What is a True Friend? Do NOT Delete Lisa :)

I was thinking about my friend Lisa when someone asked me about what is a true friend and do they have to be just like us. While I have many friends, Lisa came to mind. When I think of what a true friend is I would say that she is person that I can trust to be with me when I am at my weakest and having a bad hair day. They also there when I want to throw something at the wall. A friendship isn’t a one sided thing, you have to be willing to be there for each other, without judging one another.

IMG_5637Lisa is the kind of friend that would do just about anything for anyone. I don’t know anyone that would be willing to go with me to go see my parents in Arizona and endure a road-trip that was far from uneventful. We dealt with crazy passengers, ha-boobs, rattlesnakes, wild pigs, the Bates Motel and so much more. We lived to tell about it thankfully.

Whats nice about Lisa is that she would be there for ya in good times and bad, when you are at your best and when you’ve behaved badly. As if I would ever behave badly, lol. True friends care about you no matter what you do.

Part of the conversation I was having with one of my friends on Facebook is about what it is that makes a true friend. I would have to say that there has to be unconditional love and acceptance of others. I have found that when I have friendships that are outside of my own beliefs and lifestyle, it doesn’t work out as well. Many times those types of friendships will drift away and collapse. I enjoy the kind of friendship where one is like-minded.

friendLisa and I can get into some pretty off the wall conversations. Just this week Lisa and I were talking about some new neighbors that she has. I started receiving messages in the evening about how there are bikes at the house next door and that would mean kids are going to live there. To fully understand Lisa, you have to know that Lisa is NOT a person who enjoys having children around. While she has two adult sons, she is done with dealing with children. God must be trying to play around with Lisa’s love of children (sarcasm intended). The next message I received was that there are 6 bikes, lol. She is stressing a bit over the whole situation. I’m laughing on my side of the conversation and she isn’t. I don’t think I would want 6 young kids living that close to me either. My ears have a noise intolerance these days, I enjoy my peace and quiet.

When I hear the quote,”A friend is someone who will let you have total freedom to be yourself” would describe Lisa. She isn’t out to change anyone. Lisa is much more daring than I am. If I was asked how to describe Lisa I would have to say that she is a motorcycle momma who isn’t afraid to tell you what is on her mind. So don’t ask if you don’t want to know. She also is a redhead when she wants to be and is tattooed. But more-so, Lisa wears her heart on her sleeve. She has her moments and I understand that when she is upset, she just needs to be alone or she may want to go out to Applebee’s and eat all the chips and dips with a drink. Long story on how I know this about her, lol.

Towards the end of the conversation I was having on Facebook, we summed up that a true friend is unconditional. They will be there for ya when you call and need a ride or just to talk. I have a few friends that I can say is true friends. Then I have those friends who are what I would call “friends of convenience.” Lisa is NOT what I would call a “friend of convenience.” When you have true friends, you best hold onto them because they don’t come by all the time.

Now, the next question I was asked in my conversation is “do we know how to be a true friend”? Now that is the flip side of the coin. Friendships aren’t about what someone can do for me, but what can I do for you. I try to focus on being a true friend and would hope I would be considered a good friend.

To All My Family And FriendsOne thing that I should add about true friends is that “true friends” can also be family. My daughters are my best friends and they are lifelong friends. Since the conversation I was having on Facebook was about friends that are outside of the family, I wanted to be sure to add that for me my best friends include my daughters and a couple of my sisters. I can’t really say all of my sisters since there are conditions put on everything and siblings have a way of throwing you under the bus. I think with all families there will be some you are closer to over others. If you have that kind of a friendship with family, you are very bless and I feel blessed in those relationships.

In closing I just want to say that you have ever had the opportunity to be part of a friendship that is unconditional you should make it the best friendship ever. There is something special about knowing that someone has your back. For me that person is Lisa. I can say without a doubt that Lisa would be someone that would stand in my corner and fight like a mad women. If you seen how she gives her hubby a what for when he does something stupid, you would know that she can handle herself and others that would hurt those she loves and cares about. True friendships are unconditional.

I would love to hear from others about what a true friend is to you and what makes your friendship special.

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