New Addition

Our household has changed a bit because of pets.

Patsy eating one of her gifts- it was gone in 5 minutes
Patsy eating one of her gifts- it was gone in 5 minutes

We were told by the city that we can only have 2 dogs. We had three. We had Patsy our Boxer, Jasper our Pug and Parker our Pug/Pekingnese. Since we live in a duplex and have a smaller back yard, my good friend Lisa took Patsy over to her house. Which is working out great. Patsy needed more room and I have the two smaller dogs are over zealous when it comes to the wanting to hump anything in sight. So, Patsy has been getting more exercise and she hasn’t had the other two trying to do what boy dogs do best. Even though I thought if they were fixed, they would loose that urge. Parker didn’t get the memo.

But today, we added a cat to the mixture. It is actually a little kitten. We have a family of mice that thinks it needs to be in the wall and run amuck. We haven’t named the kitten yet, but we will be doing that.

He should be called Love Bug because he is super cute and you don’t even have to pet him for him to start purring and he has the foot action going. He gets super excited. Now, I have to figure out how to train him to catch mice. Some cats are better at it than others. I think this little guy is going to be good. As soon as I brought him in and I put him in our bathroom, he went to check out a mouse hole. That’s a good sign.

drpem3xzef3kf.cloudfront.netHe has been treated for a cold and is on medications for that. And we have to introduce him to the dogs. He showed no interest in our bird and my bearded dragon. Which is awesome. Since he is young, he will be having to get use to them. Even though I’m not going to totally trust him with Fred my bearded dragon. Fred’s top will have to be locked and secured. But it should be interesting around here while kitty is being trained.

I’m glad I got the little guy. We haven’t had a cat in a long time. It’s been about 13 yrs. I just hope and pray the kitty gets the idea that the bird and Fred are not for eating, lol. This weekend my hubby will have a honey do list to make sure all is safe and secure for all involved, except the mouse.

I would like to add that if anyone that reads this and is looking for a pet to add to the family. We got our little guy at the Ivin’s Animal Shelter in Ivin’s Utah. Please don’t buy a kitten or dog. There are so many animals that are in need of a good home. Ivin’s Animal Shelter is a no kill shelter. But most aren’t. When we picked up our new family member, there had to have been 25-30 cats that are in need of a home. It is sad to see how many are in need. I also want to say that you can save lives by spaying or nuetering your pets. Animals are put down all the time because there is no room at the shelters.

6f82958fb4b81ab79296ab22a52c12d4I have been rescuing dogs for a long time. Some shelters only give animals a few days to find a place. Most dogs are sweet and need someone to love them. If people would get their pets fixed, that means that there are less homeless animals being put down. One of the shelters in Phoenix on the average puts down a couple hundred pets a month. Most of the time they are out down because the owners can no longer take care of them or they have to move to a place where pets aren’t allowed. For me, if we move, we move where they can go. I don’t understand why people have to turn their pets into high kill shelters. Most never make it out alive. So,please be responsible pet owners.

With Christmas coming up, many will want to buy their children or loved ones a cute little puppy or kitten. Please remember that they grow up. They won’t be puppies forever. If you want to get a pet, do some research and make sure they are a good match. The newness wears off fast and the one that has to pay the price is the pet.