“I Am the Way” – Guest Writer Lee O’Hare

Lee O'HareOur Guest Writer Lee O’Hare posted this just the other day on his Facebook Groups page called “Posse of Online Spiritual Misfits”. I found his post interesting since it touched on what our sermon was this last Sunday. Click here to listen to the sermon that Pastor Ray Schroeder.

I had a very serious discussion last night with a very dear friend regarding what some would call the “exclusivity of the gospel” which claims that Jesus is alone the way to God.

I woke this morning around 4:30 with a very vivid image (vision?) of a ring of many different types of keys very similar to this. I then heard a very distinct voice saying to me, “If there was a door into a very important building in which you desired to enter would it be arrogant for you to know that of all the keys on this key ring only one of them was made specifically for this door? Would that correctly fitting key be guilty of boasting of its exclusivity or would it simply be a matter of fact and the obvious nature of the case? Not all keys were specifically cut to fit that door. The fact that one does actually fit is not evidence of arrogance; it is just a fact.”

Jesus is the one who said, “I Am the way, the truth and the life (zoe). No one can come to the Father (Abba) except through me.” (John 14:6)

Does that make Jesus “arrogant” or “exclusive” for loving us enough to tell us we don’t have to go searching through an endless ring of keys to find the one that actually works to open the door?


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