Wade Hammonds Concert- A Vent

                Kathi and Wade Hammond

I went to a concert at my church tonight. Wade Hammond was the singer and I have to say that I was rather disappointed in the concert. Not because he wasn’t worth coming out to hear. He was more than worth my time and better than most concerts I have paid a lot of money to go to.

Wade Hammond and his wife came to our little church and put together a wonderful offering of music and words of encouragement. I am not one that likes country music and I’m not really into the Southern Gospel. Wade sang songs that spoke to my heart and was from his heart. For those who missed it, you really missed out. This concert was free and Wade and his wife took time out to visit our town and yet there was only around 25 people there including them. Why !!!

It has been publicized for weeks on our website, Facebook, power points and so on. There is no excuse to say that they didn’t know. Announcements have been made from the pulpit and Pastor Ray made sure to get the word out. I can understand outside of the church since not all subscribe to the paper. But for those who go to our church should have been there to support Christian artists. It isn’t like our city gets a lot of concerts like this that is free.

I can also understand if someone is sick or doesn’t drive at night. But there are plenty that can give a ride to someone if they need a ride. I guess you can say I am rather ticked off that there isn’t more support and more of a showing from those who go to our church. I know that Wade wouldn’t complain and neither did Pastor Ray. But, I have no problem saying what is on my mind.  As Christians, we should be willing to support and attend concerts like this. There was a time were we were off the map when it comes to Christian artists. And here we are, getting one to come to our church and it costs nothing but 2 hours of your time and you don’t go. What the heck is up with that???? 2 hours isn’t a lot of time to worship Christ. Shoot, in a village of one of missionaries, people will walk a day just to get the chance to listen to the Word and music. And yet, people will throw away what many fight to be able to do. Many are killed everyday and ticks me off that God wasn’t worth the time to spend it singing praises to the Lord.

I’m sorry that I am going on about this. Well, not totally sorry. I am very disappointed  that a very small group showed up. We have more people show up where food is for ladies luncheons and yet many that could have gone out decided it wasn’t worth going. I was talking to one lady about why she wasn’t there and she said it was raining. That is so not true and it was still light when the concert was over.

To those who showed up, it was nice to at-least have someone there. I felt bad for Ray, he was there and I am sure he was stressing over people not coming. People started coming about 5 minutes prior.

There has been some big name concerts that have come to St. George over the past few years. The concerts are it the 30.00-40.00 range and yet it sells out. I overhear people say how nice it is to get Christian artists and that as Christians we need to be sure to go to those concerts, even if it isn’t our favorite genre. If we show up for concerts like this, there may be a day when there is nothing coming to town.  I would like to know where those who say this were tonight. I best get off this topic or it is going to make me even more upset. I shouldn’t be getting upset about this, but I did and I am.

In Closing- You all missed out on something special!!!

Wade Hammonds Website

Wade Hammonds Facebook Page

Wade Hammonds Bio
2014 ICM Nominee:
“Music Evangelist Of The Year”
“Male Vocalist Of The Year”
2013 ICM Nominee:
“Music Evangelist Of The Year”
“Male Vocalist Of The Year”
“Song Of The Year”
2012 ICM Nominee:
“Male Vocalist of the Year”
“New Artist of the Year”

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