We Shall Overcome

ChurchI have been working on my churches power-point for this coming Sunday. This one got me thinking about the shooting in Charleston S.C. 9 lives were taken by the hands of a gunman. Yet, those people offered this young man forgiveness. My last blog was on the shooting to. What touched my heart was that as they prepare to bury their loved ones, they were singing the hymn “We Will Overcome”. Our sermon is titled, “Living as Overcomers.” Video of We Shall Overcome by Pete Seeger.

I went to the churches website and was reading about the Bible study that was going on. On this night, God received 9 people into Heaven.  On the website this was the description;

  • Is something missing from your life? Are you doing all you can to have a closer relationship with God? If you have a desire to learn more about God, then join us on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. in the lower level of the church. We look forward to seeing you!

My pastor didn’t know what was happening since when he sent me the information to put on the screen for our service, the shooting hasn’t happened yet. The whole time I was doing the power-point for church, I was listening to story after story on CNN about how they love the lord and how all have sinned. We must all forgive since God instructed us to forgive. While their hearts were breaking, they are trusting fully in the Lord.

One of the ladies stated that she is a work in progress and she is very angry, but she has forgiven him also. I have to admit I would have a hard time doing that.

There are many out there that thinks that Christians in America are spoiled and that nothing would happen to us since we are a free nation. There is persecution going on everyday. These people were participating in a Bible study. I would hope if I were to be killed, I would be doing the Lords work. People are afraid to stand up for what they believe because they think they will be put away or killed.I have people tell me every now and then that I shouldn’t blog a certain subject since it will make someone feel bad. More people needs to be standing up for what is right and not be afraid of hurting someones feelings. Persecution is happening in America right now. Churches aren’t safe and neither is any other place. Within minutes life can change.

This church in South Carolina has touched a special spot in my heart. They aren’t afraid and they offer forgiveness. They are praising God in the midst of their storm. The sermon that is this Sunday will have special meaning to those who know what is happening in the world. This is a sensitive subject for me since I have nieces and nephews of all races. Hatred and racism needs to end. I don’t think it ever will till Christ returns. People that are prejudice and hateful makes me sick to my stomach. God created all people and the color of the skin shouldn’t matter. My prayer is for Christ to come and rescue us all.