Road Tripping After Getting Lost

Zions with the Bartons and JJToday my daughter Rebechia, her children, JJ and myself went on a spur of the moment thing today. We rarely get to spend time together and I loved just hanging out.

We decided to go to Zions National Park. I have never had a trip there like today though. Zions is about 40 miles for me. I get a free pass since I’m on disability. For those who have a disability, you can get free passes to all National Parks. It look about 45 minutes to get there, which isn’t bad at all.

Once I showed the workers my ID and my parks pass, we proceeded into the park. We parked and our journey has begun.

As we were getting onto the shuttle so we can look around Zions. It was an interesting day to say the least and very long. We left my house around noon. We didn’t get home till around 8pm. Normally it takes a very short time, but not this time. Since it was raining down really hard and waterfalls was going on. Click here for a video of the downpour we got caught in. I figured it was a good idea to drive the scenic route since you can’t actually drive your car into the park. Off we went to the what I thought was a short distance to Interstate 15.

11698984_10204613823642361_344681194744054009_oI was wrong. We left the park at around 4:30. On our way home and after many Photo OP’s and endless roads, we finally pulled over at a place called White Mountain Post off SR-9 & US-89 Mount Carmel Junction, Utah If you didn’t know there was a town called Orderville also there is. I have never been to this area, it was very pretty. We pulled off here so we can find out how to get back home. It only took me a couple hours or more to get home on this route and it never did hit Interstate 15. I guess I’m not good at directions lol.

I should say that right before we got to the trading post, we noticed there were buffalo’s all over the place. I never knew there were buffalo in Utah, I guess I was wrong again. They did give us the directions that we had to follow to get back home. The shortest way would have been to go back through Zions National Park, but we chose not to since there was 2 mud slides and it would have been a pain in the butt. My daughter went to ask for the directions since I can’t get my port wet. But she found out we were really lost. It took us an additional 2 hours which meant about 120 miles. Leave it up to me to get lost, lol.

Grand CanyonThe last time I got this lost was when I went to Phoenix to visit friends and family and somehow ended up in Flagstaff. We could have gone to the Grand Canyon since it was an hour away though, lol Not sure how I did that one either. We ended up way out of the way. Even though we got lost, we had a great time as mother in daughter. It was also awesome hanging out with all the grand-kids. They loved the time away from home. My grandson JJ gets bored easily, so I decided this would be a good time to get him out of the house.

One of the most inspirational parts of this unplanned road trip was as we were getting out of Hildale, Ut there was this huge wall of sunshine that was beaming down from Heaven. I have never seen so much sunshine that had beams that had to 11696257_10204613832802590_7354682329291586327_ohave been a mile wide. I immediately thought about how awesome it would be that once we reached the sunlight that Christ would be there as we drive through it. It was a pretty surreal moment. I had to pull off to the side of the road to take a picture.

Then, just as we are seeing it in our site and the song “When I Wake Up in the Land of Glory” by Big Daddy Weave came on the CD player. It was one of those moments when you know that even if you may be physically lost, God is always there and He sends beams of sunshine from Heaven. It’s hard to describe that moment. Even JJ was saying that they are from Jesus and that Jesus is coming soon. WOW!!! Is the best way to describe that moment.