Blessed and Ticked at the Same Time

First the blessing part of this blog. There has been a video that has been going around on Facebook that shows military guys singing “Days of Elijah”. I have watched this a number of times and brings me peace that there are troops that are bringing God to the forefront and fighting for our country.

There is religious persecution going on all around us. Everyday there are more and more challenges when it comes to the first amendment. When I watch this video it reminds me that no matter what the first amendment may say and the persecutions we go through, God is present and in control.

Now the part that ticks me off!!!  The government has now made it where those who take the oath they can leave out the part where it says “so help me God,”. This is a comment that is from the United States Air Force. “We are pleased that the U.S. Department of Defense has confirmed our client has a First Amendment right to omit the reference to a supreme being in his reenlistment oath,” Miller said in a statement Wednesday. “We hope the Air Force will respect the constitutional rights of Atheists in the future.” The American Humanist Association applauded the decision. Read entire article

I have no problem, well I guess I do when it comes to leaving God out of anything. I believe that is what is wrong with our country and all the countries that are having these wars. If God was present in their lives, then maybe they wouldn’t be having the problems they are having now. If they are worshiping the wrong God or no God and have spit in God’s face, why would He bless them? They have turned their eyes away from Him.

God loves everyone and there are Christians everywhere. Missionaries are living in these countries that are dying because they are standing up for their faith in Jesus Christ. I have to say I get angry that there are Christians in prison like Pastor Saeed and Asia Bibi. We have missionaries our church sponsors, and they put themselves out there to help bring the Gospel to those in need. Only because of God can they find peace. But so many don’t get it!

I know a number of people that are atheists, Wicca and whatever other religion or no religion. Honestly I don’t understand it. But that is their choice. If it wasn’t for my faith in Christ, I would have given up a long time ago. And it is incredibly sad to think that so many have no hope in anything or false gods. I need a arsenal of hammers to knock sense into people. But then I realize that we all have free will.

With free will, people choose for themselves. But I don’t get why they have to force their free will on everyone else. I actually hear more about pushing the agenda from those who are not Christian. If someone doesn’t believe in God, fine, do what you want! But, why would their rights be any greater than our rights. I don’t see Christians bashing and going to court to fight for their rights. It may seem like it, but most of the times it is the other groups or organizations that are stirring the pot. They don’t to be dragging everyone else down because you/they choose not to.

I best get off this topic because it is a huge soapbox for me. I just want to say that I absolutely love to see our troops putting God first and then going out and serving our country. And for those troops that don’t believe in God, well, I guess I won’t go there, because that will be a book. Thanks to those who put God first, gives me a sense of peace knowing they are.

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