Getting Older – A Bit of A Rant

Lets-Make-a-DealMy husband and I were talking about Mickey Dolanz from the Monkeys and how he is now 72 yrs old and how old he is getting. Then the conversation went on to how Let’s Make a Deal came out 51 yrs ago in 1963. I can see where this is headed. He is treading on dangerous territory for sure.

I was born in 1963 and when people ask me how old I am, I always say 22. He then went on to say how some people are delusional when it comes to age, with the daggers in his eyes looking in my direction.

I then proceeded to tell him about a dear lady I knew named Mattie Bennett. She would tell everyone, me included that she was 16. Obviously she was in her 60’s or 70’s. Mattie explained to me that she tells everyone she is 16 because in her mind she is young, even though the outside and her body is old. Once we convince ourselves that we are old and can’t do anything, then like might as well be sitting in a rocking chair on the porch and watch life pass you by. If he wants to sit in a rocking chair and act like a old crotchety and nasty old man, then so be it. As you may see, this is one of my hot topics.

20033333While we all age, keep in mind that I did not say I am getting old. I am simply aging. When someone tells me that I need to act my age or admit my age, I wonder why would I want to do that.

My husband is someone who I would say acts his age. He is like his dad and has the mindset of a cranky old man in many ways. He grumbles over the same things his dad did and has the same mannerism. My mother in law lived with us after my father in law passed away. She would make comments on how much Chuck is like his dad and worse in many ways. Don’t get me wrong, there are good things about Chuck, but acting like his dad is NOT something I like and something he shouldn’t be comfortable with.

I would never want to return to life at 22. I am OK where I am now. But I refuse to grow old mentally. Physically, it doesn’t matter. We all age and all will die. This isn’t about aging. Once we give into the I’m too old for that mentality, then life passes you by. There are many people I know that do that and they are unhappy people and do nothing but complain about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

0eb5ef52685e01e1e7bca1b3d199fd2fThere are many I know that are aged, but don’t let that stop them. Just because a person is getting older it doesn’t mean they have to be old. It is all in the mindset.

There are some things though that people that are aged shouldn’t do. Really it could be people of any age. One of the things that bugs me is when I see someone that is 70 dressed like a teenager. There is such a thing as being tasteful and using good judgement.

If people think I am delusional when I say I am 22, then that is fine. They can think what they want and they can live their lives the way they want to. As for me, I will be 22 until I turn 23. If people have a problem, that is their problem, not mine.When people say they don’t understand why I feel the way I do, well, that is OK too. They don’t need to understand!!!

Now I’m done ranting. At least for now 🙂