Prayers Needed For a Sick Friend



Without going into a great deal of information since this is a personal matter. I have a number of friends and family members who have had their lives turned upside down because of cancer. My mom died a couple of years ago and a cousin of mine (Mike Elder) recently passed away.  My friend Lisa found out her mom has cancer I would say about 8 months ago. And also some good friends of mine and her husband are facing some difficult days. They are having to go out-of-state to for her to get treatment which means all their friends and family members can’t be there with them.

If those who know who it is that I am talking about, you are more than welcome to comment on this post and share a prayer. All I ask is to not mention them by name since I think it is important to respect their privacy.

Since I was a teenager I have had some serious and life threatening illnesses and diseases and I still do. While I have constantly been dealing with this auto-immune diseases and have come to terms, it isn’t always easy for those around me. This blog isn’t a post about me, it is a post about how awesome God is. It is about how when you pray for healing and strength, you are coming to God completely. When we completely surrender and let the Holy Spirit work in our lives, miraculous healing will happen.

share-odb-2017-07-15Gods plan is to give each and every one of us hope. When I felt like I was alone and nobody could understand what I was going through, God did. His love and Grace has ALWAYS been present.  I pray that you will find miraculous healing as you seek God’s plan for your life –  I have some very near and dear friends who are in need of some pretty major prayers. My friend’s wife is being treated for cancer at this very moment. They have an enormous amount of faith in the Lord and they believe in miracles and they have placed all of their faith and hope at the foot of Jesus Christ.

Psalm 107:19-20
Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men.

I would like to ask you all to pray for my friend and her family as they are in need of comfort and peace during this battle. They are in need of Your care. Be with them throughout this difficult journey. Lord Jesus, bring healing to her body and to their heart and soul. Be with their loved ones, family and friends as well. Thank You for being the Light in this dark world.


  • Lord Jesus, I would like to lift up all the cancer patients who are being treated for cancer, awaiting test results  and for those who are struggling with the loss of a loved one.  I pray Lord Jesus,  for all those who are handling their care and that you will be with the Dr’s, nurses and caregivers whom they will be coming into contact with. Also, Lord Jesus, please be with their families.
  • Lord, I pray for all the people who feel as if they are alone. Give them the comfort and wrap Your loving arms around them.  Let them know of Your presence and show them that You love them so much and You will be with them every step of the way. Heavenly Father, thank You for this day. Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to serve you and share Your love with others.
  • Lord Jesus, Your Word speaks about the promises of healing and restoration and I want to thank you for all of the miracles you have performed in my life. Without Your love, healing and intervention, I would not be here right now. Today, I come to You on behalf of my friends and those who are struggling with sickness and life changing diseases and events. I believe 100 percent in the power of healing and I am here pleading on behalf of my friends that you being your mighty work in the life of my friends, family and care team. Could You reach down and surround my friend and those around her with peace and strength. My friend, her husband and those who loves her knows that with faith all things are possible. Protect her and shower her with love when she feels discouraged and we pray that her miraculous healing begins.

I know from my own experiences that there is no illness or disease that You cannot heal. I have seen this in my life over and over.  When a person is diagnosed with a disease like cancer or many other diseases that can take a person’s life, I have found that while it can change your life, it cannot take away the love and hope that God has given us.

When suffering comes, we can come to God and we can pour out our hearts to Him. He is with us through our pain and during our darkest moments. There is no illness or disease that can separate us from His love.


You are the greatest physician ever. You have the power to heal, love, protect and to show kindness. Lord Jesus, you are a miracle worker for those who are sick and for those who are lost. You Lord Jesus are the light of the world.

One of my favorite songs is called ,“Praise You In This Storm”, it is by Casting Crowns. This song has been a source of encouragement and peace. When I was having an especially difficult day, I would listen to this song over and over again. When I found myself in the hospital for weeks and months, this song helped me and I hope it helps others and I hope it encourages my friends.


If you are in need of prayers or if you would like to pray for others, you can comment on this post or you can post a prayer in one of our other blogs or our new Facebook page.

My Final Thought

Remember, you are not left alone. You will have the help you need. “My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).