Sick of the Media and Al Sharpton?

With all the protests going on in Ferguson, Missouri, I wonder about equality and fairness. I got thinking about this after watching a video on Facebook. This guy names Johnathon Gentry hits the nail on the head. Click here for to listen to his video…

I completely understand that people are upset over the killing of Michael Brown. For those who may not know what I am talking about, I’m discussing where the police officer killed a African American boy that was unarmed.

What I am going to go into is all the other innocent people that are killed all over the place and not getting the publicity. They don’t have Al Sharpton or the NAACP showing up to help them out because there aren’t cameras rolling.

21947807_BG2I have no problem with protecting the rights of all people, no matter what color or race they are. I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I have family members of all races, nationalities, faiths and sizes.  I do have a problem though on how people pick and choose who deserves to get more media attention. Yeah, it is important what is going on in Missouri, but it is any more important than a young child being killed because of a stray bullet? Is it any more important than the thousands of innocent lives that are being lost each year because of stupidity or drunk drivers?

There are horrible things going on all over the world and to hundreds of thousands of people that we never hear of. I don’t know if we are hearing more about the shooting of this young man because he is black and the officer is white. To me it would seem that way. If it was the other way around, I don’t think we would be hearing anything about it. And if we do it would be a blurb on the news.

25670693_BG1Just the other day, I accidentally came across a video of a black police officer that was killed in the line of duty. Officer Kevin Jordan was killed by some white customers at a Waffle House. When I watched the video on how much he did for his community, it broke my heart to know that he was a fallen officer. Where is the media when things like this happens? Yeah he got local media, but not outside of the area he lived. There were no riots or getting in other peoples faces. It was about remembering someone who made a difference. Click here to watch the video of the tribute video I accidentally came across.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I want to know where all the cameras and media people are when another child dies or get’s diagnosed with cancer. I thank God all the time that my children and grand-kids are healthy. Why isn’t more being done to save these children? Why aren’t picketing for them?

10577028_348085735348176_1102124034162923390_nJust today, I was reading about another young child that died from cancer. People should be getting mad and wanting to do something. But they aren’t. Well, some are, but not nearly enough. Richard was laid to rest today. To learn more about Richard, here is a link to his funeral. Even though I never met him, children like him touches my heart and it makes me upset to know more isn’t being done. Are they not worth fighting for? I have been praying for over 30 kids and each week more are added. Each week another child dies senselessly. I want to know where Al Sharpton and the NAACP is? Go to the Jesse Rees Facebook page and look through the pictures of all of the children and families. You will be touched by their stories and strengths. But these children and families don’t have Al Sharpen fighting for them because they aren’t controversial enough I guess.

If just a small about of money and time that was spent on rioting and protesting, a difference can be made in so many peoples lives. I guess it is a pick and choose and see what the media thinks is worth while. To say I am ticked would be an understatement. I will be posting on childhood cancer in September, because awareness needs to happen. I am blessed beyond measure that I don’t know anyone personally with childhood cancer. But I do know many that have cancer of other forms. I guess their lives isn’t worth the publicity and media attention either!!!


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