Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Pastor Joe has a blog that I just started to follow… I enjoy his blog and the truths in it.

Joe Quatrone, Jr.

Question: “As I debatjesus deathe Christian theology with my Muslim friends, the issue of the cross and the atonement always seems to be a sticking point.  From their perspective they ask, ‘Why can’t Allah just unilaterally forgive my sins and cut out the middle man?’  So the question is, ‘Why did Jesus have to die?”

Answer: Muslims use much of the same terminology that appears in the Bible: sin, salvation, heaven, hell, law, and punishment.  What is missing from their lexicon, however, is the word “savior.”  The Muslim does not believe he needs a savior because he believes he alone must atone for his sin by his works.  Islam teaches that man is born sinless and, therefore, does not have a sin nature from which he needs to be saved.  His sinlessness was corrupted by external influences and can, therefore, be ‘cleaned up’ by works and efforts that please Allah. …

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