Clarence the Tattle Tale Cat

My cat Clarence is a tattle tale. He has been telling on my dog Parker when Parker decides he needs to go potty on the floor when I forget to open up the doggie door for him to get outside.

Parker, the guilt ridden dog

I started noticing this a few weeks ago and at first I thought it was Clarence that was going potty on the carpet. But it wasn’t him, it was Parker.

So, Parker will sneak into the living room and do his thing. He does this when it rains or when I forget to open the doggie door like I said earlier. I know Parker is up to no good when he comes back into the bedroom and he is sulking with his tail hanging low. Not only does his tail hang low, so does his head. After Parker comes back into the room, here comes Clarence at a high pitch meow. It is as if he is the little brother who wants to get his older one in trouble and in the cat world, he is cackling, lol.

Clarence comes walking into the bedroom and is louder than normal. He sits at my feet and starts carrying on like a crazed cat. I have to say I am a bit afraid at this behavior since I never seen him do it. Just imagine a 25 pound Maine Coon cat that is screaming at you, with his ears held back and his eyes are dilated to three times the normal size. Not a good moment from my perspective. Eventually I give in since he wouldn’t stop. So I decide to stop what I am doing and follow him.

ClarenceClarence is fast paced and I am in pursuit of him. Parker is still in the bedroom. His misdeed is almost up. I finally get to the living room and there on the floor is Parker’s misdeed. He pooped and Clarence gave me this look and meow as if he wanted me to know that it wasn’t him and it was Parker’s fault. In the best cat fashion Clarence tries to cover it up while he is glaring at Parker. I picked it up of course and then returned to my room and told Parker he was in trouble. He was grounded.

This has happened a few times and I have a feeling Clarence is getting a bit annoyed with Parker. Clarence will go after Parker and corner him in the kitchen. Thankfully he never uses claws, but he will bat at Parker. Parker is NOT impressed at all. Parker has repeated this misdeed a few times, usually when it is wet outside,and Clarence makes a mad dash to tell me. He literally comes to me and takes me to the place and scowls big time and he screams at Parker. I can only imagine what he is saying, ” DUDE, You pooped on the floor, don’t blame me for what you did!”

Since Clarence has done this a few times, I just stop off in the bathroom to get toilet paper since I know what has happened. Now,what would be bad is if Clarence is the bad boy and he is trying to place the blame on his dog brother. Hmmmm… You never know, lol

2 thoughts on “Clarence the Tattle Tale Cat

  1. Prayers… Heard your song “spirit in the sky” thought of you. Its mee neenee510,from Cali.God be with you 64angel

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