Blessed Beyond Measure

tumblr_m2ewqaFhdW1qhmhdfo1_1280Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I would have to say honestly that I am very blessed. When I think of my blessings I think about this Bible verse;

  • 1 Thessalonians 5:18 – Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

God has placed a great deal of importance on Thanksgiving. I believe we are called to be thankful in all that we do, no matter what  circumstances may be at the moment.  Many think of Thanksgiving as a time for spending with friends and families, which is correct. In the Bible it talks about more than being thankful for the things and loved ones we have been given. It talks about having an attitude of thanksgiving towards the Lord and what He has done for us.

On a personal level I have found that even though I have had many struggles in my life health-wise and in other areas that God is there with me through them all.  He is there when I hear bad news from my Dr’s. He is there though my losses, joy and the realities of life. I give thanks because no matter what He doesn’t bale on me. Even when life becomes clouded and difficult I will see God.

count-your-blessingsOver the years I have had my moments where I try to figure out what why things are happening in my life. There are times when I have questioned certain toxic people that I have allowed in my life and my family in Arizona. Sometimes people comes into our lives to wreck havoc. But, I am thankful at the same time because I have had to learn to trust God more during those storms.

The Lord understands and knows what we are going through even though we may not fully understand. Sometimes the circumstances we face may be grim and God may not say yes to our questions and pleas, but over time I realize that God is present in more ways  that I could have ever imagined. There are many verses in the Bible that discuss being thankful. One of the verses that gives me hope is 1 Chronicles 16:34 “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.”

God doesn’t owe me anything. In reality I  don’t deserve the things He has blessed me with. I owe God everything I have and He deserves our thanks and praise!  When I consider  all those blessings in my life that God has blessed me with I am humbled and grateful. I believe that every day should be a day of giving thanks—a thanksgiving day.

Three of my grandsons that I help with home schooling. They did a project of what they are thankful for as if they were living during the times when the pilgrims settled here. I have some pretty awesome grandsons.

When I think of all the things I am thankful for, I find my list is long. Yesterday at my Dr’s office I found myself feeling bad for my Dr. He doesn’t like to be the bearer of bad news. He has a heart of gold and is filled with compassion. I find myself witnessing to him and offered to pray for him and his upcoming surgery. I love to strike up conversations about God and His love for others.

There are some countries like Iraq and Pakistan where I would be hung or stoned to death for doing that. I am thankful that I can go into the lions den and share the good news with others that don’t know who God really is. I am thankful I live in a country that allows me to pray openly and to worship God the way that I have chosen. For me, this is one of the most important things when I think of how thankful I am. Not everyone can say that.

God has blessed me with two of the best daughters that have turned into Godly women and mothers. Both of my daughters have children that are believers in Christ. God has blessed me with the best grandsons and a grand daughter. My husband and I have been married for 34 yrs. We got married when I was 17. While I made many bad mistakes at the time. God blessed me and made my mistakes into something beautiful (my daughters).

Pastor Saeed

In closing I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. My prayers are that you all enjoy the day. I would also like to ask you all to pray for those Christians who are being persecuted, imprisoned and being put to death. I have been praying for the release of Asia Bibi that has a death sentence in Pakistan because she is a Christian woman who drank a cup of water that belonged to a Muslim. Then there is Pastor Saeed who is an American citizen that has been jailed in Iraq. Keep the innocent children and people who are being kidnapped,  beheaded and tortured by ISIS. I am extremely thankful and I am saddened that so many are suffering needlessly. For more information about those who are being persecuted and what you can do, click here and it will take you to Voice of the Martyrs.

Insanity in Ferguson, MO

24c92110-74ae-11e4-b8e6-7b04d88288ff_AP603605834962I don’t get the whole thing going on in Ferguson, Mo. The reason I say this is because while a young man lost his life, I wonder when the violence is going to stop. I don’t know who is to blame, but why would the parents, family and Al Sharpten want to encourage all the fighting. Then the whole thing with Nancy Grace drives me nuts. If she would stop commenting and fueling the fire, maybe things can calm down.

While, I would be really upset over my child being killed. I don’t see where the rationale is when it comes to businesses, property and lives being destroyed. I’m all for making a statement and peaceful protests. I have been in a number of them in my life. There has to be a better way to handle this. What kind of a message are we sending to those around the world. If anyone wants to see the horrible images that are posted on a yahoo site, Click Here…

GTY_ferguson_damage_building_ll_141125_4x3_992I want to know what these businesses did to the protestors. Why did they have to destroy car-lots and places that people worked their entire lives to have? There was complete chaos and violence that happened in August, just after this young mans death.  Protesters started fires at dozens of businesses and for the most part they resulted in total losses. This reminds me of the scenes from third world countries. Some of them act like savages and to me this is what it looks like right now. I know many say it is racial oriented and I don’t know. All I know is that I feel bad for the family of this young mans family and I feel for those who have to deal with the violence and destruction. Nancy Grace isn’t doing anything to help with calming the storm.

It makes me sick when I hear of all the stuff going on there in MO and around the country. I hope during the press conference the family addresses all this violence. I wonder how many of these protestors are going to be complaining that they can’t find a job or have to file bankruptcy because they decided to burn half the town down. I can’t blame the firemen or the police for not going into the areas where this is going on. I’m just shocked that this is going on here in the United States. Here is an article that is on the riots too. Click Here.

laylaLastly, I just want to say is where are all these rioters and protestors when innocent children are murdered by parents, rapists and pedophiles. What about rioting when a gang member decides to kill little Laylah Peterson who was only 5-year-old. She was shot last week when a suspect or suspects opened fire on her grandparent’s house. They say the gunman targeted the wrong home. Really? Tell that to the family that is burying their daughter and donated her heart so someone else could live. She deserves a riot too I would think. Thankfully her parents and grandparents are fueling the fire. Innocent lives are killed everyday. Could you imagine if everyone acted like they did in Ferguson, MO. The United States would be a War Zone like the Middle East. I’m done with this post, it is ticking me off.