto the Willcox Playa. It is controlled by the military. It is dangerous, many unexploded shells and various ammunition. After 50 years, some of it may not be dangerous, but some is extremely unstable, say military authorities.

Willcox Playa doesn’t draw many crowds. Visitors reviews vary wildly, from bleak and in hospitable where dust devils slither along teeming with life dawns break cold, clear and full of life. Even in Arizona, known for its stark contrasts, this flat expanse of valley floor is a landscape of radical extremes. But many visitors to Willcox Playa find its natural history surprisingly rich, an extraordinary geologic setting that supports hundreds of bird and other species.

Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) is a neurological disorder characterized by progressive weakness and impaired sensory function in the legs and arms. The disorder, which is sometimes called chronic relapsing polyneuropathy, is caused by damage to the myelin sheath (the fatty covering that wraps around and protects nerve fibers) of the peripheral nerves. Although it can occur at any age and in both genders, CIDP is more common in young adults, and in men more so than women. It often presents with symptoms that include tingling or numbness (beginning in the toes and fingers), weakness of the arms and legs, loss of deep tendon reflexes (areflexia), fatigue, and abnormal sensations. CIDP is closely related to Guillain-Barre syndrome and it is considered the chronic counterpart of that acute disease.

Short Toilets

ImageI know this is a weird topic. I remember as a child that in our schools we had small toilets since we were small children. And the teachers and adults had normal sized ones.

The reason I am doing this post is that it is insane that toilets are like 12 inches high. OK! Maybe not literally, but it feels that way at times.  I feel like I have reverted back to 1st grade sized toilets when I see what some public restrooms offer.  So I’m wondering who in the world got the idea that it is a good thing to make child sized toilets for adult sized butts and heights.

I feel for those people who are handicapped or tall.  They might as well sit on the floor or squat down to go to the bathroom. Today Craig and myself went out to lunch. And with my mind wondering about differences in sizes of toilets.  I noticed that in the handicapped stall the toilets were normal people sized. While the other stalls are where you might as well be a toddler learning how to use the potty, because it is by all appearance made for a 4 or 5 yr old. The only thing missing is the little song that plays when you tinkle.

My mother in law would get so upset when she had to go potty and there was an as in one handicapped stall.  And of course that was the only place that had normal toilets. She had bad knees and such so she had an issue with short ones. Shoot I have an issue and medical problems and I can see why she would have a problem with the heights. And it never fails that the one in the handicapped stall is someone capable of getting up off the short toilets they think are OK for adults. I wonder if it was a man who created this design or someone who is around 4 ft tall. I’m willing to bet that people over 6 ft wonder the same thing.  And not to mention the basketball players. I can see the look on their faces as the analyze the situation and wonder how in the world they are going to be using it without his legs sticking out from under the stalls.

With my mind wondering about what in the world someone was thinking when they design toilets, I had to take to the internet to find the answer on why and the differences in sizes. Here are some of my findings;

  • Toilets are referred to as “water closets” in ADA Accessibility Guidelines. To be compliant with ADA guidelines, the height from the floor to the top of the toilet seat must be from 17 to 19 inches.
  • For children that height can be a minimum of 11 inches and a maximum of 17 inches.
Some places even offer instructions on how to use a toilet in the right way. Not sure why someone would need this instruction picture, but soon enough I found the squat toilet.
I did find it interesting when searching the internet for types of toilets and when I came along a picture of a squat toilet. A friend of mine which is more like family was in Switzerland and they had these. OK! I know I’m complaining of short toilets, but this is ridiculous on so many levels. Maybe this is where the term “Pop a Squat” comes from.
  • A squat toilet (also known as an Arabic, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Iranian, Indian, Pakistani, Turkish or Natural-Position toilet; or Nile pan) is a toilet used by squatting, rather than sitting.
Isquat.toilet have to say I got a kick out of this comment when I read what is so great about squat toilets. “Avoiding health issues also saves money. Treating cancer, IBS and other disorders can become very expensive. By using this kind of sanitary toilet, you stand less chance of contracting these diseases, thereby saving the expense of treating them”  The reason I got a kick out of it is that I would love to see a little old lady or someone handicapped being able to use this. They may be not get cancer by using this method, but I sure would wonder how they would be able to get off the floor or out of that position. There is even directions on using the squat toilet, egadds… Maybe I shouldn’t complain about short toilets built for children since other counties have to do their thing this way. What would be do without instructions for going potty?

Make a Difference Monday

I have spoken to some about this thing I do on Mondays… It is what I call Make a Difference Monday… My daughter Jessica gave me the idea to make cards for when I do it on Mondays so then the people know it is just because and nothing is expected in return. But if they want to pay it forward they can. So I designed my cards and have the wordings the way it should be. I made a number of copies to in case others would like to do this.

This actually all started as a program that KLOVE Christian Radio did. And I guess it stuck and I loved the reactions on the faces of those who got something special done for them. And what I like is that it is completely anonymous. The idea isn’t to draw attention to what we are doing for others, but in the name of Christ. No names are on the cards, just what it is all about. I can’t wait for my cards to come in 🙂 I also wanted to make sure that whoever gets the gift and the card knows that it is unconditional and has a Bible Verse about loving others.

I guess for me when I do this, I like to see the reaction and the effect of giving to others in the name of Christ. As a Christian it is important to love one another and to show kindness. I have had many in my life that have gone out of their way to help when I needed it, even when I didn’t think I did need help. This is my way of paying it forward.

Now, when I do this, I try to choose those who look like they need a pick me up. Since I don’t have a ton of money to pay for a big families meal, I will try to do things within reason. And if I’m in a drive thru I will look in my mirror to see who is behind me. I know for myself that I can’t afford to spend alot, but I do what I can with what I have. Even though if I have it on my heart to do something for a bigger family, I will help out towards the meal since more than likely it will be way over my budget, It doesn’t take alot to make a difference to someone.




A Not So Dying Church

ImageA number of years ago, I would say about 4 pastors ago, we had a whacked out pastor at our church. I won’t go into all the horrible things, but it was a nightmare. And sadly for the most part I came to the conclusion that our church is a dying church. They didn’t want to grow. They wanted everything the same way. My sister Joyce came to church with me and asked me what happened to so many of the people. She about chocked when I said, they died. Well, the ones she was asking about was really dead. But in other ways, the church was there. They didn’t want things that would interfere with their Sunday service. And it was pretty sad during our voting during that time, some of the parishioners voiced that out loud and I knew I had to leave. I could NOT and would NOT be a part of a dying church where people didn’t want to grow.

One of the ladies even made the comment that they didn’t want a pastor that would change things because young people doesn’t understand them and they would ruin things. I came home and was very upset over that comment. And for two years I never went back to St. George Community Church. I can understand that everyone likes to worship their own way. But I also think that there is room for people of all ages, even if it is a second service, mixed or so on.

Pastor Dean and Ruth

When that pastor left, so much happened and many left the church. It was a mess. He didn’t make it there very long for good reason. Some people never should be in the ministry. They did send us a new pastor that was awesome. Pastor Lary and Donna were what I called healing pastor and wife. They were able to help us get back to where we should be and that is worshiping Christ. It wasn’t easy I’m sure. It took a lot of convincing for me to go back to the church. I never did take my membership back since I felt they were still family.

After Pastor Donna and Lary left we had Pastor Dean and Ruth… They were awesome too. They had a different gift and the church began to come back to life. Things were happening and things was good. I could feel the presence of God again.

They accomplished alot of things while they were at our church. We have a new fellowship hall named after sweet Eddy Elliott. And so many other wonderful changes. They have retired last year. Which I’m sure isn’t actually retirement since they are busier than ever. When they left, they left as friends and will always be that way. And now we have a new pastor and wife.

Pastor Ray and Kathi are our pastor and wife. And I have to see I am pleased to see what God is doing in our church. When I think about what my thoughts were on a dying church and the frustration I am taken back. The reason I say that is because it’s awesome to see a baptistry at church. I never could understand why a church wouldn’t have their own. I guess to me it tells me they are intent on baptizing and bringing people to Christ. Seems strange to me to borrow someones.


Pastor Ray and Kathi

Today I get an email from Pastor Ray to have me post something new going on at church. I was actually blown away and had to admit that to myself and God that nothing is impossible. And that even if I see that things are dying, there is still life. What happened is that there is a prayer station outside of our church now. They pray for anyone and for the students at Dixie State University. They will talk to them, give them free Bibles and be there. And it isn’t just for the students, its for anyone. I have to honestly say, I didn’t think this would EVER EVER EVER happen at our church. I am super excited to see what is going to happen and I guess I have to leave this and say, ” God’s NOT Dead and neither is St. George Community Church.

Change can be hard for some, but that’s where you just have to trust God in all things. Pastor Dean would tell me this because I wanted to do all these things and he said I had to wait for God’s timing, not mine… I think God knew I had issues with the waiting for something to happen. But he was right…

If you would like to have prayers or visit St. George Community Church the address is 95 South 800 E, St. George, Utah and the churches number is 435-673-2302435-673-2302 and our pastors name is Pastor Ray Schroeder…

Finding Joy

Funny what motivates me when I do my blog postings. Today it was a video of a girl and a street musician.

ImageLooking around at the peoples faces and lives, its easy to see all the pain of the world that is on their shoulders and in their hearts. I do think we all have our own pains and struggles. But that shouldn’t be the reason to take our joy when we know the Lord. There have been many times I just want to hit something or throw my arms in the air and give up. Thankfully those are fleeting moments. If we really look around us, we can see joy.. Joy can come in many forms. And at times we may miss it if we only look at the pain and struggles.

Today while I was watching the video on wimp.com, I was reminded of this. It all starts with a cello player, I think he was that is standing on the sidewalk and a young girl puts her coin in her hat. He begins to play. What happens after that is nothing less than pure joy, happiness and love. Check out this video. It will bring joy to your heart and maybe tears to your eyes. I sure can read a lot into a a couple minute video, lol…

ImageI know from my own personal experiences that it can be hard to find our Joy when we are going through difficult circumstance in our lives. And at the same time I know that the only choice I have to surrender it all to God and He will be there and things work out. There is no amount of money, possessions or other worldly things that will give me the kind of joy that God can give me. There is no comparison. Now I’m not saying that money isn’t important and that we don’t need things to survive. But I am saying these things can’t be what dictates what real joy is. They are all temporary things, while God is forever. This is a great verse to remember when we think about true joy that can only be because of God.

(Habakkuk 3:17-18). When we look to anything or anyone other than the Lord to satisfy us, we will not discover true joy. We may find a measure of happiness, pleasure in the moment, but not real and lasting joy.

Page Elder- Beautiful inside and out

Then I think about a young lady that is a cousin of mine. Her name is Page. I have never met her and just became acquainted with her because of my Uncle George passing away. This young lady has very much been affected by the passing of her grandfather. I didn’t know him very well, but because of her, I got to see the love and joy she had. I can also see the pain and struggles she is going through. But then at the same time, she is relying solely on God alone and not what the world says. Yes, she has her moments like we all do.

Pages real joy is in the Lord. And that is the kind of joy any one of us can have if we believe and accept Christ as our Savior. Her father, my first cousin is a pastor and it is awesome to read their messages and see the love and joy they have in the Lord.
ImageIt is heartbreaking to see all the pain people go through. And many times I do understand that they made the bed they are lying in. But they don’t have to stay there and wallow in it. Real joy and peace is something that God has provided for all of us. I’m not saying that life will be perfect and we will never be hurt or hurt others. Joy is essential in bearing life’s burdens. And we all have burdens, but we can choose how we respond to them. Are we going to respond in despair or in joy? For me, joy is something everyone needs and I depend on to have strength to live my life for Christ.

In Nehemiah 8:10 it says; Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

ImageJesus says, “…that My joy might remain in you….” It’s not joy that comes and goes. It is joy in the good times, the bad times, the nighttime, the daytime, the rainy day, and sunny day. We’re to rejoice in the Lord always. And Jesus didn’t say these words lightly. He was facing a dark time when He instructed us to have His joy.

I’m going to end this here since I have a way of going on and on and my blogs becoming a book almost, lol.

in John 16:33 Jesus says, “These things have I spoken unto you….”, so it only makes sense to see what He has just spoken. There, we will find a recipe for joy.

ImageOne of my favorite verses in the Bible is when Jesus said in Luke 10:20, “Rejoice that your name is written in heaven.” Now of course if your name isn’t there, that would be a good reason to despair and if you are reading this and breathing, you might want to know what you have to do in order to be assured of where you will be when your time on earth is done. Anyone is free to message or comment. And if I don’t have the answer, I will try to point you in the right direction. But I can say, the only real and honest answer is through Christ Alone. There is NO OTHER WAY.

This Girl is Nuts

Rachael Canning

I’m not sure how many people watch the news. I try to keep up to date on some things. Lately there has been a story of a young girl named Rachel that is suing her parents to pay her tuition and living expenses. This girl is crazy.

Rachel is said to be and honors student and intelligent. Well! I’m not seeing this. I see her as a spoiled brat who thinks her parents owe her a living and education. Now granted I have no issue if parents want to help their kids go to college. If I had the money to do that, I would have loved to have been able to do that. My daughters knew we didn’t have the money and they were responsible enough to figure it out.

This girl claims that her parents kicked her out of their home because they didn’t want to pay for her private school tuition.  When actually she left under her own will because she didn’t want to follow the rules of the house. She was also seeing a boy that was trouble and they told her they didn’t want her seeing him. She is 18 and she didn’t like the rules and she moved in with a friend.  since she left home, she was kicked out of school for drinking and a couple other things that I can’t remember why. The judge said that he wished they would spend more time trying to reunite the family, then tear it apart. And I can’t agree more. This family she is staying with has taken on the responsibility and her side. They provided a lawyer for her. Check out the video of her court appearance… Love this Judge

Jessica and her family

My thought is that this girl is 18, left on her own accord and is a brat. When I left my home before I was 18, I never expected my parents to pay my way. My daughters never expected me to pay their way. If I needed help, they would help if they could. But I never expected it. When my daughters got married, or they left home to make their way in the world. They had to do it. I love my daughters and am very proud of them. They are Godly women.They have needed help off an on, but if they acted like this girl, there would be no way they would get my help. If they needed help, they knew they could ask, but the answer may be no.

I give her parents props for being responsible and not giving into Rachel’s brattiness and entitlement. We did pay for my daughter Jessica’s car. We got a cheapy one and she had to be responsible and pay for her stuff. She also had to take automotive to learn how to work on the car in case it broke down or blew a tire. And we had a contract she had to sign before getting it. She was happy to have the privilege in owning a car and having freedom. Jessica also wanted to be a teacher. She knew we had no money due to my medical problems. She found a way to go and is graduating this May with honors and she will have her Bachelors in Elementary Ed. She gained so much more by doing it herself than if I would hand things to her.

Beckiah and one of her children…My cute grand daughter Kora… She also has 3 boys

My daughter Beckiah was in resources in school and could have gone to any college in Utah for free. She took a different path and is an awesome mother to 4 of my grand kids. She was adopted but I have to say she is more like me that Jessica and I are. Beckiah has had a hard life and is a hard worker. If she wants something, she knows she has to make it happen. Things aren’t handed to her. And because she had to do what needed to be done, she has a lot of pride in knowing she did it. Nobody can give you that sense of accomplishment and success, only you can.

I have had more than my share of guilt over not being able to give my daughters everything they wanted or needed. My health has very much gotten into the way of being able to take part in things that I know I should have gone to. One example is with Beckiah. She was in choir at school and I had a difficult time getting to many of her programs. But then I got to a number of Jessica’s flute concerts. I think the reason why is that Jessica would constantly whine and give me a hard time if I didn’t go. Beckiah was silent and would say “it’s OK”. When in reality it wasn’t.  I could never really plan a lot of things in advance since I didn’t and still don’t know what will happen or if I will be in the hospital.

For close to a year off and on when my daughters were in 11th and 12th grade, I was in the hospital. It was so bad that they had lunch at the hospital with me and they would go back to school. I felt an incredible amount of guilt over this. When Jessica got married, thankfully I had friends that helped put it together. I got out of the hospital days before it, and went back in 3 days later. I am so very grateful that my daughters don’t act like this girl suing her parents. I think I would be imprisoned because of all the things I couldn’t do for them.

I was in tears at one time around the time Jessica got married. I missed out on so much and I felt that I wasn’t the mother they both needed. Because a lot of times my friends would have to be there for them. My husband is a truck driver. Jessica and Beckiah warmed my heart though when they said it was because of their experiences and my health that they are the compassionate people they are today.  I feel bad for Beckiah though because of my health. She lived in fear for a long time and I think she still does. I didn’t know how my being sick and the ambulances affected her till one day an ambulance was headed in our houses direction and Beckiah freaked out. When I’m in the hospital, she has a fear that I won’t come home or something.


I’m thankful that I have the daughters I do and that I don’t have a daughter that is entitled like this Rachael girl is. I think this girl took some lessons off of Lindsey Lohan or something. She needs a reality check and maybe a bit of Medea’s heavy hand.

My final thought is that if this girl expects to get a job, she may be shocked. She thinks she is smart, but this is the dumbest move ever. She is a joke and a spoiled brat.

What a Nuisance Cell Phones Can Be!!

ImageThere was a time when you wanted to visit a friend and meet up. You had no cell phone, so you made sure you were there.  If you were having a conversation with someone, you would look each other in the eyes and talk. A conversation was between 2 or more people. Cell phones are great, but it seems like they are more and more taking over our lives. We depend on them for everything. Our so called smart phones are making us dumb. For myself, I use to be able to remember telephone numbers and figure out things for myself. Now, if I needed to remember my daughters telephone numbers I would be lost and stressed out. I barely know my husbands number by heart. And that is a shame. Technology is taking over our brains.

There are many advantages with having cell phones and I love mine. Some of those are emergencies, business and whatever else. But I have found that I rely on it way too much. I realized this when I went to visit my parents in Arizona. They live in a black hole when it comes to cell and internet service. I was in denial that there could be a place that I couldn’t find out what was going on in the world and with each other. But what I found is that it was great not being attached to my phone. I didn’t worry about doing the things I normally never get a chance to do and just visit with family. My friend did have a cell that could be used in this black hole and I would check in each day. But it was rather nice to not have to worry about the phone ringing off the hook, missing a status update or a text message. They all knew they couldn’t reach me where I was, and surprisingly they survived and so did I. As soon as I entered an area where I could get some bars, my phone with off the hook and the real world was there again.
ImageNot too long ago, there was a picture that has made it’s rounds on Facebook about texting in public and when you are with others. This is a pet peeve of mine big time. I don’t like having dinner with someone and every few seconds they check their status, message or whatever else it may be. I might as well have eaten by myself or not go out at all. I find it sad that when a cell phone rings, everyone is taking their phones out of pockets and purses on cue. And it is sad and frustrating that you have to text the person in front of you to get them to talk or acknowledge you are there.

ImageWhen I worked at a local grocery store, we had customers come up to the register all the time with phone in hand while trying to unload their cart. I would ask them if there was anything else they needed. Or how many items were in a bag. I felt like I was talking to myself. Oh, and when they put their finger up as if they were saying “hold on, I’m talking”, I would be ticked. This one lady did that. She was arguing with her husband for sometime. We could all hear her throughout the store. And lucky me, I got to check her out. She kept arguing. I was pretty tired of it by then. I rang up her groceries and when I gave her the amount, she lifted her finger. OH, NO! She did not just do that was on my mind. So I suspended her order and took the receipt to the customer service booth. I told her when she is done fighting on the phone for us all to hear, she can get her groceries. She gave me a look that could kill. But, I’m pretty sure the 5 or 6 customers behind me were applauding.

I try to be observant of those around me. If someone calls me while driving, they can wait for me to call them back when I stop. I very much dislike it when I go out with friends or family and the phone comes out and I’m trying to carry on a conversation. My husband would do that while we were out. Since the posting on Facebook, I have noticed the past couple of times, he has left his phone in his pocket.  There was a time people did live through the whole thing of phones attached to the ears.

ImageThen you have family dinners. I find it disheartening that when families are out together, they are all on cell phones. Why go if you are chatting to others or preoccupied by the phone. Makes no sense to me. I have had some people get mad that I don’t answer my phone right away. And I don’t really care if they get mad. When I’m out in public or with someone, I don’t need to be married to my phone. I want to visit with them. And unless someone is hurt or the world is coming to an end, then I won’t answer. There was a time or two I had to take my phone out of my purse that is normally turned off or on silent. I took it out and turned it on to text the person I’m having dinner with. I would ask them if they realize they are out to dinner and the phone can be shut off. I wish there was cell phone free zones.

ImageI think it is entirely rude to be in line and you aren’t ready. They are there to take your order, not listen to your conversation. They do have other people they need to wait on. And then you get those at the drive thru, theaters, church and driving. This is a hot topic for me. I won’t even go into the whole driving while texting and chatting. If people don’t know the dangers with that, then they have had their heads in the sand or on the phone for way too long.

Crabs and Spiders According to JJ

ImageI get into some weird conversations when my 6 yr old Grandson JJ is over at my house. Here is one of many conversations.

We were looking at pictures of crabs on the internet. I made the comment that they are like spiders in the ocean. So I showed him pictures of spiders that have similar body types and legs. The conversation got out of hand to say the least.

Me: JJ, this is what a crab looks like before we eat them.
JJ: I love crab legs, can we go get some at Red Lobster. ( A kid after my own heart)
Me: Not right now, I have no money… But we can look at pictures ( funny look on his face)
JJ: Crabs look cool
Me: Yeah, they look like big spiders, but they swim in the ocean. And spiders are on land (Showing Tarantula Pics)
JJ: That’s AWESOME(Evil Chuckle as he says that)
Me: Why is that awesome JJ. Do you like spiders
JJ: NO!!! Do they taste like crab legs.
Me: I don’t know, I never tired and never want to
JJ: That would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cool (Me picturing him chasing a spider with a fork)
Me: I don’t think you want to eat spiders because they might bite you on your lip if you did that.
JJ: Would I go to heaven if it bit me?
Me: I would make sure you didn’t die and you will have a swollen lip that is ugly, lol
JJ: That isn’t a nice spider
Me: JJ please don’t go eating spiders and only eat crab legs when you go to Red Lobster or parents give it to you, lol
JJ: OK! Then can I get a GI Joe at Target

I think I need to remember that JJ is impressionable and doesn’t have a big fear factor going on. Shoot, this kid eats the lollipops with worms and crickets. So I need to make sure he doesn’t have a fork in hand while chasing spiders around the room.

Are Spiders and Crabs Related?

I had to look this up and found it on webanwers.com. I’m not knowledgeable when it comes to matters like this. And spiders are NOT my favorite topic,,,

Crabs and spiders are distantly related. They are both invertebrates (animals that lack internal bony skeletons). They are both in the phylum Arthropoda (animals which have jointed legs, an external skeleton of chitin, and a segmented body).

Spiders are in the subphylum Chelicerata which includes the horseshoe crabs and sea spiders but not the true crabs. True crabs are in the subphylum Crustacea which also includes animals such as shrimp, lobsters, and barnacles.

Spiders are all terrestrial while the crabs are nearly all fully aquatic with a few terrestrial species which still are closely tied to the water. While the spiders and crabs share a common ancestor so they are related, they are not closely related. The two groups are about as closely related as mammals are to fish.

Observing The Birth and Resurrection of Christ

For those who have been around me for any length of time knows me well enough to know I do things differently. One of the things I have been doing and getting more and more excited to do is our Christmas at Easter. I didn’t realize how much I would like this until I started putting everything together.

ImageWe are going to be putting our Christmas tree up at the beginning of April. The actual name of the tree is called a Chrismon Tree. Most of the decorations are hand made and all of them are based on Jesus Christ. Each one means something different. The tree is special because it represents the life of Christ. All the ornaments has a special meaning that tells the story of the life of Christ. I included the meanings at the end of this post.

One of the things I have found by doing our Christmas at Easter is that it means so much more. The birth of Christ of course is extremely important. If Christ never came to us as a baby, we would have no hope. Christ came to save us from our sins. Jesus paid the price for my sins and everyone else’s.

As I make each of these ornaments, I see a story come alive. The story and life of Christ. Each of these ornaments are important in their own way. What I have found by celebrating Christmas in December is that the meaning is lost. Commercialism takes over and Christ gets put on the back burner. We hear all the time the “Reason for the Season is Jesus Christ”. I do wonder if anymore it is becoming a common saying and people don’t really understand why Jesus is the reason. I can’t say all people loose track of the true meaning. But society and the world has a way of making it about money and things.  I guess as a Christian, I look at things in a Christian way.

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays for businesses. And it gets me because most of the world celebrates Christmas. But they aren’t celebrating the Birth of Christ. The reason I say that is because I have many friends that are of all faiths or no faiths at all. They put up Christmas Trees, wrap gifts and do all the things that come along with Christmas. But when you ask them why they celebrate since it is a day for Celebrating Christ, they say it is about family. Or they think it is a fun day and they love to give gifts and receive them. Many times children think it is all about Santa Clause. When Atheists share pictures from their day and all the gifts, I get sad. Because I know they don’t celebrate the reason reason we have this day.

Now as a Christian, the nice thing about the Christmas Season is the music. That and Easter is the only times that it seems acceptable to since songs about Christ without someone boycotting something. Even though that does happen in some areas and even here in America.  Like I said earlier, I’m super excited to celebrate the Birth and the Resurrection of Christ in this way. I wish it was communion Sunday on Easter Sunday. We do that only for the first Sunday. But that would be awesome.

Mblack_friday_600y husband for many years hated Christmas. And I couldn’t grasp the thought that he hated it so much. What I came to find out over the years is that he didn’t necessarily hate Christmas. He hated all the stuff that went along with it. The frenzy that ensued on Black Friday to save a buck. The careless drivers and people doing whatever they could do to get what they wanted and willing to pay any price to get the bigger and better gifts. It was a keeping up with the Jones mentality. Even Christians got into the act of bigger and better. Christ was lost.

When I started working at Lin’s Marketplace here in St. George, I began to feel the way Chuck did on some things. We started with putting merchandise out in October. Christmas music and decorations went up. It wasn’t because the store was super excited to celebrate the birth of Christ. It was because they wanted to sale sale sale. They wanted to entice the buyers. And each year it comes out earlier and earlier. It rather frustrates me now. It would be nice if they would wait till after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is just another day anymore too. All the talk around the table is who has the best deals to get on Black Friday. Now when people describe a holiday about family, I think Thanksgiving is that day. But society, stores and the world has taken the focus off the family time together and enjoying the company of our loved ones and friends, that it is gone.

Since Chuck hated the Christmas season so much, I tried a number of times to do different things. But I have to say that I would fall into the thought of getting my kids everything they wanted, no matter the cost. Then it came time to pay the bills, and realized I was being stupid when it came to buying gifts and spending money.

JesusStandsByHis-TombBut this year, I wanted to do something different. Many times Easter is kinda looked over unless you have young kids that love Easter baskets and such. And in reality the Birth and the Resurrection are the most important of all observances for Christians. I was playing around with the idea of merging the two for a couple of years and this year I decided to do it. And I am learning and enjoying this so much more. I don’t have to compete with others trying to run me over in the store. My daughters don’t have to decided where they are going to go for Christmas dinner and have to eat at the other families later on. Bills get paid and the focus is put on Christ. It’s a win win for all involved. And nobody is getting killed in order to save the almighty buck.

We are getting gifts for each person and exchanging them. It will be nothing overboard. We will be inviting friends to join us for dinner and I pray it will be an awesome day for all involved. And most importantly is that when everyone comes over after church on Sunday, they will be able to feel the presence of Christ in all things. From the tree, to the gift bags instead of Christmas Stockings filled with items to help them learn more about Christ. And there is candy, but the candy will also have verses and such on them. I’m super excited to be doing this and I’m thankful and blessed that my kids, husband and grand kids go along with my way of doing things.

On a personal level, I think doing this has been therapeutic for me. I spend so much time at home and having to be careful when it comes to not getting sick. So I try to find things to keep me busy and preoccupied with other things that don’t involve Dr’s, nurses and medicines. This project has done that. I think in the process of doing this, I have become closer to God and have learned so much.

Here are some examples;
Click here to go to a website that has the pictures of the decorations

  1. The Cross: Symbolizes  the crucifixion of Christ
  2. The Chalice: The cup symbolizing the sacrament of Eucharist or Communion; it also represents forgiveness and reconciliation with God.
  3. The Crown: A King’s Crown is the symbol of royal power and authority. It symbolizes Jesus as King of the Jews, in fulfillment of prophetic expectation, as well as the exalted Christ as King of Kings.
  4. Alpha and Omega: The Greek letters alpha (first) and omega (last) from Rev 1:8 and 22:13, symbolizing Jesus as the Christ who has come and will come again; it also symbolizes the continuity of God’s presence in human history
  5. The Descending Dove: The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, recalling the Holy Spirit’s descent on Jesus as a dove at his Baptism. The nimbus, three-pointed rays around its head, is a symbol of the Trinity.
  6. Chi Rho: Two Greek letters which are the first letters in the Greek word for Christ.
  7. Jerusalem Cross: The crusader’s cross. Worn by the crusaders going to Jerusalem, it symbolizes the Four Gospels or the spread of the Gospel to the four corners of the Earth. The five crosses can also represent the five wounds of Jesus.
  8. HIS–Iota, Eta, Sigma: The three Greek letters are the first three in the Greek word for Jesus. We are reminded that Jesus died on the cross for us.
  9. Lamb of God: Judaism believed the lamb was an offering. Christians think of Jesus as the lamb of god who was sacrificed to forgive our sins
  10. The Butterfly: The butterfly symbolizes the transformation
  11. The Lamp: Represents Jesus as the light of the path for Christian through the world.
  12. The Star of David: The Star of David or the Creator’s Star. The six points represent six aspects of God: love, mercy, wisdom, majesty, power, and justice. In this form, the two triangles represent the Trinity.
  13. The Furca/Upsilon Cross”  From the Greek letter Y is also called The Thieves’ Cross from the two robbers who were crucified on each side of Jesus. From ancient times, the furca symbolized the choice between good and evil
  14. The Heart” The Symbol of Love
  15. The Manger” Christ was born in a manger
  16. 8 pointed Armenian Star: The eight pointed Armenian Star, the points symbolizing Christ; in the west, it is called the Bethlehem Star, symbolizing the world Jesus came to save; eight is the symbol of regeneration, often associated with baptism or resurrection.
  17. The Clam: The seashell or scallop is a symbol for Christian baptism or the baptism of Jesus. It is also a symbol for pilgrimage and the spread of the Gospel to the world.
  18. Pax: Peace in Latin representing  hope for peace in this world
  19. The Fish or IXTHUS: The Greek word for fish. This is an acrostic for the Greek words meaning Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior
  20. The Earth: A symbol that reminds us we are all of this one world.
  21. Natal Star Cross: Natal Star Cross: A natal cross, with a four-pointed Bethlehem Star representing the sign in the night sky announcing Jesus’ birth combined with a cross, symbolizing the salvation which the birth of this child brings.
  22. 5 Pointed Star: Medievel Christians believed the 5 points represented the five wounds of Christ and was believe to protect against evil.
  23. Trefoil: Three circles interposed symbolize the unity of the Trinity, yet the separate Persons thereof.
  24. Triumphant Church Cross: –The world (as seen by the latitude and longitude lines) with the cross on top, reminds us that Christ is triumphant over the challenges presented by living in the world.
  25. The Peace Dove: A dove carrying an olive leaf is a symbol of peace.
  26. Holy Bible: The inspired Word of God